Strength & Conditioning – Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1

Mark Bell is a professional athlete from Texas. He is known for being a strongman competitor and as a singer/songwriter. His musical career began when he was only twelve years old with the release of his first album entitled “The Last Call”. He released another album titled “Moonshadow” in 2011. Since then, he has been touring around the world performing songs off his albums.

Mark Bell’s real name is Mark Anthony Bell. He was born on January 24th, 1985 in Houston, Texas. He grew up in a poor neighborhood called the Heights. At age ten he moved out of his mother’s house and into a group home run by the Salvation Army. There he met several other children who were living there at the time.

They formed a band called “The Hills Have Eyes” which consisted of them all. Mark had already started playing guitar by the time he was thirteen and they recorded their debut album at age fourteen. Their music gained popularity after its release and they played shows across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that they made their major breakthrough with their third studio album “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”. The album was a huge success selling over 10 million records across the world and getting them nominated for several Grammys. They followed up their success with the albums “Dark Before Dawn” (2014), “Badlands” (2017) and “Ember” (2019).

Mark Bell’s musical career has been going on since he was thirteen years old. He started off playing in a band called “The Hills Have Eyes”. They made their debut when they were only fourteen. Since then they have released five albums and are still active. Mark’s first studio album was released in 2004 titled “The Last Call”.

He has released another one since then called “Moonshadow” in 2011. In addition to these, he has also contributed in a few compilation albums by other musicians.

In total, Mark Bell has released two studio albums, one live album and one compilation album with his band “The Hills Have Eyes”.He has also made several compositions for several movie soundtracks. His most popular songs are “The Last Stand”, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”, “Missi-Armed And Dangerous”, “The Agony Of Defeat” and “Getting Even”.

Mark Bell’s personal life hasn’t been without struggles. His father left his mother when he was only two years old which greatly affected him throughout his childhood. He had a violent relationship with his stepfather who abused him and his mother. He also struggled with alcohol and drug abuse throughout his teenage years. Despite this, he was able to turn things around and pursue his passion in music.

He is now considered a successful musician and a role model for many young people.

Mark Bell is currently single and has no children.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - gym fit workout

 Quick Facts:

 Full name: Mark Anthony Bell

 Nicknames: Marky Mark, The Beast, The Voice Of The Voiceless

 Birth date: January 24th, 1985

Death date: ?????

 Nationality: American

 Ethnicity: English, Scottish and Irish

 Alignment: Lawful-Neutral

 Place of residence: Various, mostly in the United States and United Kingdom

 Education: Attended high school for a year before dropping out to pursue his musical career. Never returned to complete his studies.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - GYM FIT WORKOUT

 Relationships: Single, no children.

 Achievements: Selling over 60 million records worldwide. Ten Grammy award nominations. Two American Music Awards.

 Favorite music artists: AC/DC, Foo Fighters, Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera and Van Halen.

 Favorite movies: The Boondock Saints, Drive, The Good The Bad And The Ugly and Once Upon A Time In The West.

 Favorite TV shows: Breaking Bad, Deadwood, How I Met Your Mother, Law And Order, The Shield, Sons Of Anarchy and The Walking Dead.

 Favorite books: The Bible, The Catcher In The Rye and The Great Gatsby.

 Favorite foods: Apple pie, salted peanuts and steak.

 Favorite drinks: Bourbon whiskey and Coca-Cola.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - GYM FIT WORKOUT

 Facts: He has a fear of birds, bad eyesight and a dislike for dogs.

 Theme: “The Agony Of Defeat” by Mark Bell (From the album ‘Moonshadow’).

 Mood: Aggressive.

 Death: Killed in a one on one fist fight with the main character.

 Quote: “You can’t take on the world if you can’t get out of bed in the morning.”

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.”

“Kickin’ and sufferin’, that’s how we do it. That’s how we get through. You’ll learn that soon enough.”


01. A Fight You Cannot Win

02. Nowhere To Run

03. The Man Behind The Gun

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - Image

04. He’s Not Your Savior

05. Blood And Soil

06. This Is Goodbye

07. Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Justice

08. Right Vs. Wrong

09. Fire

10. Fuel For The Fire

11. Voices In The Dark

12. Dominoes

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - Image

13. Man Against Child

14. The Only Way To Be Sure

15. The Calm Before The Storm

16. The Agony Of Defeat

17. There Is No Hope

18. The Harder They Fall

– Chapter 1: A Brand New Start –

Through basic training and all your education you manage to learn a lot of things about firearms, how they work, how to take them apart, common issues with them and how to fix said issues. You also manage a few contacts in the army that might prove useful with your future endeavors. Still, you can’t wait to get out and start working on your own. You’re dying to get your hands dirty.

You take a few months off after getting out of the army before finally setting up your first proper job. With your knowledge of security you figure you could break into a security firm and hold it up, taking their money and valuables. It’s a crazy idea, but after a bit of digging you manage to find a poorly protected office building with a security company on the first floor. The plan is to sneak in after hours, take the security guards hostage and simply wait until the morning when the banks open, leaving you free to empty the safe deposit boxes at your leisure.

Your plan goes off almost without a hitch. A few of the guards are awake, but you manage to pistol-whip them into submission. The only person who manages to call for help is a woman who runs off an emergency exit in the basement. By the time you chase her down she’s already called the police. You threaten to kill her if she doesn’t open the door, and she complies.

Sadly, by this time police have arrived at the scene and they hear her banging on the door. They also hear the gunshot that kills her when she refuses to open up.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - Picture

The police respond as quickly as you’d expect and soon you’re engaged in a firefight with them that lasts several minutes. They got the numbers, but your position gives you the advantage. After several minutes of fighting you’re the only one left standing, and you have six hostages who are bound and gagged. The police won’t bother you for at least a little while.

