Swimming Sprints Does Not Translate

Swimming Sprints Does Not Translate

The purpose of this post is to explain why swimming sprints do not translate into HIIT workouts. There are many reasons why this may happen. These include:

1) You are doing too much work per set (too hard).

If you have been doing 10 reps with 50% of your max, then you will probably need at least 20 reps with 80% of your max for HIIT.

2) Your heart rate is too low.

Too much work per set can cause your heart rate to drop. For example if you are doing 5 x 100m, then your maximum heart rate would be around 150 beats/minute. If you start out with that number, it might take some time before your max was reached.

When you reach that point, you could easily get yourself into trouble because your HR will be lower than when you started out!

3) You are using the wrong exercise.

Most people use the same type of exercises for HIIT and swimming. They usually choose a fast movement like cycling or running instead of swimming. However, these types of movements require a higher heart rate than swimming, so they cannot be used effectively for HIIT workouts.

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4) You are doing too little work per set (not enough intensity).

This problem occurs when you do not perform enough work per set. If you do not do enough work per set then your heart rate will not reach the desired level.

The best type of exercises are resistance training or plyometrics. These types of exercises will allow you to reach the target zone in the shortest possible time.

When using swimming as a HIIT workout, here is how to do it:

Swimming is a great option for HIIT because you can easily use a lot of resistance. The swim stroke is composed of three main parts: The push, the pull, and the kick. You can easily work one part of the stroke while leaving the other parts alone.

For example you can work on your pull while maintaining the push and kick, or you can work on the kick while maintaining the push and pull.

The best way to improve your swim time is to train all aspects of the swim stroke equally. You can do this by using the following method:

1) Start with a 5-minute warm up of any kind.

This can be anything including just leisure swimming.

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2) After the warm up, select one of the three strokes and perform a set.

Each set should be composed of 50% endurance and 50% strength. Each set should also have a purpose. You should not just go in the pool and do some random exercise.

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