Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent (Product Review)

Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent Product Review:

The product name “rockin” refers to its color and the fact that it’s made from natural ingredients. It’s a brand name of athletic wear laundry detergent powder. It was launched in 1993. The company was founded by David Shulman and Richard Geller, both former employees at Kimberly Clark Corporation. They are now based out of New York City, USA.

Rockin’ Green is one of the most popular brands among consumers. Its products are sold under many different names including Rockin’ Green, Rockin’ Green Activewear Laundry Detergent Powder, Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Activewear Laundry Detergent Powder, and others. The company’s headquarters are located in New York City, USA. The company has been making sports apparel since 1989.

Rockin’ Green Sports Apparel Products:

In addition to sporting goods, Rockin’ Green makes other types of clothing such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, sweatpants and hoodies. Their products are available in several colors. Some of their items include: Nike Air Force 1 shoes; Adidas soccer jerseys; Reebok running shorts; Under Armour workout clothes; and many more.

Contacting Rockin’ Green:

Rockin’ Green has an extensive network of distributors and agents that sell their products. Their agents are located all over the world. Their contact information is as follows:

Customer Service Office Address: Unknown

Customer Service Telephone Number: (800) 888-6128

The company’s website, (LINK REMOVED) provides more information about their products and services. It also enables customers to make online purchases.

History of Rockin’ Green:

The company was founded in 1989 by David Shulman and Richard Geller. They are popular among customers for their excellent products and customer service. Since its inception, the company has grown to serve many loyal customers from all over the world. It is a privately owned company. The company manufactures its own detergent in New York City, USA.

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The company also has a warehouse in New York City.

Rockin’ Green Coupons:

One can find coupons on the company’s website. They have printable coupons and online coupons. One can also access the coupons by mail by registering on their site. The coupons usually save customers money off their online orders. The more one spends with the retailer, the bigger the discount they get.

Customer Feedback:

Customers who have ordered from the company are happy with the quality of their clothing items. They also appreciate the discount coupons they receive via e-mail on a regular basis. The website provides users with the option of joining their mailing list. Users can choose to receive either e-mail or postal mail offers.

One user draws attention to the excellent customer service the company provides. They mention how customer service called them to update them on the status of their order. They also note that they were very helpful and resolved their concerns in a timely manner.

Another user praises the great prices at the retailer’s website. They say that they were able to find items on sale that they couldn’t find anywhere else online. They also liked the fast shipping and good return policy which is within 30 days of purchase. The user did mention that the website needs a search feature to make it easier to find items on it.

Another customer likes that the website has new products every week. They also liked that the prices are fair and the quality of items is excellent. They say that the fact that they offer coupon codes every week is a nice incentive to shop from their site.

One user is happy with the variety of clothing for sports fans that the company sells. They mention how they purchased a New York Giants sweatshirt for a gift and the person loved it. They say that the sweatshirt was of better quality than one would usually find at a sporting goods store.

Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Detergent (Product Review) - GymFitWorkout

One customer says that she has been using the product for two years and it cleans her clothes just as well as the name brand detergent without the harsh chemicals. She likes that the detergent is safe to use on all types of materials too.

A lot of customers compliment the excellent customer service the company provides. They are happy that the company offers a money back guarantee if customers are not fully satisfied with their products. Users can easily speak to a representative via the online chat feature or by calling them.

One user was able to receive a full refund as the socks that they ordered didn’t fit and they received them within two days of sending them back. They say that the website never disappoints and they have never had a bad experience with them.

Another person liked that the retailer offered rewards for every dollar spent. They also appreciated the variety of items that the website has to offer. They note that they were able to find a great gift for their father on the website.

A lot of customers appreciate the extensive information about each product that the website provides. They say it makes it easy to figure out whether an item is right for you or not. They also like how they can find coupons for website through online coupon codes.

One user says that it seems the website has a special deal every day of the week. They appreciate how they can find a good deal on name brand apparel for their kids every time they shop.

Most reviewers say that they have never encountered any problems when making a purchase from the website. They say that the online ordering process is simple and any issues that do occur can easily be fixed with a quick call to customer service. They also note that the shipping is fast and they are kept up to date on the status of their package.

One person says that they have ordered items as gifts on several occasions and were able to get them packaged and personalized for a very reasonable price. They say the website offers a wide variety of options when it comes to gift-wrapping.

One customer placed a large order with the company and was able to receive a discount on their purchase. They were also happy to find out that all of the items they ordered fit together, which saved them a lot of time.

One user placed an order with the wrong shipping addresses and was able to easily fix the mistake with a quick call to customer service. The agent was helpful and courteous.

Rockin' Green Athletic Wear Detergent (Product Review) - GymFitWorkout

It appears that the website’s size can be both a positive and a negative, as some reviewers note that small orders might get lost in the shuffle. Also, they say that it can take longer than expected to get refunds if there is a problem with the order.

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