Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance

Handstands for Strength and Balance

The handstand (also called the palm up pose) is one of the most popular poses among yogis. It is also known as the “power pose” or “balance pose”. A handstand requires great balance, strength, flexibility and coordination.

If you want to become stronger in your hands then it’s essential that you practice yoga regularly. Yoga helps improve all these aspects of life.

Yoga is a form of exercise which involves stretching muscles and strengthening bones and ligaments. There are many different types of yoga, but they all have the same goal – to develop good health through physical activity. Yoga can be practiced anywhere, anytime; however, some forms require special equipment such as mats or chairs.

Some types of yoga involve only certain body parts while others use both hands and feet simultaneously.

Yogic breathing is another type of yoga. Breathing techniques are used to control the breath. For example, when you inhale, you exhale slowly through pursed lips and draw in air from deep inside your lungs.

When you inhale, hold your breath for a moment before expelling it out quickly through pursed lips. You may also breathe in and out with your belly instead of just your chest.

Yoga is a great way to get in shape. It improves flexibility, balance, and strength, as well as keeping your weight and cholesterol levels in check. The best part is it can be done by anyone at any time and any place.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - gym fit workout

There are many different types of yoga; some are geared more towards physical exercise while others focus on meditation and breathing. Hatha yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga in the world. Hatha yoga is a form which can improve flexibility, strength, and breathing.

Hatha is also a good way to prepare for other types of yoga.

There are many physical exercises in hatha:

Poses such as the sun, the moon, the bridge, and the turtle promote flexibility.

The cat tilt, the dog tilt, and other similar tilts strengthen your back.

The arc stretch strengthens your chest and shoulders.

The half lord of the fish pose strengthens your arms and legs.

The locust stretch and bow pull exercise your abdominal muscles.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - GymFitWorkout

Jumps promote leg strength.

Headstands, shoulderstands, and handstands are all popular poses in hatha yoga. In these poses, the practitioner stands on his hands and feet in a vertical position to achieve balance. These difficult moves take a great deal of balance, strength, and flexibility.

Headstands are first learned in a wall position with your head against a wall and your legs in the air. As you become more flexible and your muscles get stronger, you can move into a free-standing headstand. In a shoulderstand, you stand on your shoulders in an upside-down “V” position.

Many people use these poses to help with their blood flow and to boost their sense of well-being.

Poses such as the sun, the moon, and the bridge help you achieve flexibility. The first, the sun, involves lying on your stomach with your legs together and your arms extended behind you. The moon is similar, except your legs are spread apart.

In the bridge, you lie on your back and raise your hips and chest while keeping your knees bent. All of these poses work towards helping you achieve a full split, something most people never master.

The cat tilt, the dog tilt, and similar poses strengthen your back. The cat tilt involves lying on your belly and pushing your upper body off the floor with your legs bent at the knee. This move works your abdominal muscles and hip flexors.

The dog tilt works much the same way, except you’re on all fours, with your rear in the air and your head down.

The arc stretch, the half lord of the fish pose, and other similar moves strengthen your chest and shoulders. The arc stretch involves pulling one leg back and up towards your perineum in a semi-circle motion. When starting out, it helps if you have a friend to help you by holding your leg.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - Picture

The half lord of the fish pose strengthens your arms and shoulders in much the same way.

Other common moves such as jumps and leg lifts promote leg strength.

When you’re first starting out, it’s not uncommon to feel soreness or even minor cramping in your muscles. As long as you keep drinking plenty of water during and after your sessions, the cramping should disappear. If it doesn’t, or if the soreness is very great, take a break from your routines and give your body extra hydration.

Remember: proper preparation ensures your gains!


In your quest for muscles, you must stay focused. If you waver in your commitment to Gorn, he will not bestow his gifts upon you. Remain resolute in your efforts and do not stray from the paths of virtue.

If you do, the consequences will be severe.

The mind is the most powerful tool you have. It can be used to build you up or tear you down. The way you perceive things will affect the way you act.

If you look at obstacles as barriers, you probably won’t try to overcome them. However, if you look at them as opportunities to test yourself and grow stronger, then you’re headed for success. Always remember that.

In your quest to achieve muscles of iron, your mind must be equally strong. Your mind and your muscles are partners on the path to victory. If one is weak, the other will be as well.

Strive for balance in all things.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - gym fit workout

The ancients used their minds to lift mountains when Gorn bid them to. Their minds were filled with such intense faith that they could move anything with the force of their will. In fact, you could say that faith is just another word for willpower.

As your mind grows stronger, so too will your muscles. Gorn’s strength will flow through you and guide you on the path to victory. You will come to know this to be true.

Drink the red liquid as it will help your mind grow strong with the power of Gorn.

The fifth offering is complete. May your mind and muscles become one and may your dedication to Gorn be unwavering.