There’s a saying that it only takes a few minutes to commit the perfect crime, as long as you don’t hang around. You know the police are going to be after you soon, so you force one of your hostages to take you to the safes. You got what you came for and now it’s time to disappear again.

You head to a new city and settle there, taking a job as a low level security guard. It’s a nice living and you’re able to save some money. You also keep up on the news and in another year you learn that your bank heist made the news. It wasn’t a big story, but there was a manhunt that resulted in the capture of one of the robbers, who gave up the names of his cohorts. The other two, however, were never found and are assumed to be dead.

You spend the next few years moving from city to city,state to state and never sticking around too long. Eventually you become a professional criminal, specializing in safes and banks. You make a decent living at it and have a reputation as being reliable.

Eventually you settle down at a nice quiet town in Oregon where you work as a locksmith for a small company. You’re doing everything right, but something is missing. Your thrill of being a criminal is gone now. You’re thinking about quitting and doing something else, but you don’t know what.

Keep playing your criminal game or get out now?

You’re bored as hell doing nothing so you go back to the numbers racket. It’s not as easy as it used to be since the police have been cracking down on it, but there’s still money to be made. You feel like there should be more to life and you suppose that you could settle down and get married, but the thought bores you.

You’ve heard stories of disappearance happening from people in the past, so you begin to do some research into the subject. You learn that many people have simply vanished from history, including a few you thought would always be remembered. You also learn of something called thin spots, where reality is weak and time is unpredictable.

After a few months of playing it safe you get a brilliant idea. Since the police have been cracking down you’ve been doing all your business in person or over the phone.

Why not set up a few websites and use them to run the numbers?

The places where this happens are rare, but they can be found.

You come to the conclusion that you need to disappear and go into a thin spot. You don’t know if anyone has ever done this before, but it’s a possibility that excites you.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - Image

The only question is whether to disappear now or wait a little while. It would be harder to trace and you could use untraceable emails as well. You’d still have to meet with people eventually, but it would be when you felt the risk was worth it.

The best part of the plan is that it will allow you to travel more and increase the odds of accidentally stumbling into a thin spot. You’ve done a lot of research over the years and have found many interesting reading materials at second hand stores, including a few books on ancient myths and legends.

Now is the best time to disappear as everyone will be expecting you to show up to work and no one will really notice for a few days.

You can also wait a while, but the longer you wait, the more time you’ll have to make your getaway. The legends all mention a group of islands called the Iles of the Twenty Thousand Surplus. It sounds bizarre, but you’ve found suggestions that they may have actually existed at one time and could even still exist in a thin spot. You could spend your life savings on equipment to dive and look for the islands, or you could keep playing the odds and look for a way to make money off finding them if and when you find a portal.

Change your plans or disappear now?

You always wanted to travel and see the world. One of your favorite dreams was to travel through time, but sadly that’s a movie only dream.

Still, you’ll be traveling through a thin spot and who knows what’s on the other side?

You pack light, just a small bag with some clothes, water and food.

Some of the diving equipment is really expensive, but you’ve found that some people have created their own home made versions and put ads online asking for other explorers or scientists to help test them out.

You have the money, but do you have the courage to use it?

You leave the rest of your things behind and take only what you can carry. You figure you’ll come back for the rest later.

Don’t worry, you’ve got a plan. It’s a good one too.

You walk into the police station and ask to speak to someone in charge. They try to tell you that it will have to wait, but you interrupt. “I know where the Mayor is.”

You sign up to buy everything you think you’re going to need and have it shipped to a friend’s house. It’s only then that you realize that you might need a boat and a lot of training. You also realize that you’re probably going to be away for a long, long time.

Are you really willing to do that?

Finally, there’s the question of whether it’s better to just disappear now or disappear later.

This gets their attention and they quickly start questioning you. You explain everything and by the time you’re finished, the FBI, CIA and even the Army are involved.

Strength & Conditioning - Mark Bell: Week 1, Day 1 - | Gym Fit Workout

You’re taken into protective custody and shown to a small house in the suburbs. It looks so normal you feel like you should be going to school or something. For two months the FBI keep you safe while they try to find any trace of where you came from. They never do.

Finally, they stop coming around and there’s just the two of you left in the big house. You find a job thanks to your previous work experience and make enough money to support both of you. You also get your diving equipment fixed up at government expense and begin exploring the oceans. You’re never quite sure what you’ll find down there. Sometimes it’s beautiful, sometimes it’s scary, but it’s always interesting.

They try to find your family, but there is no trace of them either. They aren’t even listed in the phone book, yet you obviously didn’t spring from nowhere.

You become a minor celebrity of sorts and are offered lots of opportunities. People want to know your story and the FBI soon have more details about what you did before the day you showed up at the police station. There’s even talk of a movie deal!

After a few years of searching you begin to think you’ll never find anything, but one day you stumble across something. It’s another world, but it doesn’t look like the movies. Everything is black and white and the people seem so much faster than you. One of them looks at you and screams, “A monster!” The people all come running at you with signs saying, “Lock him up” and “Don’t feed the trolls.”

Your life is much different than you expected, but it’s a good one. You’ve got a family, a house and a job that doesn’t involve killing everything that moves. You’re happy, but part of you still wonders if things could be different. Even after all these years, you still sometimes wonder about that other world. You try and explain, but you can’t make them understand.

It’s not your world.

You sometimes wonder if you made a difference.

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