The Ancient Sport of Longsword Fighting in the Modern World (Video)

The Ancient Sport of Longsword Fighting in the Modern World (Video)

Longswords were used to kill each other during the time when there was no civilization. There are many stories about how these weapons were used to settle disputes and even kill kings. However, they weren’t just used for killing each other either; they could also be wielded for all kinds of fun activities such as dancing or playing music. These types of things were called “sports”.

In the modern world, the use of swords and their related skills have been lost. Swords were used for self defense only until recently. Since then, they’ve been turned into something else entirely: weapons of war.

However, there are still some old traditions left over from those times where people would gather around a campfire with songs and stories to pass the time while enjoying themselves. Such things are referred to as “old sports” or “ancient sports”.

I’m going to tell you about one of them. I’ll start off by telling you that it’s not very popular nowadays, but it was once quite common.

It’s called “Ancient Indian Martial Arts”, or AIM for short. It started out as a kind of folk martial art which was passed down through the generations from generation to generation. It consisted mainly of various forms of wrestling, boxing, judo and others like them. It has been influenced by many different styles over the years such as American, Canadian, and even British.

It has developed into a very popular sport today, but it has also become a deadly martial art.

Most people are not aware of this, but it’s actually illegal to teach AIM in most places nowadays. The main reason is that most people don’t need self-defense anymore since the government provides everything for them. Because of this, the only ones who learn this “sport” are those who wish to abuse it.

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Nowadays, AIM has become a tool for criminals and other illegal activity. Even though people have lost interest in it as a sport, they still enjoy watching two people fight it out anyway. So it’s become common for AIM fighters to participate in underground cage matches for money.

Here’s a scenario that happens pretty regularly: a person wants someone murdered. Instead of getting a hitman, they’ll either put up a bounty or have the person fight to the death in the ring. This is quite common nowadays and it provides more excitement for those who like to see people get hurt or killed.

As you can imagine, this can be very dangerous if you’re on the wrong side of somebody. This is why you need to master your own AIM skill if you want to survive in this world. It is also very difficult to learn as well because not many people teach it anymore. You either have to teach yourself, go into hiding, or seek out one of the few remaining masters of this lost art…

You hide in one of the many slums which are located in the middle of the city. You’re not exactly sure if this is a good idea or not, but you figure that it can’t hurt. After all, it is unlikely that anyone would think to look for you here.

One of the benefits about being in this part of town is that nobody pays attention to you. If you were some sort of “tourist” here, you probably would have been asked to buy some drugs or get beaten up. Fortunately, you blend in pretty well with the rest of the population here so you go largely ignored.

You’ve been here for about a week now and you still haven’t managed to get your hands on any sort of employment. Most of the jobs are either illegally done by automatons or they’re handed out to people with connections. You don’t have either one of those so you’re SOL.

You wander the streets as you think about what you should do…

A soft melody reaches your ears, calming you from your thoughts. You look around to see where it’s coming from and you soon find it’s coming from a nearby apartment. The music is soft and pleasing to hear. You’ve never heard anything quite like it before…

It reminds you of the old CD player you had back home with your old music in it, except this is live. This is actually the first time you’ve come across anything like this since you left the past. You feel a sense of joy to hear this again and you have to see who the performer is.

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You knock on the door and after a few moments, it opens to reveal a young woman dressed in casual clothing. She also has long blonde hair and blue eyes. You’ve never seen anyone who looks like her before except for…

“Lydia…” you whisper to yourself as memories of your long lost childhood friend come back to you.

The woman looks at you and smiles. “

I’m guessing you’re the one playing the music?

You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

You’re still in shock for a moment until she asks you a question.

“Uh… yeah…

I’m fine… I just… really like your music…” you stutter as you try to pull yourself together.

“Oh… thank you. I’m still working on it, but I’ll get it down eventually.”

She goes to close the door, thinking that you’re just a creep, but you stop her by putting your foot in the doorway.

“Hold on! Wait! I have to talk to you!”

The woman gives you a puzzled look now. “You know, you’re lucky I’m a nice person. Most people nowadays aren’t as tolerant as I am. You can come in, but make it quick.”

The Ancient Sport of Longsword Fighting in the Modern World (Video) - gym fit workout

She moves aside and allows you to enter before closing the door behind you. The inside of her apartment is very nice. It must have cost a fortune to rent this place. You’ve never been in an apartment like this before, except on TV.

“Nice place…” You say, looking around.

“Yeah, it’s not bad. I try to keep it clean, but with all the dust constantly falling from the wasteland above, it’s hard to keep it clean.”

Now that you’re inside the apartment and now that she’s mentioned it, you can see there is a fine dusting of dust over everything. Still, can’t complain about this place. You’d live in a dump if it meant you could play your music.

