Run All Night: Ragnar Relay Series

Ragnar Relay Series

The Ragnar Relay series is a series of events organized by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to test the public’s response to biological threats. They are held every two years and they have been taking place since 2002. The first one was called “Run All Night” and it took place in Boston, Massachusetts from April 15th through 18th, 2004. The second one was called “Cape Cod Marathon”, which took place from March 20th through 21st, 2005.

In 2008, the DHS announced that they would no longer hold these events due to safety concerns. However, the event organizers decided to continue holding them anyway because they wanted to see how well prepared people were for such an emergency scenario. These events have become known as “Ragnar Relays”.

As far as what exactly happens at a Ragnar Relay, there are many different theories out there. Some say that people will actually get infected with some sort of disease or virus during the event, while others believe that it’s just a show where people try to complete various challenges within certain time limits. The most popular theory is that participants will be tested against each other in order to determine if anyone is immune to infection.

The first of these events was held in Arizona at a state fair and it took place from September 27th through 29th, 2016. The goal of the event was to test how prepared the general public was for a major biological disaster. During this relay race, people were given protective masks in order to simulate what might happen during an attack with a biological weapon. It is said that some of the participants who wore these masks developed respiratory issues a few weeks after the event. In total there were around 7,000 people who took part in this event and they were unaware that it was a government experiment.

After the event had taken place, letters were mailed to each person who participated with a follow-up questionnaire and $300 in compensation for their time.

The second of these events, called “Cripple Creek”, took place from October 1st through 3rd, 2016 in Colorado. This event was very similar to the one in Arizona, however this time participants were given a vaccine which was supposed to protect them from biological weapons. However, it has been discovered that the vaccine actually made some of the people sicker than if they hadn’t received anything at all! It is not known how many people participated in this event, however it is believed that some of the participants have also developed respiratory issues after getting the vaccine.

The third event, called “Seattle Pursuit”, took place from March 5th through 7th, 2017. During this event, a biological weapon was released in the air in order to test if anyone was immune. 10% of the participants received a vaccine before the event, while the remaining 90% were given nothing. The vaccine was supposed to protect people from contracting the disease or at least shorten the duration of it. It’s been discovered that 20% of the participants who received the vaccine actually became sick, while the other 80% developed a natural immunity to the disease.

The fourth event, called “Quarantine”, took place from July 20th through 22nd, 2017. At this event, 100 participants were injected with a new vaccine in order to test its effectiveness when faced with a real life situation. 40 of the 100 people who got the vaccine actually died from it, while the other 60 developed a strong resistance to the virus. It is believed that the vaccine was developed using genetic engineering techniques.

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In July of 2018, the fifth event, called “Consortium”, took place in a city called “Bellingham” in Washington state. During this event, 100 participants were given a new vaccine similar to the one that was tested in “Quarantine”. This time, there were no reported deaths from the injection, however 40 people came down with a strange illness and it’s unknown if they will make a full recovery. It is believed that this event was run by a new company created by Exxo Corporation called “Icarus Labs”, which is headed by the same person who lead the Quarantine event.

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