Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy

If you are visiting a new grappling school, or even if you have been there before, it is always good to keep up with what’s going on. You never know when something might happen at your school that could require some sort of emergency action. So here are my top ten survival tips for visiting a grappling academy:

10) Don’t go into the gymnasium alone!

I’m not kidding. If you’re alone, you’ll probably get mugged while trying to take a shower.

I’ve seen it happen. And trust me, I saw it happen twice.

9) Do not bring any bags with you!

You don’t want them to see what you brought in your bag (or whatever). They will think that you’re some sort of stalker and they will attack immediately upon seeing you.

8) Keep your head down and look around every now and then.

Don’t stare at anyone or anything. That includes the mats, the other students, the instructor…anything!

Just stay low and move around a bit so nobody sees you. This way no one will notice you until it’s too late.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - gym fit workout

7) Make yourself as small as possible in order to blend in better with everyone else.

If you’re smaller, then it’s harder for people to spot you. I’m not saying that you turn yourself into a ball, but just make sure you aren’t some big visible target.

The smaller a target, the harder it is to see.

6) Don’t wear anything that will draw attention to yourself in any way.

Wear drab clothing. That includes no team shirts or anything.

You want to be as neutral and boring looking as you can. Nobody will pay any attention to someone that they see every day. You want to look like you’ve been there for years. If you stand out in any way then the terrorists (Students) will spot you right away.

5) Make friends with a few people BEFORE you infiltrate the school.

Don’t just go in there all willy-nilly. Have a few friends waiting outside for you as you go in.

This will serve as a good distraction while you sneakily enter the school.

4) When you’re ready to leave, have your friends come pick you up during class time.

This will work to your advantage because everyone will be in class and won’t notice when you slip out the back door (because all of the terrorists will be in their classes as well).

3) Don’t use the bathroom.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - at GYMFITWORKOUT

If you really have to go, then hold it in until you get out of the school. If someone asks you if you need to go, just say no.

No one will question you if you just say no.

2) Make sure to stay away from large crowds of people.

Large crowds of people will be the first places that terrorists look when they are trying to find you. This includes parties, lunchrooms, and other social gatherings within the school.

1) NEVER tell anyone that you are new there.

If anyone asks, just say that you moved there around the corner or something like that. Never flat out tell the person that you are new.

This will only alert the terrorists to your presence and they will most likely try to kill you (or at least beat you up).

And those are my top ten tips for infiltrating your average high school. I know that was sort of wrong since I’m telling you how to infiltrate a high school that is run by terrorists and not just some ordinary high school, but you get the idea.

Hopefully, you can use these helpful hints to survive and graduate from your college of choice (even if you don’t pick Easy City).

Remember, knowledge is power.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - GymFitWorkout

Knowledge is strength.

Knowledge is truth.

And truth is freedom.

Until next time.

Your mentor,

Johnathan Stone

Johnathan places the letter back into the manilla envelope and then slides it into one of the desk drawers. He then thinks to himself, “I guess I’ll have to use these tactics when I go to college.

They sound useful actually.”

As Johnathan is thinking about his future in the real world, sirens begin going off, red lights start flashing, and a voice comes over the intercom.



Before the voice can finish, Johnathan is already prepared and has grabbed his bag of supplies. He thinks to himself, “best to be prepared just in case.”

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - from our website

As he walks out of his dorm building, he sees dozens of people running all over the place; it’s complete chaos. Some are calling their parents, some are crying, and some are just marching to their death (or worse).

Johnathan makes sure to keep a low profile during this whole ordeal. He knows that terrorists could be anywhere and watching.

All he needs is for one of them to recognize him from the news or something.

The once lively campus is now practically a ghost town. Everyone must be hiding inside their homes by now.

Johnathan thinks it’s sort of silly how the terrorists can shut down such a large school, but then again, it is the future and technology can do some pretty amazing things.

As Johnathan leaves the campus grounds, he sees a small group of heavily armed soldiers patrolling around. It would appear that the government has taken this threat pretty seriously.

He just hopes they find and apprehend all the terrorists.

After walking for what seems like an hour, Johnathan notices something coming from behind a row of trees up ahead. It appears to be a large metal object, but it’s difficult to see from this distance and behind all the foliage.

He continues to walk forward and is soon in its direction.

He tries go around the trees, but there’s a narrow pathway he can squeeze through. He puts his bag behind his back and places his hands on the sides of the tree so the terrorists (if they’re lurking anywhere) won’t see him.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - | Gym Fit Workout

As he slides his way through, he just cant help but notice what’s beyond the trees and his eyes soon widen when he sees the object more clearly.

It’s a robot. And not just any robot either, it’s a robot that he has seen on TV countless times.

It’s a Tecknolust 3000. Those things are supposed to be extinct. He saw on the news once that the government spent millions trying to capture the last one (that must’ve been recently), but had no success. It’s not exactly a common piece of history that the terrorists would know about, so he can only assume that they’re from the future like he is.

As he continues to stare at it, he begins to think about how this could be his chance to escape all this madness. This robot could take him away from here and back home, but there’s just one problem.

He has no idea how to pilot it. Maybe if he gets inside he’ll find something that can help him.

