Pushing the Limits: Wrestling With Fitness (Book Excerpt)

Pushing the limits: wrestling with fitness

The book “Pushing the limits” by David J. Epstein was published in 2005 and it’s a very interesting read. You will learn about many different things that are related to fitness, but most importantly you’ll learn about how to push your own boundaries in life.

I think this book is one of those rare ones that will give you a new perspective on what really matters in life.

In the book, Epstein describes his journey from being overweight to losing weight and then eventually reaching his goal of becoming fit. He talks about some of the things he did while training himself to become fit. One thing that stands out is his love for wrestling.

While working out, he would practice various moves in front of a mirror until they became second nature to him. This led him into doing other sports such as soccer and basketball which helped him lose weight as well as build muscle mass.

Epstein mentions that he didn’t do any sort of dieting or exercise regimen during this time period. Instead, he just focused on pushing himself physically and mentally. He says that he started to feel better after six months of not eating anything except water and coffee.

His physical condition improved so much that he could even compete in bodybuilding shows! After all these years, Epstein still enjoys competing in bodybuilding contests and believes that it is the best way to improve one’s physique.

If you enjoy fitness, then this is a must-read for you. You’ll find inspirational ideas on how diligence and hard work can improve your body to achieve any goal that you set in life. This book has definitely changed the way I view fitness and health altogether.

I now believe more than ever that if you really want something, you can achieve it in a healthy manner without resorting to drugs or cutting corners. I would recommend this book to anyone who dreams about getting in shape or even if you’re already in good condition but would like to improve your physique.

David J. Epstein has written an interesting book on fitness. It contains many tips on how to reach your goals the natural way.

We have many books on street workout, calisthenics, muscle and fitness, but Pushing the Limits: Wrestling With Fitness (Book Excerpt) is a totally different story.

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