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Vittorio Brumotti (born January 30, 1948) is a professional Italian road cyclist and former world champion. He won the Tour de France in 1997 with Cadel Evans and was second in 1998 with Bradley Wiggins. He rode for several teams during his career including Astana, Lampre-Merida, Team Sky and Tinkoff-Saxo. He retired from competitive racing in 2011 after winning the Giro d’Italia in 2010.

He is best known for his bicycle stunts, which include riding around a soccer stadium while wearing nothing but a helmet and shorts; riding down a mountain at high speed on one wheel; jumping off cliffs into waterfalls; and performing other acrobatic feats. He has been called “the most famous stuntman” by Rolling Stone magazine.

In addition to his professional cycling achievements, Brumotti has also had minor roles in films such as The Da Vinci Code and the television series Lost. He starred in a documentary film entitled “The World According to Vittorio Brumotti”.

Brumotti’s first role came when he was just seven years old. His father took him along on a trip to Rome where they visited the Colosseum and saw the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church made him play a leper with a “terribly itchy” beard and costume.

Brumotti is married to Linda Clark, an American artist who he met in the south of France in the late 1990s. The couple spend a lot of time between their homes in Los Angeles, California and Varese, Italy.

The couple has two sons and one daughter.

Brumotti was born in the small town of Varese, Italy. He began riding a bicycle at age five and soon after entered his first race.

His father owned a bike shop where he worked as a child. He later became a professional racing cyclist and competed in the Tour de France. In addition to cycling, he also enjoys the extreme sports of bungee jumping, sky diving and hang gliding.

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As a young child, Vittorio was always riding a bike. While he would watch the Tour de France on television he would pretend he was riding in the tour.

He got his first racing bike when he turned 10 years old. It was a second hand French bike worth about £50 (about $87) which was a lot of money for his family. While he still liked to watch the Tour de France on TV he would now imagine that he was actually in the race.

By age twelve he had won his first race and had become a member of the Italian Junior National Team. While still in high school, he would ride 200 miles a week, which allowed him to excel in cycling.

He would go on to win multiple races including the amateur edition of the Tour de France.

The first time he wore a leopard skin outfit while riding his bike was when he was about fourteen years old. He was riding his bike around the streets of his home town Varese when he saw a woman walking a leopard on a leash.

He thought it would be fun to make the leopard run in front of him so that he could ride his bike close behind it and look like he was riding a motorcycle in front of a big dust cloud.

In addition to his professional cycling career, he has also had minor acting roles in several films and television series. In 2006 he played a small role as an Italian cyclist in the film “The Da Vinci Code”.

The following year he took on the role of “Marco” in the short-lived TV series “Cane”. In 2008 he was a guest star on an episode of the TV series “Supernatural” called “Bloody Mary”.

Among his other acting jobs in 2008 he was the Italian voice of “Jean-Roche” in the animated movie “Surf’s Sound”. In 2009 he had a starring role as “Harlan” in the short sci-fi film “Reversion”.

In addition to his acting work, he has also served as a spokesperson for multiple companies including: Tissot (a watchmaker), Bell Racing, Amica Insurance and Castelli (clothing maker).

In addition to his professional racing and acting careers, he also has served as a judge for multiple international cycling events. He has judged both professional races and amateur events.

Road Bike Freestyle: Vittorio Brumotti (Video) - gym fit workout

For the 2010 racing season, he joined the Team Type 1-Sanofi professional cycling team.

The team was organized by former US Postal Service professional cycling team riding partner Jonathan Vaughters and named in honor of his younger sister Tracy, who died from Leukemia in June 1995. Vaughter’s team is managed by former Canadian national team director Chris Ritter.

The highlight of his 2010 season was finishing 10th in the Italian classic “Coppa Placci”. In September he participated in the historic Mont Ventoux race in Provence, France.

The next year he won two stages and the overall title at the Tour of Taihu Lake in China. He followed that up with a victory in the second stage of the Tour of Qinghai Lake.

His third place overall at the Tour of Hainan was his best performance on a Grand Tour.

In addition to his successes on the road, he has also had a successful off-road racing career. In November 2012 he won the gold medal in the Quadcross Championships in Toloczko, Poland.

In March 2013 he won the silver medal in the Quadcross World Championships in Longarone, Italy. In April 2013 he won a silver medal at the World Downhill Mountainbike Championships in Bulgaria. He is the first cyclist in history to compete on the road and off-road at world championship level in different sports.

He was awarded a gold medal for his work as a spokesperson for a French home electronics company, which is now owned by the Chinese.

He has twice been awarded the Tour de France Yellow Jersey: once after Stage Two of the 2010 Tour de France and again after Stage One of the 2013 Tour de France. He was awarded the Yellow Jersey after Stage Two of the 2010 Tour de France because the winner of that stage, Wouter Weylandt, died in a crash the following day.

In September 2013 he won his third consecutive National Hill Climb Championship, the most prestigious title in Italian cycling.

He is currently managed by former National Racing Champion Giuseppe Magistrale.

Road Bike Freestyle: Vittorio Brumotti (Video) - GYM FIT WORKOUT

In December 2013 he was awarded an honorary diploma in cognitive science from the University of Padua.

He is currently serving on the board of directors for the Tour of Crimea, a professional road race that takes place in his native country of Ukraine.

He currently lives in Giaveno, a small town in the Province of Turin. When he’s not racing his bike or acting in movies he likes to scuba dive.

He is a practicing Catholic. Every year his mother makes a special trip from their home in Varese to visit him on his birthday, which also happens to be the day before Catholic feast day celebrating the Archangel Michael.

His favorite actors are Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro. In an age where many young people think that professional athletes and Hollywood stars are role models, he is someone who actually is.

Brumotti’s life story has been compared to the plot of The Blind Side, a movie about an underprivileged African-American boy who is adopted by a well-to-do white family.

One of his favorite singers is Ed Sheeran.

Brumotti’s main home is in Nice, France but he also has a house in Turin and an apartment on the top floor of the Hotel Campanile in downtown Paris.

Brumotti has been on the cover of French Vogue three times.

His two favorite hobbies are scuba diving and playing the flute. He plays songs by Ed Sheeran, Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

Road Bike Freestyle: Vittorio Brumotti (Video) - GYM FIT WORKOUT

He’s a black belt in Jujutsu.

Brumotti’s last name is Italian and means “smooth” when translated into English.

Brumotti’s two favorite quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers. His favorite team is the New England Patriots and his favorite player on the team is Julian Edelman.

He’s a fan of the Showtime television series Homeland.

His two favorite films are The Deer Hunter and The Godfather.

Brumotti’s favorite video games are Pokémon and Angry Birds.

Brumotti has three older brothers: Massimiliano, Giacomo and Giovanni. He also has an older sister, Bianca.

He’s a fan of the band Queen and has met lead singer Freddie Mercury on several occasions.

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