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Teddy Park is one of the most popular parks in the world. People come here from all over the world to enjoy its activities such as roller coaster rides, water slides, and amusement games. However, there are many other things that make this park unique. For example, it was built with the purpose of having a memorial for a girl named Jennie Lee. She died while she was still in high school. Her death shocked the nation and her name became synonymous with suicide among young people.

The park is called “teddy park” because it was originally designed to have a memorial for Jennie Lee. It’s also known as “teddy park” because her initials were T.K.

In fact, the park was originally named after a boy named Teddy Park. His mother wanted him to call it “teddy park,” but he didn’t want anyone else to use his last name so he changed it to Jennie Lee Park instead. It’s not clear what happened to his mom though; she may have committed suicide or she may even still be alive somewhere.

Han Ye-seul started her career as a model for makeup commercials. However, she never had any formal training in other fields such as acting. This is why she isn’t very good at it and most of her attempts have been considered to be seen as a failure by most people.

Teddy’s mother’s name is Han Ye-seul. She raised him all by herself after his father disappeared when he was still a baby. There are many rumors about why he disappeared, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

The rumor says it caused his mother to go insane and she tried to kill him. Ye-seul ran to the top of a mountain with a crying baby teddy in her arms. Due to exhaustion, she fell to her death. In some versions of the story, teddy plunges to his death with her.

In other versions, he miraculously survives.

The rumor says that his mother was very protective of him and wouldn’t let anyone else hold him. One day when she fell asleep, her house caught on fire. She grabbed teddy and ran out of the house, but she fell to her death in process.

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Teddy is known for being sad all the time. This rumor says that this is due to a dark past. Supposedly, his mother was a professional assassin and was hired to kill the president. She succeeded, but the police quickly tracked her down due to some sloppy work.

Before she could be arrested, she took her own life.

Han Ye-seul is a very famous person. She was one of the most famous models in Korea during her brief modeling career. She was very pretty and was often called the Korean version of Cindy Crawford.

The park also has a reputation for being haunted. There are rumors that people have seen ghosts there at night. Employee A says he saw a ghost in the locker room once. He was so scared that he quit his job.

Employee B says that’s not true because Employee A never worked at the park in the first place. In fact, he knows that Employee A is really Employee C who died while working at the park a long time ago.

The park only hires high school students as employees. It’s run by an older woman who lives in an apartment at the park. The apartment building is right next to the entrance to the kids’ area. She is very protective of the children that visit the park.

There have been rumors that she carries a pistol in her back pocket to scare away potential child molesters.

The Wacky Worm Coaster is the only ride at the park. It’s a short but exciting roller coaster for those who don’t like coasters that go upside down or are too bumpy. The park has an old-fashioned swing set with only two swings. There is also a spinning cup ride that looks like something you would find at a county fair.

The bumper cars are very small and slow.

You read the sign again. It’s definitely Wacky Worm Coaster. You feel a knot in your stomach just thinking about riding it. The line for the coaster looks longer than the ones for the other rides.

You spot another sign that shows people riding the coaster. It makes it look really fun, but also very scary.

If you go on the Wacky Worm Coaster, turn to page 12.

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You decide to pass on riding the coaster. Instead, you wait in line for the spinning cup ride. It’s not very long and you enjoy this ride a lot. There are even cups with little snacks in them.

The people who work there are very nice to you. You think maybe you should be a ride operator when you grow up!

After the ride, you head over to the swings. You pump your legs back and forth on one of them as high as you can. As you do this, you accidentally kick the swing next to you. It happens so fast that you don’t even see who the person is, but you manage to hit the person riding it in the head.

“Ow!” a voice cries out.

You look over and see a little girl with braids rubbing her forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you say. “

Did I hurt you?”

She shakes her head and looks away from you, but not before you notice that she has stopped swinging. Sensing this is a lost cause, you go back to pumping your legs as high as you can. A minute later, a woman comes over to the swings and calls to you.

“Excuse me.

Are you the one who hit my daughter in the head?”

she asks.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” you answer.

The woman helps her daughter off of the swing.

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Are you going to throw him out?”

the little girl asks.

“We’ll talk about it later,” she answers. “Come on, let’s go wash up for dinner.”

