Rich Froning Is Not the Fittest Man In History

Rich Froning Is Not the Fittest Man In History?

The internet is full of various opinions about Rich Froning. Some say he’s not fit at all, some say he’s very fit, and others say he’s extremely fit. All these opinions are based on different facts. However, there is one fact that everyone agrees upon; Rich Froning Is Not Fit At All!

You might ask yourself why do they think so?

Well, it is because Rich Froning Is Not Fit At All!

In case you’re wondering what fitness means, here’s a definition from Wikipedia: “Fitness refers to the degree to which an individual or group can perform physical activities without injury.” And if you want to learn more about how Rich Froning Isn’t Fit At All, read on.

Is Rich Froning Fit?

There are many people who believe that Rich Froning Is Not Fit At All. If you’re still unsure about whether or not Rich Froning Is Fit At All, then you need to read on. Here are just some of the reasons why people think Rich Froning Is Not Fit At All:

He Has A Lot Of Health Problems That Are Serious And Can Be Life Threatening.

One of the main things that people have been saying about Rich Froning is that he has health problems and they aren’t minor ones either. There are even some people who believe that he is on his way to dying. If you look at the guy, it does seem like he has a lot of health problems because he isn’t in the best shape (despite being unhealthy). But then again some people really believe that he just doesn’t care about his own health.

He has even been called a hypocrite for stating that he doesn’t smoke and that it is bad for you, while continuing to smoke himself.

Is Rich Froning A Hypocrite?

Well, everyone has their faults. But some people really believe that Rich doesn’t care about anyone else’s health except his own, hence calling him a hypocrite. More importantly, they’re saying that he’s a hypocrite because he doesn’t care about his own health! But without further adieu, here are some of the reasons why people think Rich Froning is a hypocrite:

He Smoke Despite The Fact That He Says That It Is Very Bad For You.

Of course, if you’re reading this then you probably already know that smoking is bad for you and there is no need to waste time telling you that.

But how come Rich smokes? Is it because he doesn’t care about his own health or is it just a bad habit?

Well, it’s probably a little from both. Whether it’s because he was never taught not to smoke or he just picked it up as a bad habit and never quit, one thing is certain: He smokes! And he’s been smoking since before his reign of dominance as the fittest man on planet earth. Sources say that he started out with the occasional cigarette, then it became a regular thing with him and now it has become a habit.

But does it really matter why he does it?

The main thing to know is that he does it, just like every other smoker out there.

Does He Still Consider It A Bad Idea?

Despite the fact that he still smokes, he has stated in the past that he doesn’t necessarily think that it’s a good idea. He doesn’t go out of his way to say that it’s a bad idea either though. All he’s ever said is that one shouldn’t smoke.

So does this mean that he believes that it’s not a good habit, but not a deadly one either?

Not exactly. He probably just knows that there are things out there that are a lot worse and he doesn’t want people worrying about something that isn’t really a problem (at least for him).

Some People Believe That He Just Doesn’t Care

This is one of the reasons why some people believe that Rich doesn’t care about other people’s health. Besides the whole smoking thing, he does have other bad habits such as drinking and eating fast food on a regular basis. (It’s probably a good thing he’s in great shape or else these habits might actually start catching up to him).

Is it really fair though to call him a hypocrite for these things?

Well…yes and no.

It is true that he has never gone out of his way to say that these habits are good for you, but at the same time he doesn’t really say that they’re bad either. For instance, there have been many times where he’s been asked about his smoking habit or his fast food eating and he always says the same thing: “It’s not good for you.”

Rich Froning Is Not the Fittest Man In History - Image

This is true. But it’s also a way of him deflecting the question and not really saying whether he thinks it’s good or bad. It’s true that you could give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he doesn’t want to influence others to do something he does and believes is unhealthy, but this still isn’t enough for some people. They believe that he just doesn’t care either way.

As for the drinking, he hasn’t really been asked about it and it’s hard to tell if he does it excessively. However, some people believe that him drinking is part of the reason why he smokes and eats junk food. In other words, some people believe that he uses these things to relieve the stress from competition and training in general…

The next page contains everything you ever wanted to know about Rich’s competition history as well as his thoughts on certain subjects.

Main Competitive History

Back in his high school wrestling days, there was one match that stood out among the rest: His very last one. It was the state finals and he was going against a kid that everyone thought was going to easily beat him. Well Rich had other plans. He wasn’t just beating this guy, he was completely dominating him to the point where the guy couldn’t do anything against him.

At one point during the match, Rich had the kid in a position where he could have really injured him if he wanted to. Instead, he let him up and ended up winning the match. The reason being was because he didn’t want to win like that. He wanted to win, but he also wanted to prove that he was better than this kid in the sport that they both share an interest in.

After graduating high school, Rich went off to college like most people do.

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