Tabata Training and the Myth of the 4-Minute Workout

Tabata: A New Fitness Trend?

The first time I heard about the new fitness trend called “tabatas” was from my friend, who is a personal trainer. She told me that she had been working with some clients and they were doing them at home. They are basically short workouts done in intervals of 5 minutes each. Then after completing all the intervals, you rest for five minutes before starting again.

My question was why would anyone want to do such a thing? I mean what’s the point?

Well, it turns out that these interval workouts have become very popular among people looking to lose weight or get in better shape. There are even websites devoted solely to tabata training! These workouts are designed so that you can complete them in just four minutes. Some people say that this is not enough time to burn fat but others claim that they burn up to 10% more calories than other exercises during their workout.

So What Is The Point Of Doing Tabata Workouts?

There are several theories on why people might want to do these workouts. One theory is that they may be able to burn more calories because of the shorter duration of the workout. Another reason could be due to the fact that they provide a great cardio workout without any weights involved. The short length of these workouts may also sound appealing to people that do not have a lot of time to exercise, but want to get in shape or lose weight.


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