The 12 Week Boot Camp Prep Program

The 12 Week Boot Camp Prep Program is a boot camp program that was developed by the US Army. It is designed to train soldiers to become combat ready personnel. This boot camp program provides training in everything from marksmanship, first aid, physical fitness, weapons handling and much more.

Boot camp consists of four phases: Basic Training (BTT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT) and Officer Candidate School (OCS). During each phase, recruits are trained to meet specific requirements and learn new skills.

Each phase lasts approximately one year.

During BTT, recruits will undergo physical conditioning and basic soldiering training. They’ll also receive instruction in the use of firearms, how to perform various tasks in a combat environment such as dismounting or moving through tight spaces, basic medical procedures and other general soldierly knowledge.

During AIT, recruits will undergo advanced individual training (IOT) which includes classroom instruction, physical training and field exercises. IOT is intended to improve the overall ability of all soldiers.

Recruits are taught to operate vehicles, conduct patrols and carry out other duties in a combat situation.

At OCS, recruits will continue their education while learning how to lead troops in battle. They’ll also learn tactics and techniques for leading infantry squads into battle with precision and speed.

If a recruit successfully passes all of the training requirements, they will be assigned to an active duty unit. From there they will begin serving their country.


To enlist in the U.S.

The 12 Week Boot Camp Prep Program - from our website

Army, a person must:

Be a U.S.

citizen or resident alien.

Be at least 17 but not yet 42 years of age. (There are exceptions for enlisting into Military Intelligence.)

Pass a Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

Fulfill minimum weight requirements. (See below)

Fulfill minimum height requirements.

Have a high school diploma or a GED certificate.

Be available for free worldwide deployment.

The 12 Week Boot Camp Prep Program - GYM FIT WORKOUT

NOTE: Recruits must meet fitness and health requirements.

The U.S.

Army has weight and fitness requirements that you must meet. You are required to be able to reach at least 45 inches when stretching your arm out or in a standing position be able to touch your toes. The waist circumference must be at least 35 inches for males and 30 inches for females.

You must reach a minimum push up of at least 43 in a minute, and a minimum of 70 sit ups in a minute. You must also run 1.5 miles within 11 minutes 30 seconds.

The U.S.

Army has minimum vision requirements as well. You must be able to read the bottom row of numbers on standard eye chart, within normal color perception and without corrective lenses.

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