Rope Towel Pull Ups

What are Rope Towel Pull Up?

Rope Towel Pull Up is a type of exercise where you use a rope or other object to perform various exercises. These exercises include pulling yourself up from a seated position, sitting down, standing up and walking around. There are many variations of these types of exercises which vary depending upon the nature of the object used. A good example would be using a piece of string instead of ropes.

Benefits of Rope Towel Pull Up

The main benefit of rope pull up is it helps improve your strength and flexibility. You will feel better when performing these exercises because they increase blood flow to muscles and tendons. Also, you may get a boost in energy during these exercises due to the increased circulation. Other benefits include improved posture, less back pain and even weight loss!

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How to Make a Rope Towel Pull Up Bar?

There are several ways you can make a rope pull up bar. One way is to simply buy one off of Amazon. Another option is to build one from scratch with materials you have available at home. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple rope pull up bar out of wood and some nails. You may need some help from a friend or family member if you are a beginner.


You will need the following materials to make a rope pull up bar:

3 pieces of wood (2 pieces of wood should be 1.5 feet in length and width of each piece should be 5 inches. 1 piece of wood should be 2 feet in length and width of the piece should be 3 inches)

Nails (1.25 inch nails should work)


Wood Glue

Rope Towel Pull Ups - | Gym Fit Workout


String or Rope

Instructions: How to Make a Rope Towel Pull Up Bar

Begin by drawing a 3 inch by 1.5 feet rectangle on 1 piece of wood and then cut it out using a saw. After you have finished cutting the 1st piece of wood, draw and cut out 3 more pieces exactly the same way. After you have finished cutting all of the rectangles, take 2 of the rectangles and lay them on top of each other.

Nail them together using 6 nails. Be sure that the gap between the 2 pieces is no more than 2 inches. If it is wider than that, remove one of the nails and try again until you get it just right.

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