Step On the Gas: How to Throw a Killer Left Hook

Step On the Gas: How to Throw a Killer Left Hook

How to throw a killer left hook is one of the most difficult techniques in Muay Thai. A great left hook can easily break bones and even kill someone if it connects properly. The technique involves stepping forward with your lead foot while keeping your rear leg straight (as shown). You then step back with your front foot while bringing both hands up high into the air, which are pointing directly at your opponent’s face.

You will then throw your left hook.

The best way to learn how to throw a killer left hook is to practice it against an experienced instructor or coach. However, there are some basic steps that anyone can follow without any training. These simple steps are very effective in learning how to throw a killer left hook and they allow you to use the technique effectively in real fights.

1) Stand facing each other with feet shoulder width apart and arms extended.

2) Bend your knees slightly so that your shins touch.

3) Keep your elbows close to your sides and keep them locked until you release them just before you throw the hook.

You need to make sure that both of your fists are pointed at the same time. If one of them is not, then you cannot hit the target correctly. Your fist must point straight ahead while keeping its elbow bent and the knuckles pointing down at all times during this motion.

Practice this simple exercise several times before moving on to the next step in learning how to throw a killer left hook.

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4) Step forward with your right foot and make sure that it lands just past your partner’s toes.

Your right hip should end up just touching your partner’s hip.

5) As you make contact, quickly pull your rear leg up so that your feet switch places.

This is commonly referred to as a cross-stepping motion.

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