The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them

The 3 Elements of Training:

1) Technique – How you perform your movements; how you hold your body during the movement, what type of grip you use, how much weight you lift etc. 2)

Coaching – What kind of coaching techniques are used? Do they emphasize strength or speed? Are there any special exercises to improve technique? Is it all based on repetition and sets/reps? 3) Nutrition – What kinds of foods do you eat? How often do you have meals? When does your diet consist of only one meal per day?

How to Order Them:

1. Strength Training (Strength training is the most important aspect of training.


2. Speed Training (Speed training improves your performance in all aspects such as speed, endurance, agility, balance and coordination.


3. Endurance Training (Endurance training helps you recover from hard workouts faster.


4. Agility Training (Agility training improves your ability to move quickly and accurately while running, jumping, swimming and other sports.


The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - gym fit workout

5. Balance Training (Balance training improves your ability to control your body’s position when walking, standing still or moving around.

It also improves your ability to maintain your body’s position when lying down, sitting or during a fall.)

6. Coordination Training (Coordination training improves hand-foot-eye coordination and agility.

It also helps you to learn new physical skills at a faster rate and gain more control of your body.

There are many different types of training that can be chosen to help improve your skills in all these areas. They can be broken up into two main categories, general and specific. General training prepares you for any physical activity and specific training helps you to improve on a certain task or sport.

The next step in planning your training is to have an understanding of the importance of the 3 main elements of training. These are technique, coaching and nutrition.


This refers to the form of your body’s movements. For example, proper running form is different than proper swimming form. Good technique is an important part of preventing injury and can actually help you go longer in a competition by not wearing your body out as fast.

The importance of technique training is often overlooked by many people who think that if they work hard, they’ll see results.

What many people don’t know is that you can work “too hard” and actually “overdo” a workout. You might start to get tired after only a few minutes of exercise because your technique isn’t as good as it could be. With good technique you can work much harder than you normally would before you “hit the wall” so to speak.

You should work on your technique FIRST in every training session. This is because you want to make sure that you don’t do any extra damage to your body by doing the exercises or movements with bad form.

After you’ve gotten the proper form down, THEN you can push yourself as hard as you can.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

Where many people go wrong is that they want results right away and they end up overdoing their workouts because their form is bad.

Working on your technique should ALWAYS come first so that you can get the most out of every single session.

You may be asking yourself, “What if I don’t know proper technique?”

Don’t worry, this is where a good coach comes in. A good coach will not only tell you proper form, but they should also be there to make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly.

To find a good coach look for one that is certified by either the accredited sports governing body in your country or by a nationally recognized organisation.

If your country doesn’t have either of these organisations, look for one that has a list of members with at least a bachelor’s degree in exercise science or a related area.

Don’t select a coach who has no formal education or someone who has a “winged it” through life.

A good coach doesn’t just give you information, he or she should be able to answer any questions that you may have about anything related to fitness or training and most importantly they should LISTEN and watch you during your sessions.

Going back to technique, make sure you find one that is suited to what you want to achieve.

Here are some common types of technique:

Power: Develops explosive strength and power. Needed in sports such as sprinting, jumping, football, rugby, martial arts etc.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - | Gym Fit Workout

Endurance: Develops the ability to perform at a consistent pace. Needed in sports such as long distance running, cycling, rowing etc.

Strength: Develops muscular strength. Needed in sports that involve a lot of weight lifting or throwing an object.

Size: Develops muscular size. Needed in sports that involve a lot of contact and the ability to physically dominate an opponent.

Specific: Develops a specific physical trait more than any of the above. Not as common as the rest but still used in some instances.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in a coach, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of coaching techniques.

Word of Warning: Don’t fall for a “fast quick easy way to fitness without breaking a sweat” scheme. Many companies and people will try to sell you the idea that they have a special method of training that is better than all the rest.

Most of the time this isn’t true. No magic technique is going to do everything for you. Even with the best training techniques it still takes hard work and dedication on your part.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the more common types of techniques:

Constant Tempo Training:

A fairly common technique and one you’ve probably heard of. This involves doing an exercise at a constant speed or heartbeat. The theory is that if you do it at a constant speed/pace then that will really improve your stamina.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

You may have also heard of interval training where you do a set at a certain speed/pace then take a break then do it again etc.

While both of these techniques can be effective, they’re much more suited to sports that involve short explosive bursts of energy such as sprinting or for sports that require a lot of changing in speed such as football.

They’re not as effective for endurance sports such as long distance running or swimming.

Aerobic Training:

This is the most common technique used by personal trainers in gyms. It involves doing exercises that don’t cause your muscles to get too much of a rest or cause them to fatigue quickly.

