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The Batman series is one of the most popular comic book series ever created. There are many versions of Batman, but all of them share common traits: they have superpowers (in this case, superhuman strength), and they fight crime. They usually wear red clothing, and their main weapon is a batarang which allows them to fly at high speeds.

Batman’s superpower is called “super-hearing”. When he hears something, it causes him to react faster than normal. For example, if someone were trying to steal money from a bank vault, Batman would hear the alarm and run towards the vault before anyone else could.

If someone was attempting to kill him or other members of his team, Batman would probably not even notice it.

In the comics, Batman often uses his hearing to detect when criminals are nearby. However, there are times where he doesn’t use his powers very effectively. One of these cases is when he encounters Harvey Dent.

Dent is a former police officer who became a criminal himself after being fired from the force due to corruption charges. During one of their robberies, Dent accidentally shot and killed two bystanders during the robbery instead of robbing the bank properly. He felt guilty for what he did, and he was afraid to go back to prison. As a result, he hunted down Gotham’s most notorious criminals and killed them.

The problem with this is that the police protection for these criminals was poor, so they were usually defenseless against him. When Batman found out what was going on, he decided to hunt down and stop him instead. He managed to catch up to him, but he didn’t do anything about it.

He claims to have a plan, but that’s for the player to find out. When Harvey learns that Batman was aware of his activities, he flees the scene.

The sequel to this game takes place a few years later. During that time, Harvey had murdered several more criminals. The police were unable to stop him, so they hired a professional assassin to kill him instead.

She managed to find a way to drive him insane, and he lost control of his own actions. He blamed Batman for what happened, and he tried to kill him. He later escaped from police custody, killed the assassin, and became Gotham’s new crime lord. He also cut off half of his face to make it difficult for anyone to recognise him (and to make himself resemble a monster).

Batman was unable to do anything about him until he caught Black Mask (the new crime lord). He then managed to convince him that he needed to help fight a greater evil in Gotham, so they went after Harvey together. This is also the first time he worked with other superheroes.

Eventually, Harvey was defeated and killed. His Face Heel Turn story arc is considered to be one of the best in comic book history, and won several awards. It is also one of the most popular games in the Batman: Arkham series.

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Good Ending

Harvey didn’t flee the scene in fear. Instead, he stayed behind to fight Batman, and he was completely destroyed. He didn’t die, but he went into a coma, with no memory of who he was or what just happened to him.

When he woke up, all of his knowledge from before the fight was gone.

Batman took him to the GCPD, where the police managed to rehabilate him back to a normal life. He still had the skills he learned as a criminal, so he became an informant for the department. Harvey didn’t remember anything about his past (or even who he was), so he went with the name “Patient EE” and became one of the most important people in bringing down Gotham’s crime rings.

Even though he had his bad moments, Harvey is still considered a hero in Gotham’s history. It’s unknown what happened to him after his work with the GCPD, but it’s rumored that he was the inspiration for a couple of the masked vigilantes that worked during the No Man’s Land era.

Bad Ending

Gotham was in shambles, and Batman could’ve done more to prevent it. As he continued through his pursuit of Black Mask, the city was in complete anarchy. The other villains saw that Black Mask was vulnerable, and they started fighting over who would succeed him as the new crime lord of Gotham.

Alliances were made and broken within a span of a couple of days, and the death toll kept rising. The police were overwhelmed, and it took an army just to go into some parts of the city. The U.S.

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government sent help in the form of the National Guard, but they weren’t used to this type of environment, so their efforts weren’t helpful.

By the time Batman finally reached Black Mask, he was a shell of his former self. He locked himself away in his own mansion, and refused to come out (not that he could anyway). Bane had taken over Gotham’s underworld, and he wasn’t going to let anyone challenge his authority.

The villains themselves were fighting over the scraps, and Gotham was left in ruins. Bane ruled with an iron fist, and Batman’s presence was no longer welcome. He was forced to leave, and most of the criminals saw it as a sign of weakness.

Batman went into seclusion to reflect upon what he could’ve done differently. He couldn’t come up with much, so he decided to pass on his skills and experience onto others while he retires. He becomes a mentor of other vigilantes, hoping that they’ll do better than he did.

Even though he was successful in his mission to stop the mob, his failures were many. He couldn’t save Gotham, and some would argue that he made it worse. Batman died a broken man, with nothing to show for all of his hard work.

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