The 5 Most Important Words for Succeeding in Fitness

The 5 Most Important Words for Success in Fitness:

Inspiration, Inspirational, Motivation, Empowerment, or Success?

In any case, it’s not only the words that make a person successful but also their actions. If you want to succeed in life then you need to use these five words. You can’t just say them out loud because they are powerful words that will change your life forever! They are the most important words for success in fitness. So let’s learn more about them.

What Are These Five Words For Success in Fitness?

These five words are very common words used in all walks of life. They have been around since ancient times. There are many meanings behind each one of these words. Let’s see what they mean and how they relate to fitness.

1. Inspiration – When someone inspires you with something good or positive, it means that they are inspiring you to do well in some way.

This is a great thing when done right. However, if the inspiration is negative then it could cause problems later on in life.

You might feel like giving up or even feeling depressed because of this situation. So always remember to keep your inspiration positive and positive things will come your way from time to time!

2. Inspirational – This word is like the noun form of the word ‘inspire’.

Something that is inspirational is something that can be seen as great, amazing, or even incredible at times. You might see a person do something special and immediately think to yourself that what they did was inspirational.

For example, you might see a child get out of poverty and become a doctor thanks to the help of their parents. You might also see an Olympic athlete win a gold medal against all odds. These are both inspirational things to do and people.

3. Motivation – The word motivation means to give someone a reason to do something.

You might motivate someone because you have asked them to do something for you. This can be helpful if you want someone to do something that you either cannot, or do not want to do yourself.

There are many types of motivation, but the most common one is positive motivation. This helps to keep people active and working hard towards their goals in life.

The 5 Most Important Words for Succeeding in Fitness - gym fit workout

4. Empowerment – This word means to give someone more power.

If you feel that someone has the ability to do something, but they lack the confidence or strength to do it then you might empower them. This can be done through examples of your own life or through direct orders.

For example, you might tell a shy and reserved person to be confident when ordering at a restaurant. This might help them to accomplish their goal of getting a good job in the future.

5. Success – Everyone wants to be successful in life, but it can sometimes be hard to reach your goals.

If you are reading this then you are already on the right path to reaching your goals and dreams! Just remember that with hard work anything is possible.

However, that isn’t the only requirement for success. You also need dedication, courage, motivation, inspiration, and empowerment to help you get there. So keep this in mind as you work towards your goals!

My Story

I started off in life being a bit on the tubby side. Life was okay, but I always felt like I was living on ‘Easy Mode’.

I wasn’t doing as bad as I could have been, but that didn’t really matter. What mattered was that I wasn’t doing as well as I could have been either.

In the summer going into the 8th grade I decided to change this. I started waking up early and going jogging with a friend of mine for 45 minutes to an hour every morning.

I also started going home right after school instead of stopping by friends houses or hanging out at the local park.

The 5 Most Important Words for Succeeding in Fitness - gym fit workout

I did this for about two months. I lost a few pounds, but wasn’t really seeing any major changes.

In fact, I was only losing about 5 pounds every 2 months or so. It just wasn’t fast enough for me, so I decided to do something else, but I still kept jogging in the mornings.

I went to the book store and purchased a book on starting an online business. I read through it and found a few things that seemed pretty easy.

I had already been buying and selling stuff on eBay for a few months with some success and this book had an idea on how to start your own online used book store. I liked the idea, so I decided to go for it since I was already Ebaying books in my spare time anyway.

I followed the advice in the book, spent about $100 to get started and created my own online store. I was really excited about this because even if I only made $5-$10 a day, it was still way more than I was making at my after school job.

The best thing about it was that there was basically no limit to how much I could make if I put in enough time and effort.

I kept this up for about a year and a half. I was able to pay for all of my expenses, including getting my own place with my girlfriend at the time during this time period.

Eventually, I did end up losing interest in it and moved on to other things, but even until this day I still sometimes make a few dollars from my old online book store that I left online.

I’m not saying that everyone should start an online business. I’m just saying that if you have a goal and you set your mind to it, then you can accomplish anything if you’re willing to work for it.

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