Some examples include step machines, bicycles, rowing machines, etc. They all involve movements that don’t require a lot of strength or power but instead rely on consistent movement and extended time in an activity.

This type of training is designed to improve your endurance, the longer you can do the activity the fitter you become. It’s perfect for sports such as long-distance running, swimming, etc.

Isolation Training:

This is the exact opposite of aerobics and involves doing exercises that rest only a handful of muscles instead of your whole body like in aerobics.

This means that instead of using a machine that moves your whole body you’ll be using an exercise that only moves a single muscle or a small group of muscles.

Some examples include dumbbell curls (only works biceps), leg extensions (only works your quads), etc. These types of exercises are usually favoured by bodybuilders as they help to build up and tone particular muscles.

These types of exercises are only effective if they’re done at a very high intensity, anything less than that and they’re pretty useless for building up stamina.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - | Gym Fit Workout

Resistance Training:

This involves using an external weight to help increase the stress placed on your muscles. It’s been proven to be the most effective form of exercise and has also been proven to extend your life, reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

Specific sports require specific types of resistance training. If you’re a footballer then doing repeated bench presses will do very little for your performance on the field. If you’re a weightlifter then doing activities such as sprinting may not increase your strength as much as lifting heavy weights would.

Resistance training is quite complex and there are many different theories and techniques to it, if you want to learn more about it then you can find out more online or at your local library.

All of these different types of exercise have their own pros and cons, you may find that one type is more suitable for you than others. There’s no ‘best’ type of training, just the best type for YOU.

Your goal should always be to find a routine that works for you and that you enjoy so that you can maintain your form without suffering from boredom or discomfort. Always consult a physician before beginning any type of exercise.

You’ve made a start on your new life, now it’s time to get out there and live it!

NOTE: The next chapter of the story will be a changing point in more ways than one for your character. Depending on your choices, your path may fork in several directions and you may even end up going down paths that can’t be travelled again. Be sure to make all your choices carefully.

NOTE: This chapter contains scenes of suicide, please be careful if you have a history of dealing with depression or any other mental illness.

“Wake up.”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - gym fit workout

You hear a voice calling you from the darkness, slowly coming back into consciousness.

Where am I?

You think to yourself, struggling to open your eyes and make sense of the situation. You don’t recognise the room you’re in at all, in fact it doesn’t even look like anywhere you’ve ever seen before.

“Please, just wake up for a moment.” The voice calls out again.

Your eyes begin to open and you see that you’re lying in a bed, but it isn’t your own. Across the room you see a familiar looking woman dressed entirely in black. It’s Eliza!

“You need to wake up now.” She says, her voice sounding panicked.

You try to get up, but find that your body is restrained. Your arms and legs are tied to the bed you’re lying in, leaving you completely incapable of moving.

“Hey, stop fighting it.” Eliza says, coming over to you. “If you keep struggling, you’ll only make it tighter.”

You turn your head side to side, trying to see what’s keeping your arms and legs bound. It’s then that you see the clear straps around your limbs.

What the hell’s going on?”

You ask, struggling to break free again.

“You’re dreaming.” Eliza explains. “I’ve brought you here so we can have a talk.”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Picture

“This is some sort of sick joke.” You say.

“It’s no joke, you have to believe me.” She assures you, her voice desperate sounding. “You can’t stay here, you have to wake up now.”

Why are you doing this?”

You ask, furrowing your brow.

“I had to, they said I had to do this or they’d kill me. They’re outside waiting for you to wake up right now, it’s the only way I could convince them to spare my life.” She explains.

You try to keep calm and think rationally about the situation.

Who are they?”

You ask.

“They’re the ones who rule this city.” Eliza replies. “Now please, you have to wake up right now, just grab onto my hand and think about waking up.”

Still trying to keep your cool, you reach your arm out as far as you can towards Eliza.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

“I’m not doing anything until you tell me what the hell is going on.” You demand.

“There’s no time!” She says. “They’re going to kill us both if you don’t wake up.

I had no choice, I had no choice!”

Eliza sounds genuinely afraid, and you can hear the desperation in her voice. Against your better judgement you decide to trust her.

“Alright, alright.” You say, reaching out for her hand.

She grabs yours and stares into your eyes.

“Think about waking up.” She instructs.

You close your eyes and try to wake up, hoping this works.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - at GYMFITWORKOUT

It does. You rapidly open your eyes and sit up, finding that you’re back in your room. You’re laying in your bed, with the late morning light beaming in from the window.

