Signs You’re Getting Serious About Jiu Jitsu

Signs You’re Getting Serious About Jiu Jitsu (SJS)

If you are seriously interested in grappling, then you must have heard about the new gi rules. If not, here’s what they entail:

1. No biting or gouging your eyes out.

2. No groin strikes to the face (or any other part of the body).

3. No eye poking or grabbing.

4. No head butting, kneeing, stomping, choking or any other form of neck cranking.

5. No hair pulling (except for washing your hair).

6. No spitting on the mat or anywhere else on the floor except when necessary to clean up blood stains from your own mouth after a submission attempt.

7. No kicking with the feet.

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8. No grabbing anyone’s legs or shoving your hands under their armpits or collars unless it is done to secure a submission hold on them.

9. No hitting someone in the back of the head with anything, including your own elbow pads if you are wearing them at all times.

(Unless you are defending yourself against a flying knee.

10. No slamming your opponent’s head into the mat or slamming it against the cage wall, ring post, audience members (whether they are children or elderly), or anything else.

In other words, no slamming at all. If you must put some weight on their head when you get them in a submission hold then you must be careful not to crush their skull.

11. No horseplay or picking your opponents up by the face or holding their legs so that one end is off the ground and then dropping them.

12. No diving through the ropes or cage walls from inside of the ring or fighting area.

13. No butting with your head, shoulder or hip.

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14. No touching the canvas with any part of your body while out of bounds.

If you are thrown outside of the ring you may not dive back in through the ropes or cage walls until after a five count.

15. No attacks to the front of the head or face from the rear.

16. No attacking with a closed fist or punching with an open hand with a clawed hand or stiff fingers.

17. No eye gouging of any kind.

19. No kicking, kneeing or stomping on your opponent’s legs.

20. No biting, whether it is with your teeth or with a mouthpiece.

These are just a few of the rules that you may want to become familiar with if you plan to compete in the future. There are many others, but you will learn those as they come up during your training.

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For now, let’s get back to our lesson.

Taking a more serious tone now, I will tell you that in order to master any of the martial arts you must dedicate yourself fully to your training. You have probably heard that having other interests can increase your focus and help keep you motivated, but too many and you will find your training suffering.

Some of the greatest martial artists in history gave everything they had to their training. They were true ascetics and dedicated themselves completely to their craft.

Regrettably, you are not one of them. You have a lot of distractions and other interests. I don’t know if you will ever be able to achieve greatness.

You are probably thinking that you will drop all of your other hobbies and interests immediately, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only would you be sacrificing your childhood for my class, but you would also be missing out on some important life lessons.

Instead, I want you to always keep in mind that unless your martial arts training is your first and only priority, you will never reach your full potential.

Now, I will tell you that while it is important to have a wide range of interests, it is also important to be skilled in something in particular. Everyone has a gift and as such you should try to find yours.

For example, you are not exactly the fastest kid in the class and you are not the strongest kid in class, but it would appear that your natural affinity is toward the more technical skills of jujitsu. You have picked that up faster than any of the other kids and you are already at a level that some of the black belts are struggling with. I think it is obvious that this should be your path if you want to maximize your abilities.

I will admit, this does not make for the most exciting lessons from time to time, but as your teacher I would prefer to see you excel in something rather than being just average at everything. I should also mention that there is more than one path to excellence.

Just because you are not big and strong does not mean that you cannot be a great fighter some day. The discipline and skills that you would learn would serve you well in any future career you may have.

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Personally, I went the opposite route in my youth. I did not take my training seriously at first and spent more time partying with my friends.

I was skilled, but I would always hold back just enough that I never really got into any real fights. It wasn’t until I was about your age that I decided to actually practice what I had learned and dedicate myself to my training. Unfortunately, by then I was so far behind that I practically had to start from scratch in order to catch up with everyone else who had been taking it more seriously than I had. That was when I made the decision to dedicate myself and pursue the path of a warrior.

You should take this lesson to heart, as your instructor I can’t make this decision for you, but I can tell you that it would be in your best interest. If you decide that you aren’t interested in this path, then I would have to ask that you drop out now.

Training for what lies ahead will not be easy and I don’t want anyone holding back the rest of the class.

As for the rest of you, I will see you all tomorrow night.

Most of the other students start to leave, a few of them head home, but most of you decide to take up your instructor up on his offer to stick around and check out the empty dojo. As usual, Travis and his gang decide to take advantage of the situation and pick a fight with you and your friends.

“Hey look, it’s the Little Santas.

What’re you guys doing here? Shouldn’t you be at the North Pole waiting for Santa’s ride?”

Travis says as he and his friends approach.”

Your group stays quiet, knowing any response would only incite the bully into another confrontation.

Hey guys, why don’t we play a game?

It’s called Knockout. You hit me, I go touch one of you, and then you got to hit one of them. Keep going till everyone’s knocked out,” Travis says.

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Travis’s two cronies, Mark and Jake join him in the circle as they are picking targets. The rest of you look to see who is going to get hit first.

“Oh, I know, I know! I’ll hit the little gingerbread boy!” Jake laughs as he points at you.

Suddenly Travis turns around and grabs Jake. “You’re out,” He says as he easily throws Jake to the ground and walks over to him.

“No fair, you used cheat strength!” Jake says as Travis and Mark start to go towards him.

Travis turns back around and addresses everyone else in the group. “

I don’t see a whole lot of Little Santas wanting to play, do you think we could still get a few more?”

he asks.

You and your friends look at each other before you all quickly run out of the room.

“Hahaha! Cowards!

They’re all Little Santas!” Travis yells as they give chase.

You and your friends make it back to the classroom where you thank your lucky stars that none of your teachers are in the room yet. You quickly hide behind the teacher’s desk, deciding that it will be the best place to hide until classes start.

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As you wait, you all try to think of a way to deal with Travis and his gang.

Keira thinks that the best plan of action is to stay hidden for the rest of the day and then head straight home after school, but that means having to deal with Travis and his gang for an entire day.

“We can take them,” Patrick suggests. “There’s four of us, and while Travis is strong, I don’t think he’s stronger than all of us together.

If we surprise them, we got a chance. I think.

You remember how Travis easily threw Jake to the ground, he seems a lot stronger than Patrick described. Granted, Travis was focused on throwing Jake at the time, so he might not be as strong when he isn’t focusing all his energy on a single person.

Then again, Patrick might be underestimating his own strength and everyone else’s.

Either way, you imagine that Travis isn’t going to go down without a fight. This causes some concern with Keira.

“I don’t like this idea,” she whispers. “Even if we win, we’re probably going to get into trouble.

If we lose, it’s going to be a lot worse. Maybe we should try to just stay out of his way for the rest of the day.”

After class starts, everyone disperses and you and your friends head off to your own separate classes. You spend the day in panic, worried that Travis is going to suddenly show up at any moment.

You have to fight the urge to punch Jacob in the face when he insists on making jokes about Keira being your girlfriend.

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When you get off the bus that afternoon, Travis and his gang are already hanging around in front of the school. You can only assume they spent the entire day there.

Patrick grabs your arm as you’re about to walk past them.

“We’re going to do it now,” He says under his breath. “On three.

One… Two…”

He takes a deep breath before shouting “Three!” Before you can stop him, he rushes forward towards Travis, who sees him coming and stands ready to fight.

“Coward!” Travis shouts at Patrick.

He swings, but Patrick manages to duck under it and send his fist into Travis’ stomach.

You watch in awe as the two begin to brawl. Even though Patrick landed a punch, Travis isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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