Product Review: WOD Toys – Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid

Product Review: WOD Toys – Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid

Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid are two new products from WOD Toys. They have been designed with the purpose of making your child’s life easier. These toys will make it possible for them to do their favorite activities without having to worry about getting hurt or frustrated because they lack the proper equipment.

The product description says: “WOD (What Does Your Dog Eat) Toys is a brand new line of high quality, kid-friendly fitness toys designed to keep kids active and engaged throughout the day. With over 100 different games, these toys are sure to provide hours of fun for all ages.”

Product Review: WOD Toys – Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid

In this review I am going to tell you how much I like these products. I think they are great.

I want to start off by saying that I love the fact that there is no sharp edges on these things. They feel very sturdy and durable. Also, the weight distribution seems pretty good too.

One thing I noticed when playing with my son was that he seemed to enjoy using these things more than his old ones. He would grab one and then immediately jump up and down while yelling out “YEAH!” (Which is his favorite thing to do).

That’s when I knew, these were winners!

Product Review: WOD Toys - Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid - | Gym Fit Workout

With the old dumbbells, my son would play with them for a couple minutes and then get bored. However, with these new toys he can jump up and down for as long as he wants. It really seems to have increased the length of time that he plays independently, which saves me a lot of time.

I have to say that I am very pleased with this product. My son loves them, which makes me happy. I highly recommend WOD Toys – Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid!

Product Review: WOD Toys – Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid

Kid’s love toys.

This is why we buy them isn’t it?

When they give us those big eyes and say “Buy me this mommy!” It just melts our hearts. We want to make our babies happy.

And there is no greater gift than the gift of happiness, right?

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is another gift just as great and it’s called WOD toys.

I’ve been using them with my toddler and they’re absolutely great. My son loves them. He has so much fun with them. They keep him active and alert. It’s almost as if he has taken a stimulant or something.

He’s able to play for hours on end now without stopping. I have more free time now because of it.

He has been waking up every morning and asking me if he can do his workout. He will get three of his new toys and spend the next two hours jumping around and yelling. It’s very cute.

He’s also eating much healthier now too. I think these things have given him more energy which in turn makes him more active and interested in life in general. He asks me to make him healthy foods like vegetables and smaller portions of meat now.

I’m telling you, these toys have been a blessing to my family. If you get anything from this review, please let it be that. These toys are a blessing to you and your family. They will save you time and money and give you back your life. My son is so happy with them.

Every time I come home from work he asks me if I have any new ones for him. I’ll buy him all of them if it can keep him this happy and healthy.

Product Review: WOD Toys - Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid - Picture

I love these toys and I know you will too.

WOD Toys have been the best toy investment I have ever made. My son has had so much fun with them and it’s wonderful to see him so happy (and healthy). I like that you can customize them too. You can pick from various colors and add on’s to suit your child’s personality. The dumbbells and barbells have little rubber ends on them so they don’t get damaged if they are dropped (but please, I’d rather you didn’t allow your child to drop them from high places).

All of the WOD toys are very durable. I’ve seen my son drop, throw, and step on these things and they still look brand new. That’s another thing that I really like. Save money and save time by getting WOD toys for your kids. Don’t waste your money on other toys when you can get these.

I have to say, I was a little wary about these toys at first. I didn’t know much about WOD at the time and had never heard of any of their products before. I’m glad I chose to get these though. It would have been a missed opportunity had I not. My son loves his WOD toys and plays with them every day.

He especially likes the barbells and kettle bells. They are his favorite. He likes pretending to do squats and lift them over his head.

I will definitely be buying more of these in the future as well. I would highly recommend these toys to any parents whether their kids are into fitness or not. They are great for encouraging fitness though.

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my friend’s daughter and she absolutely loves it. She is always at the park near my house playing on it. I bought it from Amazon and had it sent to her house so I haven’t seen it in person but I have seen pictures of it and it looks just like the ones that I see online. It seems pretty durable too, which is good since she tends to be a little rough with her toys.

I chose this monkey bar set over some of the others because it seemed like a good price and had really good reviews. I am glad that I went with my gut on this one. It is everything that I wanted and more. I really like that it came with more than just the plastic bars. It has the rope ladder, trapeze bar, and horizontal bar too.

That way my friend’s daughter can play on it for longer than just five minutes. That’s probably not as long as most people would think but her mother has to work every day and doesn’t have much time to spend with her when she gets home.

I had seen similar sets like this in the store before but they were almost twice the price. I’m glad I waited and looked around before I bought one because I saved a lot of money in the process which I usually end up doing anyway.

Product Review: WOD Toys - Barbell Mini and Kettle Kid - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Now my friend’s daughter has a new place to play and I have a new friend to hang out with. Everyone wins!

WOD is certainly becoming more and more popular. I love the bar and plate weights that they have. I like how each one comes with their own case too. The only downside is that they cost almost as much as the ones you buy from the fitness stores in town but they last longer so it’s worth the investment I think.

WOD is a company that definitely shows that they care about their products. I recently bought one of their newer products that came out a few months ago. It’s basically just a bar but it’s much longer than a normal bar and hollow in the middle to add some variety to your workouts.

I had low expectations when I bought it because I thought the price was too good to be true but oh was I wrong. This thing is amazing! I can feel it working my entire body when I use it. They actually sent me a free towel to go with it too. I’ve seen these types of bars from other companies but none of them come close to the quality of this one.

I’m glad they decided to make this bar because it has really improved my workouts

I couldn’t be more pleased with this bar and all the other WOD gear that I have bought over the years. If you’re looking for something that will improve your workouts then I highly recommend checking out the WOD website and seeing what they have to offer because I have yet to be disappointed.

I was at my local Goodwill the other day just looking around like I usually do and I came across this rusted out old barbell. It was only $3 so I picked it up thinking that I could probably sell it on eBay for at least that much if I cleaned it up.

I got home and Googled what year it was and came to find out that it was a rare antique bench press. It was a different style than the ones they use nowadays so it’s actually worth quite a bit. I guess some things don’t change with Goodwill, you’re always finding treasures there!

I have to say, body building has been a big part of my life since I was fifteen years old. Over the years I have come across many websites that are dedicated to it but none of them have ever really had the extensive information that I was looking for.I finally decided to just start my own since there wasn’t one like it and now here I am! It’s funny how things always work out.

Anyway, the name of my website is Pump You Up and that’s exactly what it’s going to do. We’re going to pump you up with all the latest news and updates in the world of body building. We’re going to pump you up with great looking articles on weight lifting techniques and diets. We’re even going to pump you up with reviews on all the latest equipment.

So what are you waiting for?

Your muscles are waiting!

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