Qigong: The New (Ancient) Way of Improving Health and Performance

Qigong: The New (Ancient) Way of Improving Health and Performance

The ancient Chinese have been practicing qi gong since the beginning of time. They were not only masters at it, but they also practiced it in order to improve their health and longevity. Even today, there are many practitioners worldwide who practice qi gong to achieve these goals.

But what exactly is qi gong? And how does it work?

What Is Qi Gong?

Qi gong is a form of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM refers to all forms of alternative therapies used in China over the past thousand years. TCM includes everything from acupuncture to herbal remedies, homeopathy, massage therapy, reflexology and much more. It is often referred to as “Chinese Traditional Medicine” or “Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

In general, TCM uses natural substances such as herbs, minerals and other plants in combination with medical treatments to treat various ailments. However, some of the most common TCM therapies include homeopathic medicines, acupuncture needles and herbal teas. There are even some TCM doctors who specialize in treating specific conditions using different types of TCM therapies.

Qi gong is just one of the many types of therapies used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed that qi (pronounced “chee”) is a vital energy found throughout the human body. While most people are familiar with the presence of energy in our everyday lives (we see it all the time in action movies and comic books), very few actually know how it works or what it does for us.

Qi gong is a type of therapy used to harness the energy that is already in our bodies. If you want to learn more about qi gong, then chances are you have probably been feeling lethargic lately or just not feeling like yourself. Maybe you have just been feeling a little rundown lately or perhaps you have been feeling anxious or depressed for the past couple of months.

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