The 2015 Frannies: The Worst in the Sport of CrossFit

The 2015 Frannies: The Worst in the Sport of CrossFit

By Ben Bergeron

I have been a professional athlete my whole life. I played football at the University of Washington, where I was a two-time All Pac-10 selection (and won a national championship).

After college, I spent five years playing professionally overseas in Europe before returning home to play for the Seattle Seahawks from 2010–2014. During my time with the team, I had the honor of being named to three Pro Bowl teams and winning a Super Bowl ring in 2014. My NFL career ended when I tore my ACL during pregame warmups prior to our playoff game against Denver. Since then, I’ve worked hard to get back into shape and am excited for this new challenge with CrossFit.

After my injury, I decided to pursue a degree in Exercise Science at the University of Washington. However, after graduating, I realized that there were no jobs available in the field of exercise science so I went back to work full time as a physical therapist.

I also wanted to stay active in the physical fitness world and I thought CrossFit was a good way to do that.

I’ve been involved with CrossFit for about seven years, ever since it first started to gain popularity in the United States. Whenever I tell people I’m a CrossFitter and a physical therapist, they assume that I must treat a lot of CrossFit athletes due to my intimate knowledge of the sport (and their impression that it is a very dangerous activity).

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