Snatch Shorts (Product Review)

Snatch Shorts (Product Review)

Weightlifting Pants: Olympic Weightlifting Clothing

Olympic Weightlifting Clothing: What are Olympic Weightlifting Pants?

What Are Olympic Weightlifting Pants Made Of?

How Do They Fit?

Why Should You Buy These Pants?

What About Other Types of Weightlifting Pant?

Are They Comfortable?

The Best Olympic Weightlifting Pants For Women: Why You Need Them!

Olympic Weightlifting Pants: How To Choose The Right Ones!

Is There A Difference Between Men And Women’s Olympic Weightlifting Pant?

Why Do Men And Women Need Different Olympic Weightlifting Pants?

What Makes The Best Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Pants?

What Makes The Best Women’s Olympic Weightlifting Pants?

How Much Do The Pants Weights You?

– this is something you need to know before you make any decision.

Is it even comfortable to wear?

Before you buy anything you need to know if it will be useful and beneficial to you or not. You need to know if the material it is made of is good or not, if it will last you a long time or if it will tear and get ruined after one use. It is important to note that just because a pair of pants may look good on the outside does not mean that they are good materials. You need to do you research on what the material is made of and how it was made before you buy anything. We have taken the liberty to do the research for you and we have also included a list of different types of pants and their pros and cons so you can make a well informed decision on what is worth buying and what isn’t.

For starters, many people believe that these are just another fashion trend that has come and gone like bell bottoms, pantyhose, and sock with sandals. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are an athlete, weightlifter, or do any sort of heavy labor job these pants can be of wonderful benefit to you. They provide a barrier between your skin and your clothes so that you can still remain comfortable while wearing little clothing and doing physical activities.

They are also beneficial because they allow your skin to breathe so that you don’t over heat. If you are like most people, you want to wear as little clothing as possible in the summer so that you can cool yourself off. The problem with this is that when you work up a sweat your body has a hard time cooling itself off because now you are wrapped in a barrier of clothes which prevents air from passing over the skin and cooling it. Wearing these types of pants allow air to pass through the pants freely while still keeping you modestly clothed.

These are the types of pants that should be worn for most summer activities. This includes: weightlifting, running, biking, hiking, mowing the lawn, and many other activities. If you are working a summer job that requires you to be physically active in the summer then you should definitely wear these to keep yourself cool and collected while working.

A Quick Breakdown of Olympic Weightlifting Pants!

If you do any sort of physical activity that requires you to be sweating profusely (such as weight lifting) then you need to buy yourself a pair of these pants. They are specifically made for people who work out and they provide several benefits such as keeping the skin dry so that it can breathe better and allowing the air to pass through the pants easily.

These types of pants are not just for guys, many women wear them as well because they are comfortable and they allow the ladies to remain modest while wearing tight fitting activewear. Whether you are a guy or a gal you should definitely purchase a pair of these, here is our compiled list of the best weightlifting pants!

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Adidas Women’s Astroride Tight – These are made specifically for women and they provide maximum comfort while working out. They are tight fitting to allow for maximum range of motion, they wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry, they are lightweight and they even have pockets with zipper enclosures!

Adidas Men’s Energy Boost Tights – These pants are made for men and they provide all of the same features that the women’s pants do such as wicking away moisture to keep you cool and dry as well as allowing for maximum range of motion.

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour Tights – These tights are more on the expensive side but they are definitely worth the money. They provide all of the same features such as wicking away moisture and keeping you cool and dry while working out, they have a fitted design for maximum comfort and range of motion, they come in a variety of colors, and they even have pockets with zipper enclosures!

Tips for Choosing the Best Brand of Pants

There are a lot of things you should take into consideration when choosing the best brand of pants to purchase. You should definitely consider price, how well they work for your body type, style, brand, among other factors. The list below details some of the major things to look out for when choosing which brand of pants to buy.


How much are you willing to spend on a pair of pants?

This is a very common question and it is a very important one to answer.


