Sport Specific: In-Season Basketball – Week 11, Day 2

Sport Specific: In-Season Basketball – Week 11, Day 2

The season is now over, but the fun doesn’t have to end yet! If you are still interested in your sport, then it’s time to start building up your strength and conditioning program. You need to make sure that you’re getting enough rest between games so that you don’t get injured during the next one. Also, you might want to take some time out from playing your favorite game to do something else. For example, go for a walk or exercise your body in other ways.

If you play basketball, then you probably already know that there are different types of plays. There are also different positions that each player may fill on the court depending upon their skill set and strengths.

So what does all this mean?

Well, if you’re a point guard, then you’ll probably want to focus on improving your ball handling skills. If you’re a shooting guard, then you’ll probably want to improve your ability to shoot threes. And if you’re a small forward, then maybe it would be best if you focused on increasing your rebounding abilities.

All this being said, here are some helpful tips about how you can start training for your next big game.

1. Make sure you’re eating enough.

You might be surprised to learn that the food that you eat has a direct impact on how you play during your next game. You need to make sure that you’re focusing on eating healthy foods in the days leading up to your next competition. While it might be tempting to eat something that’s bad for you, this is something that you need to avoid at all costs. Remember, practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to play your best if you’re damaging your body with poor eating habits.

2. Get enough rest.

The days of high school and college athletes overworking themselves are gone. These days, coaches are starting to learn that their players are going to perform better if they’re able to get enough rest. While this might be hard for those of you who are used to training for long periods of time, it’s something that you’re going to have to accept if you want to perform at your best. Coaches realize that not everyone is a professional athlete and some people only play because its fun for them. As such, they want to ensure that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

3. Dress for Success

Your clothing can either make you or break you, which is why you should always dress for success whenever you play your sport. For instance, if it’s winter time and you’re playing a game in the middle of an ice rink, you’re not going to want to wear shorts. The same thing also applies to the type of shoes that you choose to wear. If you wear cleats on a basketball court, you’re going to end up hurting yourself. Dress appropriately for your environment and you’ll be better off.

With these three tips, you should be able to set yourself in the right direction regarding how you approach your next big game or match. Just don’t forget to take the time to enjoy yourself while you play. If you find that your game is becoming a bit monotonous then you need to make some adjustments. Be flexible and have fun! This is supposed to be a hobby, not a job.

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Written by Michael Joseph on February 16, 2017

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