You blink a few times and take a deep breath, feeling a wave of relief wash over you when you find that you’re back in the real world.

What the hell was that?”

You ask aloud, still shaken after your experience. “

And why does my throat hurt?”

You reach your hand up to your throat and feel that it’s quite sore. In fact, your face is sore too, you must’ve strained yourself during your nightmare. That would explain the bizarre dream you had.

“That… was something else.” You say with a sigh of relief.

You hear a gentle knock on your door.

Honey, are you alright?”

Your mother asks through the door.

“I’m fine mom, I’m fine.” You reply, standing up and walking over to the door.

When you open it, you find her standing there in shirt and tie, holding a plate of pancakes.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

“Well honey, I figured since you didn’t eat breakfast this morning, I’d make you a little snack before you head off to school.” She smiles.

“Thanks mom.” You say, taking the plate from her and sitting down at the kitchen table.

Do you feel okay honey?”

She asks, with genuine concern in her voice. “You don’t usually come home and sleep in or skip breakfast.”

“I’m fine mom, I just… had a lot on my mind yesterday, that’s all.”

Your mom kisses you on the forehead before walking off to work. As soon as she’s left, you grab your cell phone and call Eliza. She answers after only one ring.


“Eliza, hey its-“

“No names!” She states firmly. “

Are you nuts?

The first rule of the internet, don’t use your real name.”

“Okay… but I didn’t use my real name when we first met either.” You point out.

“That’s different, that was for a short period of time, and we were in a game.”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

Whatever, do you know what happened yesterday?”

“I might have an idea.”

Well what the hell was all that?”

I told you, it was to create drama and a story arc, don’t you like the story?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t really thought about it like that.

Are you being serious right now, or are you joking?”

“Neither. Now come on, we’re running late!”

She cuts off the call, leaving you confused once again. You scarf down your pancakes as fast as you can and head out the door.

The school day is as boring as usual. You do your best to try to focus in class, but your mind keeps wandering back to Eliza and her game. At first, when you thought it was all real, it was exciting.

But now, you’re not so sure. You have to talk to her after school.

As soon as the final bell rings, you head straight for the computer lab. She’s already there, waiting for you.

“You’re here early.” You note.

“I figured we could both pass the time by playing one of the games I downloaded while we waited for you to arrive.” She says, not turning away from the computer.

“That’s not why I’m here.”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - | Gym Fit Workout

Well why are you here then?”

“We need to talk about what’s been going on.”

Eliza apprehensively faces you, and stares at you with a look of fear in her eyes.

“I thought you’d be happier. I thought you’d enjoy this game.”

“I’m not sure if this is a game or not.”

“Yes it is, you’re contracted to play my game, and we’re having fun doing it!

Why can’t you just enjoy yourself?”

“Because it’s weird… and it’s not fun. It’s scary.”

“What are you talking about, it isn’t scary at all!” Eliza stammers.

You’re telling me that I got run off the road by an 18-wheeler, and all you can say is that it isn’t scary?

In the real world that would be scary as hell!”

“That wasn’t real! It was just part of the game!”

“But I couldn’t control what was happening! Had I really been run off the road, I would have been crushed! You can’t tell me that wouldn’t be scary in the real world.”

“Oh… yeah, I guess that would be pretty scary,” Eliza says, pausing for a moment.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - from our website

“Still though, it isn’t real, and you should just enjoy the ride.”

“I can’t enjoy the ride if I don’t know where its going or when it will stop.”

“It’ll stop when you marry me.”

Can you slow down for a moment? Why do you keep saying we’re getting married?”

“We are getting married, that’s the whole point of the game.”

“I thought the point of the game was to have fun.”

“It is, but getting married is fun!”

“For you maybe…” You mutter.

“Hey, if you’re so against getting married, then you could always not pick me, and the game would be over, as simple as that.” Eliza says, putting her fists on her hips.

“Of course, there has to be a catch.

So, if I don’t pick you, then the game ends?”

“That’s right.”

And that’s it? The game would be over and that’d be it?


The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - at GYMFITWORKOUT

And I can go home?”

“Well, I mean we would still be friends… unless you don’t want to be, but we could still talk over the phone and see each other at school.”

So there’d be no more stalking, no more scares, nothing like that?”

“Absolutely not! I’d never do that, I promise.”

Eliza seems entirely too calm now. She’s lying about something, that much you know. But you’re so desperate to get out of this, that you’re willing to test her.

“Okay, fine. If you can guarantee that all of the scary stuff will stop, and we’ll just be friends from here on out, then I’ll pick you.”

“Of course we’ll just be friends!

Besides, who else would you marry?

