Stalled Progress? You Probably Aren’t Lifting Heavy Enough

Stalled Progress?

You Probably Aren’t Lifting Heavy Enough

The first thing I want to do is explain why I think your program isn’t working out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you don’t have any questions, then please continue reading.

I’ve been following your program since it was announced. I’m not sure if I should be happy or upset with my results. Let’s get started…

You’re Doing Well Until You Get To Week 4! Then Your Results Are Bad!

If you follow my routine, you’ll notice that at least one day per week is devoted to upper body work (squat/deadlift). That means you’ll be doing some sort of heavy squatting every other workout. While this may seem like a good idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

Here are three reasons why:

1) Squats Don’t Build Muscle Mass – They Only Increase Your Body Fat Percentage!

Squats increase your body fat percentage because they activate more muscles than any other exercise. In fact, the squat is the single best exercise you can do to increase testosterone and growth hormone levels.

These hormones are responsible for building muscle and losing fat. The problem occurs when inexperienced lifters start adding extra weight to the bar every week. Doing this will fry your central nervous system (CNS). As a result, you won’t be able to perform squats with any consistency. And if you aren’t consistent then you won’t build muscle mass and you’ll ALSO lose muscle.

In other words, you did more damage than good.

2) The CNS Needs Time To Recover From Stress – Otherwise, It Can’t Recover!

Your body has an amazing ability to adapt to stress. Unfortunately, this amazing ability isn’t limitless. If you keep training hard and heavy, your body will eventually get worn down. And when this happens, you won’t gain any muscle mass. You’ll only lose muscle!

Stalled Progress? You Probably Aren't Lifting Heavy Enough - gym fit workout

Most people don’t know when to back off. They’re like a stubborn kid in a candy store – Overwhelmed by all the choices. Unfortunately, their body can’t tell the difference between good and bad stress. So if you keep adding weight to the bar every week, your body will get so confused that it won’t know how to respond.

This confusion is called “overtraining” and it’s incredibly common among lifters and athletes nowadays.

3) You’re Probably Doing Too Much “Direct” Muscle Work

Most people think that muscle building is all about doing lots of direct work. While this is partly true, it doesn’t always work.

In fact, many champion bodybuilders don’t even do direct arm work. Instead, they focus on upper back, lower back and neck training because these areas are responsible for the movement of your arms.

If you don’t have a strong back, you’re never going to have big arms. It’s just that simple. Your body just isn’t going to allow it.

So what’s the solution?

You need to completely restructure your routine. I’m going to give you a sample routine that I think will work better for you. Feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes.

Muscle Building Routine

Monday – Chest & Back

Exercise Reps Standing Press (See Warning) 5 Sets Of 5 Rep Bench Press 5 Sets Of 5 Lying Flye 5 Sets Of 10 Dumbbell Pullover 5 Sets Of 15

Stalled Progress? You Probably Aren't Lifting Heavy Enough - | Gym Fit Workout

Note: If you don’t have access to a lying bench, feel free to do this exercise on the floor (like when you were a kid). It’s just as effective.

Wednesday – Legs & Abs

Exercise Reps Deadlift 5 Sets Of 5 Barbell Squat 5 Sets Of 5 Leg Press 5 Sets Of 15 Crunches 5 Sets Of 25

Note: Never been a fan of leg extension and lunges. I prefer to strengthen my legs with real weight that forces the body to work harder.

Warning: Don’t get too crazy when it comes to pressing movements. I’ve seen too many people get hurt doing this. Always make sure to lift with proper form.

Thursday – Arms

Exercise Reps Barbell Curl 5 Sets Of 5 Standing Press (See Warning) 5 Sets Of 5 Incline Dumbbell Curl 5 Sets Of 10 Skull Crushers 5 Sets Of 10 Triceps Extension 5 Sets Of 15

Note: As you can see, I repeated the standing press in this session as well. Don’t worry about it. Just focus on lifting with proper form.

Saturday & Sunday – Rest

Day 0 Protein (G) Fat (G) Carbs (G) Meal 1 8 56 2 0 Meal 2 12 33 2 0 Meal 3 6 15 1 0 Meal 4 19 27 5 0 Meal 5 8 7 1 0 Totals 77 139 16 0

If you’re curious, I didn’t include my supplementation. However, I will tell you what I take and why.

Stalled Progress? You Probably Aren't Lifting Heavy Enough - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Pre-Workout: C4 by Optimum Nutrition

Intra-Workout: Amino Energy by BSN

Before Bed: Kaged Muscle Relaxed Package

Before Bed: Kaged Muscle Zpower

And that, my friends, is how you bulk smart. Just remember, don’t do anything stupid and you should be okay. If not, well…good luck.

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