The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Program

Squats are one of the best exercises for building muscle mass and strength. They build lean body mass which will improve your health and make you look better than before.

You need to do squats regularly because they work your whole body, not just legs or abs. If you don’t do them regularly, it may cause injury or even prevent you from getting enough sleep!

You can do squats with dumbbells, barbells, machines or free weights. There are many variations of squats like box jumps, step ups, lunges etc.

You can also do them while lying down or standing up. But most importantly you need to train your back! Your back muscles are very important for preventing injuries and keeping good posture when doing any type of exercise.

If you want to get stronger and have bigger arms then you must start training your back now!

Here’s how to do squats properly:

1) Choose a weight that allows you to perform all the reps without pain.

For example if you choose a weight that is too light, then you won’t be able to complete all the reps. Also keep in mind that heavy squats will hurt your knees and ankles so choose something easy for those parts.

2) Do not rest between sets.

Once you complete the set, immediately start with next set. Sprints and heavy lifts require high intensity so you need to limit the rest time as much as possible.

3) Try to increase the weight after each week.

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If you feel good then try to increase the weight after each workout. Make sure to warm up first before doing any heavy lifts.

This is a very intense 4 week squat program, which will help you achieve better results than regular workouts. There are many other squat programs but this one will help you achieve your goals in the least time possible.

Most people don’t take advantage of the full power of free Weights because most gym members are just using dumbbells and barbells for their workouts. But free weights can really build bigger and stronger muscles.

You can do almost any type of lift using a barbell or dumbbells, but you can’t beat the versatility and flexibility of free weights.

There are many types of lifts that will improve your overall strength and help you achieve your goals in the fastest time possible. Here are just some of them:

1) Deadlifts – You can easily adjust the weight from light to heavy.

It also works your core like no other lift.

2) Barbell Rows – This is a great back exercise and you can adjust the weight like Deadlifts.

3) Pull Ups – You can easily adjust the weight with different grips.

Great for your biceps, back and forearms.

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine - Image

4) Dips – These are great for building bigger shoulders.

You can also do them between chairs to work your triceps.

5) Push Ups – A classic body weight exercise.

You can increase the difficulty using various forms.

6) Dumbbell Swings – Great for building explosive power in your hips and back.

7) Step Ups – These are great for building your quadriceps and calves.

8) Box Jumps – These are great for building explosive power and they also work your core to a lesser degree.

9) Pullovers – These are great for stretching your lats.

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine - GYM FIT WORKOUT

10) Barbell or Dumbbell Side Bends – These will help improve your core strength and improve your posture.

Here’s the workout!

Perform each exercise for 2 minutes, with a 1 minute rest between each exercise. Complete the entire cycle one time and then rest for at least 3 minutes before repeating the whole cycle again.

Try increasing the weight on each lift once you feel comfortable. bare in mind that rest is just as important as any other part of this workout. If you find yourself losing strength, then stop and take the remainder of the week off.

If you’re a beginner, then use weights that are comfortable for you. If you feel that you can increase the weight and still maintain proper form, then do so.

Also remember to increase the amount of sets and reps after each week. Good luck!

Cathe Friedrich – Success! Series: Cardio Sculpt (2011)

This is a collection of three different workouts. The first is a forty minute low impact aerobics routine.

It features a fast pace and includes various step combinations with some light ankle weights.The second is a twenty three minute low impact floor aerobics routine. It too has a fast pace but only uses the step a few times with no ankle weights.The third is a twenty six minute all standing floor cardio routine that has a fast pace to it. None of these workouts are difficult; I’ve done harder videos on the intermediate level. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not easy, but they’re not hard either. That’s not to say that advanced exercisers won’t find them challenging, though. This is a very solid intermediate release with three good workouts. There are no chapters; you just choose which workout you want to do. I think the best thing about this video is the music. It always fits the routine and gets you motivated so much that you don’t notice how hard you’re working! It’s too bad that it doesn’t have more workouts, but the quality of the ones that are here more than makes up for it!

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine - | Gym Fit Workout

Instructor Comments:

I don’t have much experience with Cathe as I only have this and the 6 Week Fat Loss Express. She reminds me of a taller Keira from FIRM.

Her form is good but she talks way too much during her routines. She reminds me more of an aerobics instruct than Callan.

Jennifer Harnett

This is a 2- tape set, with an introduction and a preview of Cathe’s new fitness club. The instructor is Cathe herself.

She shows you the exact routine she follows, in her own home! She has two little poodles (very cute) that make appearences throughout the video. The entire video is shot “in your house” with all the gear and equipment visible. The music is good and not too loud.

The first tape shows you how to use all of the equipment, for example, how to use the treadmill and the seat that attaches to it (used in the Step-Aerobics section). You also get a tour of her home gym and home sauna!

The second tape shows three different routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home. For best results, you should do each seperate routine once a day for a week.

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine - | Gym Fit Workout

After one week of doing this routine you will have become aquainted with all the excercises and know how to use the equipment properly. You will then be able to combine different routines and vary your workouts to suit your needs and desires! The routines are:

Routine #1: Step-Aerobics- This 40 minute routine is done right on Cathe’s step. She uses 3 lb.

weights throughought the entire routine (no more , no less). She basically puts together a routine, starting with warm up and ending with a cool down. She curruntly uses this routine 3-4 times a week, for a total of 1 hour a day. ( she says that her body is very used to it, and it shows!).

Routine #2: Low-Impact Aerobics- This 20 minute routine is done on the floor using only yourself (and 1 lb. weights if desired).

Cathe says that this type of routine is good for people who have joint or bone problems, or people who just want to start out slow. She does a warm up, and then the 20 minute routine.

Routine #3: Strength Training- This section is 35 minutes long. Cathe uses 3 lb.

Weights throughought most of the routine. There is also a section where she uses no weights at all. The routine starts out with a warm up and ends with a cool down. Cathe says that she does this routine 3-4 times a week for 35 minutes to an hour each time.

This tape is great if you want to set up your home gym, or just get in a good workout at home. If you can afford it, I suggest that you buy the VHS set because it is way cheaper than buying the tapes separately!

Gabriella Vicente

I have this tape and thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

I think Cathe is a great instructor and has a wonderful personality. She knows her stuff and is very motivating.

The 4-Week Real Strength Squat Routine - from our website

These are just a few of the reasons why I really like this tape. What I didn’t like was that I got bored doing the same thing over and over again week after week. I really didn’t notice any changes in my body either, but then again I didn’t stick with it long enough.

Basically, you start out with a 5 minute warm-up, then move on to step training for 40 minutes, then do floor aerobics for 20 minutes. You repeat this 3 times and then do a 5 minute cool down.

After the first week you increase your weights and after the second week you do the “new” routine. The “new” routine is basically the same as the first one you did, but the warm-up is different and you do a different floor aerobics routine.

If you like Cathe’s other tapes and aren’t looking for anything new or different this tape would probably suit you just fine. If you’re like me and are bored with it after a month, you’d be better off putting your money towards something else.

Instructor Comments:

I really like her enthusiasm and spirit.

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