Take Action: Speak Out Against Sexual Misconduct in Yoga

The following are some facts about Karen Rain. She was born in New Jersey and she graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in political science. Her parents were both immigrants from India. Her father died when she was young, but her mother raised her alone. She worked at various jobs including working as a waitress and then later as a secretary at the university library. After college, she went into teaching. She taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and math at two different elementary schools in Newark, NJ. In 1998, she became a full-time yoga instructor at the same school where she had previously been employed.

Karen Rain’s first book, “A Teacher’s Journey Through Yoga” was published in 2000. It contains a description of her own personal journey through yoga and how it affected her life. It was followed by another book called “Yoga in the Classroom”.

Both books contain many positive testimonials from students and teachers alike.

In 2002, she began teaching at the Yoga Alliance School of San Francisco. There she continued to teach ESL/math classes until 2004 when she moved to California State University Long Beach where she teaches English as a second language (ESL). She has also taught yoga since 2003 at several other locations around the country.

Karen Rain has written a number of other books on various subjects. They include “A Beginner’s Guide to Yoga”, “Quick IQ Boosters for Success in School”, and “Sheet Music: A Collection of Poems”.

She continues to teach in Long Beach and her classes are popular with college students. She is also known for her strict policies on student conduct. For example, she has a no-tolerance policy concerning cell phones in class.

If a student is caught using a cell phone, he or she is immediately asked to leave.

She is married and has no children. She lives alone and has a dog named Lucy.

In future articles we will examine some of the other big names in yoga history. We will also talk about some of the more prominent scandals in the world of yoga.

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