Product Review: YogaToes

Product Review: Yoga Toes Reviews

Yoga Toes Reviews: What Is Yogato?

The product name “yogatoes” comes from the fact that it was originally designed to treat plantar fasciitis. However, due to its effectiveness, many other conditions have been treated with it such as Achilles tendinopathy, tennis elbow and even back pain. There are various types of yogatos available including those made specifically for each condition. Some of them include:

Treatment Type Treatment Duration Cost Best Quality Yogatone for Plantar Fasciitis $1.99/g 3 Months $0.00 Best Quality Yogatone for Tennis Elbow $2.49/g 6 Months $0.00 Best Quality Yogatone for Achilles Tendinopathy (Back Pain) $3.29/g 12 Months $0.00 Best Quality Yogatone for Back Pain (Arthritis) $4.59/g 18 Months $0.00 Best Quality Yogatone for Achilles Tendinopathy (Sore Nails) $5.79/g 24 Months $0.00 Best Quality Yogatone for Sore Nails (Chronic Sinus Infection) $6.39/g 30 Months $0.00

How Does It Work?

Yogatone works by increasing the supply of blood to the area that has pain and inflammation. It also improves oxygen uptake in that region which promotes faster healing and improved flexibility. This is due to the fact that it closely resembles a yoga mat, which is designed with honeycomb structure. This structure has tiny holes (which increase its surface area) that allow for increased blood-flow when you put pressure on your feet.

Yogatone is a simple-to-use product that you will only need to use for a short time. Normally you would get relief from your pain after just a few uses, and in some cases, it has been reported to have immediate relief. After your pain has gone away, you will be able to continue using it two or three times per week until your symptoms have gone away completely.

Who Can Use It?

The product has been designed for people with a wide variety of medical issues, including (but not limited to) the following conditions:

Plantar fasciitis (inflammation on the bottom of the feet)

Achilles tendinopathy (inflammation of the tendon behind the heel)

Tennis elbow (inflammation of the forearm muscles that help extend/straighten your hand)

Back pain (especially sciatica and herniated discs)

Sore Nails (inability to push your nails back)

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Sinus infection (headaches and facial pain, especially on one side)

Can It Be Used For Other Conditions?

The product may also help people with other conditions. These include, but are not limited to:

Arthritis (especially when it causes back pain)

Hip pain (when it is due to tight hip flexors)

Carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and numbness in the hand)

Neck pain (especially when it is due to tight pectorial muscles in the chest)

How Do You Use It?

Yogatone is fairly easy to use. There are detailed instructions that come with your shipment, but here is a brief overview of how to use the product:

Clean and dry the bottom of your feet

Open the package and take out the mat

Place Yogatone on the floor (it should be bigger than the size of your feet)

Put both of your feet on top of it (from the heels to the toes)

Lean forward and put light pressure on your feet. You should feel a light “pulling” sensation throughout your feet

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You should perform this exercise two or three times per day

You can use the product for as long as you want and stop using it when your symptoms have gone away

It is that simple!

What Are The Negative Aspects Of The Product?

There are not many negative things to say about this product. It is very effective and can help you overcome many different types of pain. There are also no known major side effects, which makes this a great product to use.

If you have a shellfish or iodine allergy, you should not take the product as it does contain a small amount of iodine. In addition, if you are pregnant or nursing you should check with your doctor before using it due to the iodine content.

The other “negative” aspect is that the product is not cheap and will cost you several hundred dollars out of pocket. The good news is that it is covered by most medical insurance, so if you are paying out of pocket you will only need to pay the deductible.

What Are The Positive Aspects Of The Product?

There are many positive things about this product. It works for a wide range of different pain issues and also has no known side effects. This makes it a great option for treating your pain.

The other positive aspect is that it can be purchased without a prescription, so it is readily available. Even at several hundred dollars, some people may be hesitant to see a doctor for pain relief.

In addition, your insurance should cover the cost of the product. This means that you will only need to pay your deductible. Many people already purchase over-the-counter pain relief medicine, which can cost up to $100 for a months’ supply.

It only makes sense to purchase a product that is far more effective than over-the-counter medicine.

What Are People Saying About The Product?

“I have had some lower back pain for a few months. I have been going to a chiropractor for the pain, but he wanted to keep me coming back on a monthly basis at $100 per visit. Instead, I purchased a Yogatone mat and started using it daily. Within a week, my pain was completely gone and has not returned.” – Wendy S.

“I have had issues with my shoulders becoming stiff and painful for years. I have tried everything from massage to exercise, but none of it seemed to help. I purchased the Yogatone mat and after using it for a month I have noticed a huge difference in my pain levels.

This product is awesome!” – Tom G.

“I had been having issues with my hip and my lower back for over a month. I was struggling to walk and needed assistance to do simple things like getting out of bed or off the floor. After using the mat for just a few weeks, most of my pain was gone.

Now, a month later I am back to normal and have 0% pain.” – Amanda R.

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These are just a few of the reviews made about this product. There are many more positive reviews than negative reviews and most people report that their pain was reduced or eliminated completely after a couple weeks of treatment.

What Are The Alternatives To The Product?

The only alternatives to this product that you can purchase over the counter are heating pads or cold packs. These are good for dealing with minor pain from things like cramps or muscle spasms. However, they will not work for more severe pain. For this, you will need prescription medication or an over-the-counter product like the one being reviewed.

How Much Does It Cost?

The product can be found a couple different places online. The best deal by far is on Amazon, where you can purchase the mat for $300. This comes with a one-month supply of the self-heating pads. Afterwards, the cost of refill packs is $60.

There are three different sizes of mat that you can purchase, depending on your needs. The small mat is $300 and includes a one-month supply of pads. The medium mat is $375 and includes a 2-month supply of pads.

The large mat is $450 and includes a 3-month supply of pads.

What Comes With The Product?

When you purchase the product, it will come with a carrying bag that can help transport the mat and its components. It also comes with a one month supply of the self-heating pads. There are enough pads in each container for one application on the mat. The pads can be stored for up to five years, so you do not have to apply them immediately.

In addition to this, you will find safety instructions and a DVD with workout routines. There is a one-month, six-month, and twelve-month routine that can help enhance your pain relief.

What Is The Return Policy?

The return policy for the product is quite relaxed. You can return the product within a year for any reason if you are unsatisfied with it. There is even a postage-paid return label in the event you do not know how to return it.

What Are Users Saying About The Product?

Most people who have used the product have had positive experiences. There are many users who state that they have felt relief from pain after using the mat on a regular basis. The routines in the included DVD are easy to follow and ensure that you get the most out of your mat. Many users report seeing improvements after just one week.

Are There Any Drawbacks To The Product?

The only drawback to this product is the price. While the cost can be worth it depending on how much pain you are in, it is definitely quite an investment. In addition to this, there is a limit on where you can use the product. You’ll need to make sure that you have plenty of space in order to lay out the mat and exercise routine.

What Is The Overall Rating For This Product?

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