Strong, Healthy, and Vegan? (Yes, It Can Be Done)

What Is A Vegan Diet?

A vegan diet is defined as a food or diet that excludes all animal products from its composition. There are many different types of vegans, but they share similar beliefs:

1) They believe that animals have no right to live because they were created for man’s use only.

Animals cannot feel pain, do not experience emotions and are considered property of humans. They must be killed for human consumption.

2) They believe that animals have rights to life, liberty and happiness.

They may suffer physical harm when necessary, but they do not deserve death.

3) Vegans avoid eating any product made with animal products such as leather shoes, wool clothing and fur coats.

They also avoid using products derived from animals such as leather furniture and fabrics. Vegetarians eat meatless meals once per day and nonvegetarians eat vegetarian meals twice a week or less depending on their religious beliefs.

4) Vegans also avoid consuming any products containing artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or sweeteners.

They also avoid foods that contain milk, eggs and honey.

5) Vegans try to reduce their environmental impact by avoiding the production of products like plastic bottles and paper towels.

Strong, Healthy, and Vegan? (Yes, It Can Be Done) - GymFitWorkout

They also try to recycle everything possible.

Vegan Athletes & Bodybuilders: What Are Their Benefits?

There are many professional and amateur athletes that follow a strict regimen of training and eating vegan. These athletes perform at a high level of intensity and competition without the use of meat, animal byproducts or any other animal-derived products. Commonly, these type of athletes are divided into two groups:

1) Endurance Athletes: These are the types of runners that compete at long distance events such as marathons.

They are also known as “enduracers”. They are able to run for long periods of time due to their high leg musculature and lung capacity.

2) Power Athletes: These are the types of athletes that compete in strength-related events.

These athletes have large amounts of lean muscle mass that contributes to their bodily energy.

3) Mixed Athletes: These are the types of athletes that combine endurance and strength.

They are also called “well-rounded”

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