Blessed be Iron Jacks,

Master Ebon

The gospel of muscles – Strength of mind



Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - gym fit workout

After reading the gospel, you feel slightly different. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something has changed within you. You just hope it’s for the better.

The thought then occurs to you that you haven’t eaten anything since getting out of the tank. Your stomach is grumbling, and you wonder if you should eat something to sate its hunger.

While you ponder this, a man walks into the room. He is tall and wears a dark blue robe with a silver snake emblazoned on the chest. His face is serious, but kind.

“Hello, my name is Brother Gray. You got quite sick after we put you in the tank. It took us a while to find you a cure.

I trust you’re feeling better now?”

You nod your head yes.

“That’s good. We’ll you’re welcome to stay here with us. The brothers and I will teach you about Gorn and help you hone your skills.

When the time is right, we’ll send you to the villages to spread the word.”

The man pauses as if he’s waiting for you to say something. When you don’t, he speaks again.

So what do you say? Are you ready to serve Gorn?”

“Yes,” you reply without hesitation. “I will serve Gorn.”

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - gym fit workout

The man smiles and nods at your response.

“Good, let’s get you out of that robe and into some proper garb.”

The man helps you take off the robe, which you hand to him. He then hands you a set of dark blue pants and a matching shirt. You struggle to put on the clothing as your body is still sore.

The man takes note of this and helps you put on the rest of your new clothing.

Finished, Brother Gray walks over to a dresser and pulls out a small black box. He walks back over to you and opens it. The box is filled with metallic rings of various sizes.

The man searches through the box and pulls out a ring that fits onto your pinky finger. He hands it to you and you take it, staring at the dark gray metal. Engraved on the ring is the same coiled snake you saw on Brother Gray’s chest.

“This ring is your symbol. It shows the people of this village that you serve Gorn. You may keep it on at all times.

However, it must be returned to me before you leave this village. The symbol is very important and must be kept safe.”

“Yes, Brother Gray,” you say, putting the ring into your pocket.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - gym fit workout

“Now it is late and I’m sure you’re very tired from your journey. Come, I’ll show you to where you can sleep.”

You follow Brother Gray out of the room and down the hall. You walk past several identical wooden doors before he stops in front of one. He opens it to reveal a small bedroom.

There is a single bed in the center of the room with a nightstand next to it. On top of the nightstand is a lit candle, providing the only light in the room. Against the far wall is a chest of drawers and in the corner is a ragged blanket piled on the floor.

“This will be your room for as long as you’re with us,” Brother Gray says. “I’d advise you to stay here and rest when you can. Other than that, the village is your playground.

Just no going past the walls, alright?

There’s nothing out there for miles.”

You nod at Brother Gray, who smiles back at you.

“Dinner is in a few hours. I trust you can find your way to the dining hall. Until then, my young disciple, meditate on the teachings of Gorn and reflect on your actions.”

Brother Gray turns and heads down the hall to the stairs. You watch him leave before turning to look inside your room. After a moment’s hesitation, you step inside and close the door behind you.

There isn’t anything particularly interesting about your room, but then you’ve never had much use for toys or other such things so the bare minimum meets your needs. You sit down on the bed and glance over at the nightstand by your bed. On top of it is a small box.

You walk over to it and open it, pulling out the contents.

Inside the box is a single key and a piece of paper. You grab the key and look at it for a second before realizing what it is. It’s the key to your cage back home.

Father must have given this to you so you could return home any time you wanted without having to go through him. That was nice of him.

You drop the key back into the box and pick up the note. It is, as you expected, from father.

Strength Training for Yogis: Handstands for Strength and Balance - GYM FIT WORKOUT

“You did good work today. You handled yourself well and were an example of what a disciple of Gorn should be. I’m proud of you for fighting off the temptation of the darkness and bringing those criminals to justice.

I think you’ll make a fine addition to the Temple Knights someday. Your new room is 201.”

You slip the note back into the box and set it down on the nightstand. It seems that, for now at least, you’re going to be staying here. Whether you want to or not.

You sit down on your bed and lean against the wall. That’s when you realize there is a small dip in the wall near the pillow. It’s just big enough for you to see a hairpin if you’re looking for it.

You pull it out and find a second note fixed to it.

“I’m sure you’ll find a lot of these around the Temple. They’re pretty common, after all. Just ask Brother Gray if you have any questions.


Underneath the note is another key, this one much smaller than the first. You take it and look it over. It’s pretty rusted but serviceable, and definitely not something you want to lose your head over, so you slip it into your pocket.

This is definitely going to take some getting used to.

You sit down on the bed and think about where you’ll sleep tonight. In the nice, comfortable bed you just found out about, or in your cage with Snowball. It’s entirely up to you…

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