Strength & Conditioning – Joel Jamieson: Week 2

Joel Jamieson’s Workout Routine

The first thing I want to say is that there are two types of athletes in the world. There are those who train hard and do their best every time they step on the mat, and then there are those who don’t train at all. These guys aren’t going to win any medals or even make it very far in competitions because they’re not willing to put in the work required to get better. They’ll probably never achieve their potential.

That last group includes most of us. Most of us just go through life doing what we have to do to survive, which usually consists of working a job we hate so that our families can eat. We don’t really give ourselves much thought except when something big happens like getting married or having kids. Then we spend hours thinking about how we’re going to raise them right and provide for them properly.

Then one day we realize that we’ve spent way too much time worrying about things that don’t matter. Life isn’t fair and there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Sure, you might think you have enough money to buy yourself some nice stuff, but if you actually had to pay for it, would you really feel so rich?

You’d probably end up feeling pretty crappy about your situation.

There’s really no way to avoid this trap, but the best we can do is try to enjoy the ride. Most of us are so busy just trying to survive that we forget to just stop and look around once in a while. You might be surprised at all the things that you’re missing because you’re unwilling to take a chance or step out of your comfort zone. Everything is a learning experience and it can teach you either good or bad things. The choice is completely up to you.

There was once a man who wanted to travel, but couldn’t due to various responsibilities. He wanted to see the world, but never really found the time or money to do it until he retired. So he saved for his entire life and finally had enough to live on comfortably after he retired, and then he did what he always wanted to do. He visited many different places with his family and had a great time traveling. Eventually, he died.

The moral of the story is simple: Live your dreams while you still can. You never know when that day will come when you have to stop and there will be no going back.

Wrestling can be described as a sport and art that teaches you discipline, makes you mentally tough, and at the same time prepares you for real life. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re willing to put in the work and learn all the techniques needed to succeed, then you can do very well in life. The world is a harsh place, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as some people make it out to be.

Strength & Conditioning - Joel Jamieson: Week 2 - gym fit workout

You just have to be prepared.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t take time to smell the roses from time to time?

Of course not. It’s very important to stop, take a step back and enjoy the smaller things in life once in a while. Otherwise, you’re going to make yourself crazy and burn out before your time.

Mostly though?

Have fun.

That’s the most important thing.

Because it’s supposed to be fun.


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