Well because your budget will ultimately determine which pants you can and can not afford, keep in mind that the price of pants does not equal their quality, sometimes the cheaper pants are of better quality than the more expensive pants. It really just comes down to how much you are willing to spend.


How well do the pants fit your body type? Are they too baggy? Do they fit just right? Or are they too tight and show every bump and bulge you don’t want people to see?

Well when you are trying on pants the main thing you are looking out for is how well they fit. You also need to make sure that there aren’t any major defects with them. Try both sitting and standing to see if you notice any weird flapping or sagging occurring.


What style of pants are you looking for?

There are several different styles of weight lifting pants available such as compression, elastic waist, nylon pull on, and many more. It is important to decide which one is right for you and your workout routine because not all styles of pants are functional for the same things.


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There are many different brands of weight lifting pants available such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. Just like with any product some brands are better than others. Try to pick a brand that has quality products and a good reputation.

User Reviews

Always, always, always read the user reviews. This is perhaps one of the most vital steps in finding which brand and type of weight lifting pants is right for you. Reading reviews will enable you to see what others have experienced with the product. You can learn about the quality, advantages, disadvantages, and everything else in between.

Our Bodybuilding Pants Reviews

1. Motta Weightlifting Pants with Pockets

These weightlifting pants are great for a few different reasons. For starters they have a nice tapered design and come in several different colors such as gray, black, navy, maroon, and others. They also have reinforced stitching and thick material to ensure the pants last you a long time. These pants also have pockets which is always a plus!

However, these pants do run small so you may need to order a size up. Also, the drawstrings have been reported to break easily.

Great price

Comes in several colors

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Tapered design

Thick material

Pockets DownsidesSize runs small

Draw strings break easily

2. Bodybuilding Weightlifting Pants with Pockets

These weightlifting pants are another great option for those looking for a good pair of lifting pants. These also have a tapered design and come in gray, black, navy, maroon, and black. They are made from a thick material so they will last you a long time and can even handle heavy duty workouts. They also have a reinforced stitching to ensure the pants will last you for years to come.

However, these pants do run a bit small so it is recommended you order one size up from your normal size. Also, the elastic around the waist and ankles has been known to fray and break over time.

Tapered design

Comes in several colors

Thick material

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - gym fit workout

Pockets DownsidesSize runs small

Elastic breaks easily

3. Harbinger Deluxe Weightlifting Pants

Harbinger makes another appearance on this list with their deluxe weightlifting pants. These pants are great for weightlifters of all experience levels and skill sets. They are made from a thick durable material so they can hold up during your most rigorous workouts. They also have a tapered design and elastic ankle and waistband to give you a comfortable fit every time you wear them.

While these pants are made from thick durable material they can still be susceptible to rips and tears so it is important that you take good care of them and wash them after each use. It is also important that you order the correct size because they run small.

Thick durable material

Tapered design

Elastic waist and ankle DownsidesRuns small

Material susceptible to rips and tears

4. Adidas Weightlifting Pants with Pockets and Tons of Color Options

These weightlifting pants are probably one of the best deals on this list because they come in so many different colors and have tons of positive reviews. These pants are made from a thicker material to stand up to your toughest workouts. They also have reinforced stitching and multiple pockets so you can hold all the things!

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These pants do run small so it is recommended you order a size up. It is also important that you take good care of them because the material is susceptible to rips and tears.

Multiple color options


Thick material DownsidesRuns small

Material susceptible to ripping

5. Adidas Performance Weightlifting Pants

These weightlifting pants from Adidas are another great option for those looking to add a new pair of pants to their gym bag. These come in several different color options and have reinforced seams so you can feel comfortable about the durability. They also have a tapered design with a stretch waistband and elastic ankles for a comfortable and secure fit.

These pants are machine washable which makes keeping them clean and fresh much easier. However, it is important that you air dry them to prevent the colors from bleeding. Also, they do run small so it is recommended you order one size up from your normal size.

