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The Spartan Virtual Trifecta

In the year 2028, there are two major events which will determine the winner of the world championship. One event is called “Spartan” and it’s a competition where all participants wear special suits with sensors so they can monitor their heart rate, breathing, skin temperature and other vital signs 24/7. The second event is called “Virtual”. Participants don’t have any such devices and compete using only their brains.

The first event was held in the city of San Francisco, California on January 10th, 2027. It took place at the headquarters of the United States government. There were over 1 million participants from around the globe. The competitors wore these special suits and monitored their vital signs continuously while competing against each other in various physical challenges like running up a mountain or swimming across a lake.

Participants had to complete a series of tasks to earn points. For example, if one participant completed a task successfully, then he would receive more points than another who failed. Points could be used to buy prizes or even donate them to charity. The total amount of money raised during the event exceeded $1 billion dollars!

The second event was held in the city of New York City on February 28th, 2029. It took place at the headquarters of the United Nations. More than 2 million people participated in this event. It was a huge success despite being a month after the outbreak of the virus.

The rules for this competition were fairly simple. The participants only had to think or not think about a blue door on a website. If the blue door appeared on the screen, they had to click it. If the green door appeared, they had to do nothing.

It was a very easy game but it was designed to test the brain activity of each competitor.

A lot of people participated in this event and all of them wore smart suits with sensors like in the first event. The goal was to increase the mental activity of everyone as much as possible. Everyone wanted to win so they would think about the blue door on the website for as long as possible.

The first participant to reach the goal was a student from Boston. Her name was Kelly and she was 22 years old when she reached 1 trillion brain impulses. It took her 21 hours and 10 minutes to achieve this feat.

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After achieving the goal, she immediately fell into a coma and died 7 hours later. She left behind a grieving mother and father as well as a younger brother who took her death very hard. She didn’t leave a will so her family didn’t get anything. It was all given to the government in taxes.

Most of the other participants died within days of competing. The last one died on March 15th, 2029. He was a taxi driver from Anchorage, Alaska. His name was Henry and he was only 15 years old when he died.

He never woke up from his coma.

Afterwards, the participants were all buried in a special section at Woodlawn Cemetery in the city of San Francisco, California. On their tombstones was written this message: “Their dreams came true”.

The third event was held in the city of Los Angeles, California on April 25th, 2034. More than 4 million people participated in this event. The winner was a computer programmer from Beijing, China. His name was Jack and he was 48 years old when he achieved the goal.

He survived the competition for 24 hours without going into a coma.

This was the first time that someone won and survived the competition. He was given $100 million after-tax dollars as a prize. He moved to a small house in the suburbs of Beijing with his wife and daughter.

The world’s economy was at an all-time high after these events. The world had seemingly recovered from the virus and people were living good lives again. There weren’t any major terrorist attacks or anything of that nature either. Everything was good and everyone was happy.

At least it seemed that way…

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