Product Review: SFH Recovery Whey Protein

Product Review: SFH Recovery Whey Protein

The main ingredient of this product is sfh recovery whey protein isolate. The product contains no fillers or preservatives. Its purity was verified through a third party laboratory. You can read more about it here .

SFH Recovery Whey Protein Isolate Reviews

Pure Whey Protein Isolate (Protein) – A Complete Source Of Essential Amino Acids For Your Body!

Amino acids are essential nutrients required for your body’s normal functioning. They play a vital role in the production of proteins, hormones, enzymes and other cellular functions. Without these essential amino acids, you cannot survive. If you don’t get enough of them, you will not grow properly and may even suffer from deficiencies.

There are two types of amino acids: Essential and Non-Essential.

Essential Amino Acids (EAA): These are the building blocks of all living cells. Without EAA’s, life would cease to function normally. Examples include glycine, lysine, arginine and methionine.

Non-Essential Amino Acids (NAA): The name is self-explanatory. Your body can produce these amino acids on its own and, therefore, does not require them from an external source. They are also known as the “self-replacing” amino acids. Examples include alanine and proline.

What Makes Up This Product?

This product is pure whey protein isolate, which is also known as the “highest grade” of whey protein. Isolates are typically absorbed quickly by your body, making them ideal for those in need of quick amino acid replenishment.

Besides this, it also contains other beneficial items such as flavoring agents and sweeteners.

The FlavorsThis product comes in 3 flavors: Rich Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla and Natural Unflavored. The incredible thing about this product is that you can also flavor this unflavored product yourself by adding it to milk, fruit juice or even a plain smoothie. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of this recovery protein without getting bored of a single flavor.

The Sweetener

Product Review: SFH Recovery Whey Protein - GymFitWorkout

This product contains a sweetener called sucralose, also known as Splenda®. This is not an artificial or chemical-based sweetener. It is a food additive manufactured from regular table sugar and occurs naturally in certain fruits and vegetables.

Most whey proteins tend to have a chalky taste due to the milk fat. This product has little to no chalkiness, so you can enjoy its natural goodness without having to compromise on taste.

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