Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing Is Wrong

Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing Is Wrong

The American swing is not only wrong, it’s dangerous. I’m sure you’ve heard all those stories about how many people have died from swinging injuries. You might even think that this was some sort of urban legend or something. But if you actually read up on these cases, they’re real!

And they’re just one example of how bad this exercise can be.

In fact, there are so many problems with the American swing that it’s hard to believe that it hasn’t been banned in most gyms around the world. If you want to learn more about why this exercise isn’t good for your body, then read on…

1) The American swing doesn’t work at all for everyone.

I’ve seen plenty of people try to do the American swing. They get really excited because they think it will make them look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, when they start doing it, they realize that it doesn’t work for them at all. Some people don’t even have enough strength to complete a single repetition of the movement!

That’s right – no matter what their size or shape, there are limits to how much weight you can lift before you collapse from exhaustion and die. And that’s just one way that the American swing can kill you.

2) There are safer ways to lose weight.

Do you really want to be swinging a heavy piece of metal around your body?

It might seem cool at first, but when you actually think about it, it’s a pretty dangerous activity. Most people who try to lift the heavier weights at the gym won’t last very long before they get hurt – and the same thing is true for the American swing.

Fortunately, there are much safer ways to lose weight. For example, you can try a high-intensity workout program that actually gives you more energy throughout the day. I’ve been doing a program like this for a few years now and it’s changed my life in so many positive ways. Not only am I losing weight and getting into better shape, but my energy levels and overall health have never been better.

Why don’t you join me in this journey?

It’s going to be fun!

3) The American swing is too expensive.

Rationalizing the Swing: Why the American Swing Is Wrong - gym fit workout

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably bought a few sets of dumbbells in an attempt to do the American swing. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that money would have been better spent on something else.

Do you really want to waste your hard-earned money on a fleeting moment of glory?

I didn’t think so.

Fortunately, there’s an alternative to buying expensive equipment. All you need is a little space to do a few exercises in your home. For example, here’s a great video that shows you some basic exercises that are easy to afford and can be done at home. There’s no complicated techniques or crazy equipment.

Just grab a couple of dumbbells (or water bottles or soup cans!) and start doing the exercises in this video.

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