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - from our website

Multiple color options

Tapered design

Machine washable DownsidesRuns small

Colors may bleed during washing

Best Weightlifting Shoe for Women: What to Look for When Buying a New Pair of Weightlifting Shoes

The best weightlifting shoes can make or break your performance. When you are pushing your body to the next level, every little advantage can help. A good pair of weightlifting shoes can provide you with that advantage.

Before we get into the different types of weightlifting shoes available, let’s go over what you should look for when buying a pair of weightlifting shoes and the different features that are available.

Material – The first thing you need to look for when buying a new pair of weightlifting shoes is the material it is made from. Most weightlifting shoes are made from either nylon or leather. Each material has its own pros and cons so it is important you choose the best one for you.

Nylon – Nylon is a cheaper material than leather so if you are on a budget, nylon is the way to go. They are also more flexible than leather and this gives your foot a little more movement when you are lifting weights. The only problem with nylon is they don’t offer as much support or protection as leather does.

Leather – If you are looking for a shoe that can stand up to the toughest conditions leather is the way to go. They are more expensive than nylon but if you are working out a lot, they will last longer and provide much more support.

Heel Type – The next thing you need to consider when buying weightlifting shoes is the heel type. There are two main options available, a flat heel and a raised heel. Each heel type is designed for different kinds of activities so you need to choose the one that fits your needs.

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Flat Heel – A flat heel offers a natural feel and more freedom of movement. This type of heel is great for cross training and general weightlifting because it gives you the freedom to move however you want without any restrictions. The only downside is you don’t get the extra boost of speed that a raised heel provides.

Raised Heel – A raised heel gives you more spring in your step when you are performing exercises that require a lot of running and speed. Weightlifters who compete usually choose a shoe with a raised heel because they need every advantage they can get during their performances.

So now that you know what to look for in weightlifting shoes, let’s take a look at some of the best options available.

1. Adidas Weightlifting Shoes

These shoes are part of Adidas’ performance weightlifting line and they are made to give you the best feel and support possible. They are built with a contoured heel that locks your foot in place for added stability and strong grip when you least expect it. The synthetic leather material gives these shoes durability without sacrificing any flexibility.

What’s Included:

Weightlifting shoes

4×2.5kg/5×5kg/2×10kg weight sets

Sizes Available: Men’s 5-12,13,14 | Women’s 6-12,13,14

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - from our website

Vulcanized rubber outsole for increased traction and flexibility

2. Adidas Performance Weightlifting Shoes

These shoes are made with the same synthetic leather and nylon as the other Adidas weightlifting shoes. They have a low profile look and feel that is not too bulky while still providing you with plenty of support. The contoured heel locks your heel into place so you can pull off more difficult moves without your feet slipping around in the shoe. The rubber outsole gives extra grip on both wet and dry surfaces to keep you stable at all times.

What’s Included:

Weightlifting shoes

4×2.5, 5×5, 2x10kg weight set

Sizes Available: Men’s 5-12,13,14 | Women’s 6-12,13,14

3. Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus 2.0

These shoes are perfect for cross training or for anyone who just wants a lightweight shoe with plenty of flexibility. They are built on a quick dry mesh upper that keeps you cool and comfortable during your workout. The flexible outsole provides plenty of room to move around and is built for super quick transitions from one movement to the next.

What’s included:

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - | Gym Fit Workout


Weights 4×2.5kg, 2x5kg

Sizes Available: Men’s 7-12,13 | Women’s 6-12,13,14

4. Puma Faas 400 Cross Trainer

These Pumas are a new addition to the cross training shoe market and they offer a slightly different style than most. They are lightweight and waterproof with a specially designed flexible sole that allows you to move quickly from one exercise to the next. The upper is made of a super comfortable synthetic leather and mesh that lets your feet stay cool during even the most intense workouts.

What’s included:


Weights 2×2.5kg, 2x5kg

Snatch Shorts (Product Review) - GymFitWorkout

Sizes Available: Men’s 7-12,13 | Women’s 6-12,13,14

5. Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0

These Reeboks are just like the Reebok Crossfit Lifter Plus 2.0s except they don’t have the quick drying mesh material.

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