Product Review: Six Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag

Product Review: Six Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag

6 Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag Overview

The product review: six pack fitness innovator 500 bag is a great way to carry your meals when traveling or if you are just looking for something simple to take with you on vacation. You can use it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The bag is made from heavy duty fabric and features two large zippered pockets on each side. On one side there is a zipper pocket that holds all your small items such as pens, pencils, flashlights, etc. On the other side you have a larger open mesh pocket which will hold your bigger items like books, magazines, notebooks, DVDs/Blu-rays and so forth. There is also a small laptop sleeve attached to the front of the bag.

The main compartment has a padded bottom and is lined with fleece lining. The top flap of the compartment opens up into a smaller mesh pocket.

This allows you to store your valuables inside while still being able to access them easily when needed. The interior zippers allow you easy access to everything within the bag even if it gets wet or dirty. This allows you to pack all your gear and equipment safely inside the bag without having to worry about it getting wet or dirty. With the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag, your days of forgetting to pack something important are over!

The materials of the bag are strong and durable. They are also easy to clean if they get dirty or wet.

Every bag comes with an assortment of Velcro name tags and labels. This allows you to personalize your bag in any way you want. Some people like to label the side pockets with their children’s names and the front pocket with “medicine” or “jewelry” in case they ever get separated. Other people put their name on the bag so they never have to worry about losing it. If you are a bit more artistic, you can draw or paint your own design and then label your bag with your name. Whatever works best for you! The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag is the ultimate in organization and portability. You can take everything you need with you without ever having to leave anything behind! You can also use the labels to mark the different pockets with different items. For example, you can label one side “waters” and the other side “snacks.” This way, you will always know where everything is without having to open up every pocket.

This bag is made in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can trust this bag to last a long time and not fall apart after a couple months of use.

The 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag is the perfect choice when you need to transport your gear and equipment. It’s great for carrying everything you need for work or school.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a photographer, a salesperson, repairman, or just an everyday commuter, this bag will serve you well! Its rugged construction and heavy duty materials will ensure that it will last you for years to come. Order your very own 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 500 Bag today!

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Perfect for your daily commute to work or school

Constructed from heavy duty oxford fabric and reinforced bottom

Sturdy and Durable

Easy to clean

Holds up to 500lbs

Has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

500 DUAL Water Bottle Pockets – Each side of the bag has a water bottle pocket for 2 water bottles (or 1 Liter bottles). You can also put smaller bottles such as shampoos, soaps, or other liquids in the pockets.


600D polyester


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19.7″ H x 12″ W x 10.6″ D with a 4.3″ depth


500 cubic inches (6. They are slanted to help prevent things from exploding out and holding a tight seal with the rest of the bag.

Mesh Pocket – Located on the top flap of the bag is a mesh pocket that is great for storing small items that you need to get to easily. It can also be used to hold water bottles on the side of the bag (but not against your back).

Inside Zipper Pocket – This can be found inside the main compartment of the bag. It has a zipper closure and is great for storing smaller items that you wish to keep from falling out or getting lost in the main part of the bag.

Exterior Slip Pocket – This pocket is on the back of the bag and can be reached without opening the bag. It is a good spot to store small items that you need to grab quickly.

Grab Handle – The top handle of the bag can be grabbed when carrying the bag vertically or when using the strap. It is padded to make it more comfortable on your hand and helps prevent the straps from cutting into your shoulder.

Adjustable Strap – The strap is adjustable so that the bag can hang at your waist or higher on your hip. The pad on the strap is also removable and machine washable.

Reinforced Bottom – The bottom of the bag is reinforced to ensure that it lasts as long as the bag and prevent rips and tears from developing near the bottom, especially when heavy objects are stored inside.

Laptop Sleeve – A padded laptop sleeve can be found inside the main compartment of the bag. It can fit a laptop, notebook, and/or tablet.

1 Year Warranty – 6 Pack Fitness stands behind all of its products and will warranty any manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase.

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