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Summer Innanen Age 158

In the year 1873, a young girl named Summer Innanen was born in England. She was very small at only five years old. Her father died when she was just two months old. Her mother raised her alone until she turned ten years old.

By then, Summer had become quite popular with men due to her beauty and good looks. They all wanted to marry her. One day, while she was playing outside, a man came up to her and offered her money if she would have dinner with him. She declined his offer because it wasn’t right for a child to go out alone at such an early hour. The next morning, the same man approached her again and offered her money again if she would agree to go back home with him. Again, she refused. Finally, he threatened to kill her unless she went with him. She ran away from home and lived on the streets for several weeks before being found by a charity worker who took her into care.

At first, Summer was taken in by a family called the Haines. They were kind and gave her food and shelter but eventually they too grew tired of caring for her so they sent her back to live with another family called the Gaunt’s. They had nine children of their own and didn’t really have room for one more but they were paid well for looking after her. Mr and Mrs Gaunt soon grew to dislike Summer.

She was very small for her age and her clothes were often tattered and dirty. They made her do all the chores around the house and would often starve her as punishment for misbehaving. When she finally came of age, she moved out and got married. Unfortunately, her husband was an abusive alcoholic. One night, he came home drunk and blamed her for all his problems. His verbal abuse turned into physical violence and he began to beat her. She ran away and returned to the Gaunt’s begging them to take her in once more. They agreed on the condition that this would be a permanent arrangement and they would adopt her officially. They also agreed to let her keep all the money she made from sewing.

As Summer grew older, she began to realize that the Gaunt’s had never treated her any differently than they treated their own children. They would always favor their own kids and would often starve her as punishment. She also noticed that they were always looking for ways to make more money out of her by charging for her room and board or making her pay for things that normally would be free. Their own children also took advantage of her by asking her for money they knew she had stitched away.

She tried to talk to them about it but they wouldn’t listen. Instead, they continued to take her money. When she finally confronted them about it, they claimed she owed them far more than she actually did and threatened to throw her onto the streets if she didn’t pay up. With no family and no one to turn to, she had no choice but to give in.

“You’re staring at me.” She says.

“I’m listening to you.” You reply.

“That’s what I thought. You keep looking away when I talk to you.”

“I’m interested in what you have to say. I just… zoned out for a moment.”

Summer Innanen - gym fit workout

It’s because I’m so ugly isn’t it?”



How can you even say that?

Look at you! You’re a beautiful young woman.”

“I may look like one now, but even a blind man could see I used to be a handsome man. When I was your age, I looked just like you.”


“Seriously. Trust me, you don’t have anything to worry about.” You chuckle.

“I suppose not. It’s just… I’ve never really been looked at as a woman before.

I’ve never had a boyfriend or been on a date. The only person who’s ever shown any romantic interest in me has been Ernest and well, he’s no your average suitor.” She admits.

Are you interested in him as more than a friend?

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