This is his best chance at escape, he has to take it. He can’t let this opportunity get away.

“Okay, here I go nothing but net,” he says to himself as he puts his bag back on and makes his way around the rest of the trees. He slowly approaches it and it doesn’t show any signs that it’s going to attack.

As he gets closer though, he soon starts to realize that something about this is off.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - at GYMFITWORKOUT

For one, it’s completely destroyed. It’s covered in dents and has scars all over its metallic body.

One of its arms is bent out of shape and a large portion of its “head” is gone. It looks like it’s been in a fight, but against what, Johnathan doesn’t know.

He soon realizes that he doesn’t need to guess when he sees something small fly out from the inside of the robot and land on the ground. He soon sees that it’s a bird, a tiny little bird.

The robot must’ve been fighting another creature when it broke free.

He’s about to turn around and go back the way he came, but it’s too late. The bird sees him and before he knows it, it’s flying straight towards him and pecking at his face.

“Hellllp!” he screams as he falls backwards and covers his face with his arms.

The bird continues to attack relentlessly. He swears he can hear the faint laughter of a woman as his assailants attacks him over and over again.

As he awakes, he soon finds himself back in the room where it all began. The robot is no longer stalking him and he soon realizes that his nightmare is finally over.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - at GYMFITWORKOUT

“Well it would appear you’ve survived the trials. You show a lot of determination to live,” a voice says.

He soon sees a dark shadow form in the center of the room and it starts to take shape. The voice is soon accompanied by a woman with black hair and purple eyes. She’s wearing a robe, but he can still tell that she’s very attractive.

Who are you?”

Johnathan quickly asks as he backs up against the wall.


Oh I go by many names, Johnathan. For your convenience, you can call me Sinthinia. Now don’t worry, I’m not here to harm you in any way, but I am here to extend you an offer that I don’t think you’ll be able to refuse.”

“I won’t help the terrorists. You can kill me if you want, but I won’t help you,” Johnathan says with a smile.

“My, my. You’ve been asleep for less than a day and you already have such a strong mind.

Admirable indeed. Unfortunately for you, you’re also in no position to turn down this offer. If you knew what I know, you’d be begging me for the chance to accept it.”

“If you kill me, someone else will take my place and continue your work,” Johnathan says with a mix of fear and loathing in his voice.

“Maybe, maybe not. But turn to the dark side you will not.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - Image

I guarantee that.”

“I’m not turning to the dark side. I’m not joining you either!

Now what is this offer you keep talking about?”

“Join me and I’ll turn you into a powerful Sith. A Sith that could crush the Jedi with ease and rule the galaxy,” Sinthinia says with a little bit of lust in her voice.

“I’m not interested in your offers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to work.


As Johnathan attempts to get back to work, he notices that something is wrong. His arms seem to be moving slower than usual.

In fact, everything feels really heavy.

“Join me and not only will I grant you the power to crush the Jedi, but the woman you desire as well. All I ask in exchange is your loyalty and a few favors here and there.”

“No! I will not join you.

I’d rather die!” Johnathan says as he begins to feel extremely tired. He falls to the ground and crawls towards his backpack, which is right next to him. He manages to reach it, but he’s too weak to open it. He lifts his head and looks at Sinthinia who is now standing right in front of him with a smile on her face.

“Too late for that Johnathan. You had your chance to join me and now you will feel the full wrath of the dark side.”

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Fear overtakes Johnathan and he begins to scream. His arms and legs have stopped moving altogether and he’s too tired to even scream anymore.

He lies there on the ground as Sinthinia levitates his backpack into the air. She opens it and pulls out a small golden droid. She holds it in the air and looks at it with a smirk.

“I’ll be taking this back. It’s a prototype of a new line of droids that we’re going to start producing.

You won’t be needing it anymore.”

Johnathan continues to scream as Sinthinia puts his droid in her sleeve. She floats above him and closes her eyes.

Suddenly he feels his mind begin to be ripped apart. A flood of images and knowledge run through his head at an alarming rate he can’t even comprehend. He can feel himself dying quickly.

“I’ll be taking this memory block out of your mind as well.

Wouldn’t want you blabbing our little secrets to anyone now would we?”

With his mind completely shattered, Johnathan can do nothing but scream as loud as he can. He eventually stops moving and lies on the ground. The last thing he hears is Sinthinia talking to him.

“Tch. And here I thought you’d make a fine Sith apprentice.

Survival Tips for Visiting a New Grappling Academy - GymFitWorkout

Oh well.”

Sinthinia eventually leaves the room with her prize and Johnathan’s corpse. Nobody else even notices him die.

In fact, they all stand up and applaud her for getting the new droid prototype. Little do they know, Sinthinia was lying to her superiors about several things. First and foremost, she never had any intention on giving out new droids to the other Sith. Second, she never destroyed the droid factory. Instead, she made a few adjustments to throw off any suspicion. Finally, she never destroyed Naleen’s transport shuttle. In fact, she put Naleen in cryo sleep to keep her alive and then heavily modified the shuttle with a cloaking device and several other surprises.

She’ll be ready when the time comes. She’ll have revenge on the Empire AND the other Sith for not accepting her as one of their own.

And Johnathan will help her from beyond the grave.

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