So, what was it that you wanted to talk about?”

Now that you’re here and she’s in front of you, you’ve forgotten what you were going to say. Thankfully, your forgetfulness seems to have worked in your favor for a change.

Have we met before?”

you suddenly ask her.

She seems puzzled by your question. “I don’t thi…” She pauses for a moment as her eyes widen slightly.

“Oh yeah! I remember you. You used to come into the music store I worked at. You bought a couple of instruments and some CD’s. Then you never came back.”

“Oh… yeah, that was me…”

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She seems lost in thought for a moment and then smiles once more. “I guess fate must have brought us together again.

What’s your name?”

“Brenda.” You quickly say, making up a name on the spot.

You can’t tell her your real name. If you do and she happens to read the news or some old newspapers, she’ll learn that Brenda Melinsky disappeared the same day you ran into her.

Not wishing to give anything away, you ask a question of your own. “So… how did you end up on the surface?”

You mean you haven’t heard?”

She asks in return.

Heard what?”

You reply.

“The stadium got attacked!”





“About two years ago I think. There was a huge sandstorm here, it blockaded the entire area cutting off the stadium and the rest of the outside world. We didn’t know what was going on and if the attack was internal or external.”

What happened?”

“It was an external attack by some group called the Craxil…”


You interrupt, having never heard of them before.

“Yeah, they’re this new group that has been popping up over the last few years. They seemed to come out of no where and started attacking everyone with some weird cult rhetoric about getting rid of the human infestation or something.”

The Ancient Sport of Longsword Fighting in the Modern World (Video) - Image

So what happened? Did they get rid of us?”

You ask, concerned.

“Not entirely. The Craxil and those loyal to them were pushing forward this idea that humans were meant to serve them as some sort of lesser being. I don’t think they’ve quite gotten over the fact that we have firearms and cannons and all that.”

So what exactly are the Craxil?”

You ask, curious about creatures you’ve never heard about before.

Your question seems to make Brenda nervous. “I… uh…

don’t know. They aren’t from around here and they aren’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. But I know they aren’t anything even close to being human.”

So what happened to them? Where’d they go?”

“We made a alliance with the New Zoo League, which is an organization of animal-based creatures that aren’t fond of the Craxil and other organics who want to use their powers for evil. We joined forces and made a push to finally eliminate the Craxil threat once and for all.”

“We being…”

“The UAS and the New Zoo League.” Brenda replies.

You’re about to ask another question when you notice a shift in Brenda’s eyes. At first you think it’s fear, but then you realize she seems angry… and she’s just now letting it show.

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“I was supposed to be on watch during the final battle with the Craxil horde. I fell asleep, and while I wasn’t paying attention, my buddies were all killed.”

You grab her by the shoulders and shake her. “Listen, I’m sorry your friends died. I really am. But you can’t keep blaming yourself.

It was war and…”

Brenda slaps you in the face and you fall to the ground. “Shut up! You don’t know anything! Just go away!

Leave me alone!” Brenda cries as she backs away from you.

You’re in shock for a moment, but you quickly shake it off and stand back up. “Brenda wait!” You shout, but Brenda won’t listen. She runs back into her house and slams the door.

You sigh and sit back down on your porch. You have a lot to think about.

For one, Brenda is obviously still dealing with some major issues since the war. She doesn’t seem fit to be in charge of New Dessel, let alone the leader of the UAS. You need to help her…

But how?

Going back to your old ways of stealing from others won’t help. Maybe going back to your “mysterious stranger” act might help… You’re known for helping people, after all.

You also wonder about your future. Brenda is obviously in no shape to lead the UAS, and she’s requested you to leave. [[

Should you go? Or should you try to convince her to stay so you can continue to influence UAS policy?

You’ve been through a lot with Brenda. She’s managed to convince you that you need to help her…

The Ancient Sport of Longsword Fighting in the Modern World (Video) - gym fit workout

To be honest, you aren’t entirely sure what you’ll do if you leave. Sure you have your tavern job and all, but you’re more or less the “face” of the New Dessel Underground in the city.

Also, without the UAS, what would become of all the little people that rely upon it for order and peace of mind?

You can’t just abandon them. You need to help in some capacity.

However, you also wonder if you shouldn’t continue to play the role of the “mysterious stranger”, or at least not reveal your true identity to her. Maybe assisting her from behind the scenes would be best.

In the meantime, you could also think about where your relationship with Roldan stands as well. You have a strong bond with him, but you aren’t sure if it’s romantic or platonic. Getting some input from Zalmora might be helpful in this regard.

Then again, you’re still trying to wrap your mind around Brenda’s change. You’ll need some time to think about all this.

Time to choose…

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