As they walk away, you see that the girl is holding her forehead. She bumps into another kid and looks as if she is going to cry.

“It was an accident,” you say.

The mother turns around and glares at you.

“You could have hurt her very badly,” she says. “And I do not appreciate you talking to my daughter.”

You want to explain that you thought she said something else, but the woman turns away from you. You pump your legs and release the tension of the day as best as you can.

“You’re still going to have to be punished for what you did,” the mother calls back to you.

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“That’s not fair,” you say, “You can’t punish me for something that was an accident.”

The woman doesn’t listen. She takes her daughter through the exit and out of the park. You are left alone on the swing. After sitting in it for a few minutes, you get off.

Now, you are too worried about being punished to enjoy the park. You walk over to the exit and see a sign that says:

You are not allowed in this area until the park employees say so.

Due to the accident that you were involved in, you are not allowed in Wacky World. You are very upset about this since you wanted to go on the rides and play some more games. Since you are banned from the park, you head home.

You arrive at the parking lot and find that your parents’ car is gone. You don’t remember if they said where they were going or not, but it looks as if you are alone in the house. You have some homework to do since school started a few days ago, but you can put that off until tomorrow.

You decide to go in through the garage and see if there is anything to eat. You know that your mom is a big believer in eating healthy food, but you feel that since you worked up a sweat at the park, you deserve a treat.

You go through the refrigerator and cabinet and gather some food, then go into the den to watch some TV for the rest of the night. You sit down on the comfortable couch and grab the remote off of the coffee table. You turn on the largest TV in the house and surf through the channels. Most of what’s on is shows that you’re not really interested in, except for the cartoon channel.

You stop on that and watch the latest adventures of Arthur and his friends.

Halfway through the episode, the doorbell rings. You get up to see who it is. Since your parents’ cars are gone, you assume that it is a salesperson. No one else would just come to the door without calling first.

You go to the door and look through the peephole. You see a woman in a police uniform. You open the door and she asks you where your parents are.

“They aren’t home,” you answer.

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Do you know when they will be back?”

the officer asks.

“I don’t know,” you reply.

You notice that another police car has pulled up behind the one at the curb. The officers get out and come into the house.

What’s going on?”

you ask.

“I’ll tell you what’s going on,” one of the officers says, “you were in an accident at Wacky World Park and we have to get your statement.”

You remember the incident at the park when you bumped into that little girl and feel sick. You know that you didn’t mean to do it, but you wonder if that will matter. The officers take you to the den and sit on either side of you. They begin to ask you questions about your accident at the park.

After you answer them, they hand you a piece of paper and a pen and tell you to draw the woman that you hit at the park.

“I don’t remember what she looked like,” you say, as you begin to draw a flower that’s on the paper.

You hand it back to them after you are finished. They look at it and shake their heads. The officers look very upset with you.

“We’ve been looking all over for you,” the officer says, “you’re very lucky that you weren’t at your house when the woman came home.

Do you know how worried she was when she couldn’t find her daughter?”

You look down and nod. The officer tells you to stand up and you do. He then grabs your hand and brings it over your head. He handcuffs you and tells you he’s taking you into custody for the kidnapping of Annabel King.


No! I didn’t kidnap anyone!” you protest.


Then where is she?”

he asks, “meet me at the back door.”

You walk into the kitchen and see that one of the officers from the front door is there. He stands up as you enter.

“You’re under arrest,” he says, “turn around.”

You turn around and feel cold metal as he handcuffs you.

The two officers lead you outside and put you in the back seat of their car. As they do this, your eyes search for anything that could help you out of this situation. You spot a phone booth a few yards away from the police car. A crazy idea comes into your head.

You begin to act very wobbly. You fall forward and smack your face on the ground. The two officers rush over to you and lift you up.

What’s wrong with him?”

one of them asks.

“He hit his head pretty hard,” you say, doing your best incoherent drunk impersonation, “please just get me to the phone.”

The two officers help you over to the phone booth and open the door for you.

“Thank you,” you say, as you stumble into the booth.

The door closes behind you and you wipe off your face with your sleeve. You look through the directory for the number to the police station. Once you find it, you sit down on the little seat and take a deep breath. Your heart is beating very fast.

You slowly count to ten and then call the number.

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