You barely know anyone else at school!”

If I pick you, will all of the scary stuff stop right now?”

“Yes, of course it will!

Now who else would you like to marry?

I know you don’t know many girls in our class…” Eliza says, her voice taking on a more sing-song quality.

You start running through the list of girls you do know in your head, prioritizing them based on which one you’d least like to marry.

Kari… no, she’s three years old, that would be gross.

Annie… no, she’s too old, Kari’s still a kid. Ms. Bowmen… no, that’d just be weird. Jane… no, ditto.

After some consideration, you finally decide.

“I pick…” You begin to say, before you’re rudely interrupted by the sound of a car engine revving in the distance.

You turn to look, and see a car tearing out of the woods on the side of the road, speeding straight towards the bus.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - gym fit workout

For a moment, you just stare at it in shock. This isn’t happening…

this isn’t happening…

But it is.

The car slams into the side of the bus, metal crumpling and glass shattering as the vehicle is sent rolling along the highway.

The last thing you hear is the giggling of a little girl as darkness takes you.

One of your classmates screams as you jolt awake.

You’re lying on the floor of the bus, surrounded by the other students. All of you were knocked off your seats and to the floor when the car rammed into the side of the bus. Luckily, none of you seem to be hurt too badly, though there’s some moaning and groaning going on.

“What… what just happened?” Lucy mutters, picking herself up off the floor of the bus.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - GymFitWorkout

“I think we were in an accident.” You reply.

You eyes scan the bus, taking in the sight of your classmates. Jacob is picking himself up off the floor with a groan. Christina looks around nervously, making sure everyone’s alright.

Mason grumbles as he picks himself up, before finding his glasses and putting them back on his face. Finally, you see Eliza laying against the wall of the bus, looking rather shaken by the experience.

Are you okay?”

You ask, walking over to her.

“Yes… I think so.” Eliza says, picking herself up.

You notice that the driver’s seat of the bus is empty, and look around for him. He’s lying on the floor of the bus, bleeding from his head. It looks like he hit it pretty hard against the steering wheel when the car hit the bus.

“Is the driver o…?” Jacob asks, walking over to him.

“The driver’s dead.” Mason says.

Jacob and Mason both head over to the still body.

“We need to get out of here.” Lucy says.

“I… I can’t leave him here.” Eliza says, staring at the body.

“Do… do you think we could take him with us?”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Image

Are you kidding me?”

Mason asks.

“No! I’m serious! We can’t just leave him here to be eaten by scavengers!” Eliza says.

“She has a point.” Jacob said. “We need to get him out of here before…”

Jacob is interrupted as the hearse that hit the bus drives back onto the road and stops in front of it, blocking it off from traffic. A man in a black suit and tie gets out of the driver’s seat, while the old woman whom you saw earlier gets out of the passenger’s seat. The hearse driver heads to the back of the hearse, pulling out a shotgun from behind his seat and loading it.

The old woman, on the other hand, just stands in front of the bus, staring at you with a creepy smile.

“Well, looks like you kids got yourself into a bit of trouble.” The old woman says. “You kids get off that bus through the back.

One wrong move, and I’ll have Mr. Demar here blow your heads off.”

You and your friends look at each other, before getting off the bus.

What did you do to the driver?”

Jacob asks.

“Killed him, of course.” The old woman answers. “

The dumb slob looked at me funny, so I figured I’d give him a sense of humor, you know?

I slit his throat and pushed him out the window.”

“You… you killed the driver?” Eliza asks.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - from our website

“Sure did, cutie.” The old woman says, licking her lips. “He’s the third one this week.

The more dead bodies you have, the less people ask questions. And with a busload of kids, there’ll be even less of them that will ask questions.”

You and your friends are lead into the woods by Mr. Demar and the old woman. Jacob is still in shock by what happened.

It’s like he isn’t there at all. Perhaps the shock will wear off eventually… you can only hope.

So, why have you taken our friends?”

Mason asks, as you and your friends are lead into the woods at gunpoint.

“We’ve been taking people for a long time now. You kids would be the latest catch. We use you kids for a blood sacrifice.” The woman says.


Lucy asks. “You can’t seriously believe that still works in this day and age. The whole idea of a blood sacrifice is that…”

“SILENCE!” Mr. Demar says, aiming his shotgun at Lucy.

“You talk when you’re told to, missy. I don’t think you realize the situation you and your friends are in.”

Lucy shuts up, as the old woman continues.

