Repetition is the Mother of All Learning

Repetition Is The Mother Of All Learning: What Does It Mean?

The word “learning” refers to two different things. One is the acquisition or acquisition of new skills, knowledge, and abilities through experience. Another meaning of learning involves acquiring information from various sources (books, newspapers, magazines) in order to form a general understanding of something.

It’s not surprising that these two meanings are often confused with each other. However, there is a difference between them. While it may seem like they’re one and the same thing, they aren’t. They are very different concepts. Let me explain…

What Is Repetition?

Let’s say you want to learn how to play an instrument such as guitar or piano. You could go to a music store and buy a book on the subject. After reading it, you might get better at playing the instrument if you practice it regularly. Or maybe you would just memorize some notes and then try to play them out loud when someone asks what your instruments are.

Or perhaps you’d rather take lessons from a professional musician who will teach you everything from beginning to end. If so, that’s great!

But what happens if you stop practicing regularly?

The skills and techniques that you thought you learned will soon fade away. You will have to start all over again! This is because you haven’t really learned anything yet.

What Is Learning?

In comparison, let’s say that you’ve decided to become a doctor. After rigorous studying and training, you are able to perform surgery on a regular basis.

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