The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil

The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil was held from May 11th – June 3rd in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This year’s event featured a total of 7 events with over $1 million in prize money up for grabs. With such a large field, it would have been impossible to cover all the action in one day. Instead, we’ve broken down our coverage into three parts: Part One will focus on the Open division which includes athletes competing under the name “CrossFit” or “Fitness”. Part Two will cover the Masters division which features athletes competing under the name “World Class” or “Elite.” Finally, we’ll finish off with our coverage of the Women’s Division.

For those unfamiliar with the term CrossFit, here are some definitions provided by Wikipedia:

A fitness program developed by Greg Glassman (a former competitive bodybuilder) and Mike Bickle (an ex-bodybuilding coach).

The first CrossFit competition took place in 2007. Since then, it has grown rapidly and now boasts hundreds of affiliates worldwide. Its popularity is largely due to its emphasis on functional movements rather than strength training. Competitors use a variety of exercises, including gymnastics moves, calisthenics moves, martial arts moves and much more.

Many competitors train using free weights as well as machines and other equipment. CrossFit has been credited with promoting the idea of fitness as a lifestyle instead of a quick fix.


Now that you have a basic understanding of what CrossFit is all about, let’s move on to our coverage of The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil. The first thing you’ll notice is a list of athletes competing for top honors in each division. For the Open division, you will see a list of male and female athletes arranged by their region. The regions are: Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, Central East, Canada East, West, and Latin America.

Each of these regions contains anywhere between one and three athletes (depending on available registrants).

The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil - gym fit workout

You’ll notice that there are some divisions which contain only one athlete. This is because we had fewer registered competitors from that region. However, we’ve done our best to break up these divisions so that the remaining athletes won’t have an unfair advantage over one another. In addition, we’ll be using a weighted lottery system to decide the final standings of these one-on-one match-ups.

The athletes in these one-on-one match-ups will be competing for top honors in their respective division.


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The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil - GYM FIT WORKOUT

We will be providing live coverage for all of the events at The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil . This page will automatically update every time an event gets started and will remain open for the entire duration of each event.


If you want to skip the live updates and just check out the final results of each event, this is the page you’ll want to visit. We’ve gone through and collected all of the final results from each of the events and display them in a easy-to-read style on this page. We also feature a great search function which allows you to search each result by year, athlete or even region.


The last of our core links is our blog, which features articles written by our staff about each CrossFitter, event and other facts surrounding The 2012 CrossFit Games Brazil.


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That’s all for now, but check back soon for more news and previews regarding The 2012 CrossFit Games!

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