Set Goals and Go: How to Become Unstoppable

Set Goals and Go: How to Become Unstoppable

Goals are powerful motivators. They make us want to do something even if it’s not easy or pleasant. And they’re great at motivating people who don’t have much power themselves.

But what happens when our goals aren’t attainable? What happens when we fail to achieve them? When we get discouraged because of the obstacles in front of us? Or worse, when we give up completely?

If you’ve ever been frustrated with your life, then you know how hard it is to reach your goals. You might think that you’ll never succeed in achieving them, but there are ways to overcome these obstacles and keep going. Here are some tips on how to stay motivated despite setbacks:

1) Keep Your Motivation High By Doing Something New Every Day

The first thing that comes into mind when I hear “keep motivation high” is doing something new every day.

That sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Why not try something new every day? After all, you’re going to encounter challenges along the way, so why not face them head on rather than giving up altogether?

But here’s the problem: most of us don’t actually enjoy doing anything new. If we did, we wouldn’t feel compelled to avoid it. So I’m not suggesting that you do something new every day. Instead you should try something old.

If you love doing something, do it more often. It can be anything: it can be playing a video game, watching your favourite TV show or reading your favourite book. Find something that you love doing so much that you don’t ever get bored of it and do it as much as you can. For me, that’s writing.

I can’t get enough of writing.

Doing something old every day won’t “stunt your growth” as much as doing something new will. You’ll still grow as a person, you’ll still have fun while doing it and you’re less likely to experience the frustration that comes with doing something new. So if you want to keep your motivation high, do something old every day.

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