“You see, kids, a long time ago, there were these things called video games. People used to play them a lot. Then one day, some smart people got together and said “hey, let’s use video games for something good.” They created something called edutainment, a combination of education and entertainment.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - Picture

It was a huge success, and it brought joy to millions of people. Then some stupid people got together and said “hey, let’s make violent video games and claim they’re just as good as edutainment.” Thanks to these stupid people, the video game industry crashed. It was because of them that we had a blood sacrifice, and it was because of them that I got so fat.” The old woman points at her huge gut. “So you’re going to fix everything wrong with the world. You’re going to be the new edutainment.”

The group stops at a small cliff overlooking a dried up river bed.

“Alright, kids. Off the bus, and over the edge. Just make sure you all do it at the same time.

I don’t want one falling and delaying the rest.”

You and your friends look at each other, before turning to Mr. Demar.

“You can’t seriously be intending on making us jump.” Fay says.

“Oh, wouldn’t dream of it. If you kids jumped, you might get hurt. I might even get hurt if you jump.

There’s no way we’re going to take that risk. You’re going to have to jump off on your own.”

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - gym fit workout

“Let me get this straight.

You intend on making seven children jump off a cliff, and if we don’t, you’ll shoot us?”

Ken says.

“That’s about the size of it.” Mr Demar says with a laugh.

“I don’t want to jump off a cliff!” Cecilia says, breaking down into tears.

“Neither do I!” Jacob says, also starting to cry.

“I don’t want to die!” Lucy screams, falling to the ground and starting to rant random words as if in some sort of confused mantra.

“Please… please…

I don’t want to d… die…”

Jacob’s breakdowns turns into full-blown panic attacks. It isn’t long before you and your friends are also crying your eyes out. Mr.

Demar grabs Fay by the scruff of her neck and lifts her up to his face.

“Stop crying, or I’ll do what the old man who owned you couldn’t and cut that tongue out of your mouth.”

Fay stops crying immediately. She stares at Mr. Demar with a look of pure hatred in her eyes.

Mr. Demar throws her back into the floor of the bus.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - GymFitWorkout

“I can see in your eyes that you’ll obey, little doggie.”

Mr. Demar walks over to the edge of the cliff, next to the dried up river. He points down to it.

“You jump off that cliff, and roll down into the river bed. Then, you follow the markers to the extraction zone, and walk over to the helicopter. There’s going to be someone in there waiting for you, and they’re going to take you to a better place.”

Mr. Demar turns around to face you.

Got it?”

You and your friends nod.

“Good. Off the cliff you go, then.”

There’s a moment of silence between you and your friends as you all just look at each other. Then, everyone collectively lets out a scream, and pushes someone else in. The person who is pushed is forced off the cliff, and they roll down into the river bed below.

As you’re jumping, Mason grabs your hand.

“Jacob, my friend. We’ll meet again.” He says.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - at GYMFITWORKOUT

“Yeah. I’m sure we will, Mason.” You say back.

Mason smiles at you, before you push him off the cliff and into the river bed below. You jump off after him, rolling down and falling into the dried up mud below. You get up, and walk over to the river bed.

You look to see where the others are. Everyone else seems to have made it, and are slowly crawling their way to the river bed. You do likewise, and finally make it to that muddy area.

You start following the markers to the extraction zone. You walk slowly, as the mud is making you sink down in it, with each step you take. After a few minutes of walking, gunshots go off behind you.

You turn around, to see Mason stumbling and running at the same time, before he goes down, a bullet through his chest. You turn back around, and keep on walking.

“Keep it together, Jacob. Don’t let them get to you.” You mutter to yourself.

You finally get out of the mud, and onto solid ground once again. You walk along, as the gunshots start up once again. This time, the bullets are seemingly coming from ahead of you.

Fay goes down, a bullet in her head. Drake turns around and starts to go back towards the buses, but is shot in the neck, and falls down into the mud. Eliza starts to cry, before she’s shot in the back.

Becca starts running forward towards the extraction zone. She makes it about ten feet before she’s shot in the back, and falls face first into the mud.

Now it’s just you. All you can do is keep walking forward towards what you hope is safety. You see the helicopter waiting ahead of you, and walk towards it as fast as you can.

The 3 Elements of Training and How to Order Them - GYM FIT WORKOUT

As you get closer, a man comes out to greet you. He’s tall and quite scary looking. He has many tattoos on his arms and neck.

“Hello, Jacob. My name’s Frank. I’m going to be your pilot today.” He extends his hand, which you shake slightly nervously.

He smiles warmly at you, and waves towards the helicopter. “Come on, we don’t have much time. The Company knows you’re here, and they’ll do everything they can to stop you from getting out.”

You look behind you, and see several men approaching with guns.

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