Stretching Your Hamstrings Isn’t Always Best

Stretching Your Hamstrings Is Not Always Best!

It’s true that stretching your hamstrings isn’t always best. There are many reasons why it might not be best. Some of them include:

You’re too old or young. You have bad back pain or hip pain. You don’t want to stretch your hamstrings because you feel they hurt when you do so. You’ve been injured before and it took time to heal properly again. You don’t like stretching your hamstrings.

The first two reasons are probably the most common ones. But there are others too, such as the last one (and I’m going to address it now). So let’s take a look at what we all know about stretching our hamstrings and then some…

What Are Our Hamstring Muscles?

Our hamstring muscles are located just behind our knees and they attach to the front of your thigh bone called the tibia. They extend from the bottom of your shin bone up towards your knee joint. These muscles are responsible for extending your leg straight out in front of you, which allows you to walk around without having to bend over backwards.

When we think about stretching our hamstrings, we usually think about using these muscles to make ourselves limber or flexible. However, those things aren’t really necessary for us to do well if we don’t stretch them!

You see, the hamstrings are used for straightening our legs out in front of us when we run. It is important for us to use these muscles to stay flexible and limber so that we aren’t slow and unwieldy. If we don’t use these muscles then they get short and stiff over time. But if we do use them, then they won’t be tight or stiff at all!

So What’s The Problem Then?

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