The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation

Hanging is one of the most common exercises for building strength in the body. Hangings are performed with a rope or other object suspended from your hands.

You must hang there without letting go of the rope until you reach a certain height. This exercise builds strength in the muscles around your shoulders, back and neck.

Pulling yourself up requires different movements than just hanging. Your arms have to move upward while keeping your torso still.

The movement of pulling yourself up requires a lot of coordination and skill which makes it difficult for many people to perform regularly. If you’re not sure how to do pull-ups correctly, then here’s what you need to know:

How To Do Pull Ups Properly?

To start off, you’ll need a partner to practice with. A friend or family member will do fine too, but make sure they don’t interfere when you’re practicing. When you get used to doing pull-ups, it becomes easier and easier. So try to do them every day!

When you first begin performing pull-ups, keep your head down and look straight ahead at the ceiling whenever possible. This will help you concentrate on the movement that you need to do rather than trying to see what’s going on around you.

First, grab the bar with an over-hand grip (palms facing away from you) shoulder width apart

Next, jump and pull your body up until your chin is above the bar

Lower yourself back down until your arms are completely straightened. This is one rep.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - from our website

Start off with doing a few reps and then build up to doing more. You should be able to do at least 5 before your arms are too tired to do anymore, especially if you’re just starting out.

Now that you know how to perform the upper body portion of the pull-up, it’s time to work on the lower body movements. There are a few ways that you can do this while not having a bar available to you.

You can find a partner that is strong enough to help you with this. Or you can do these movements while sitting in a chair, again with a partner’s help.

Once you’ve mastered holding your own body weight, it’s time to work on getting your legs involved. You’re going to need help with this step as well and your partner is going to need to have a strong upper body as well.

Make sure your partner stands behind you and wrap your arms around their shoulders. They will then lift you up until your chin is above the bar. Slowly lower yourself back down until your arms are straight. This is one rep.

You can also try doing this exercise with just a chair. Place your back against the chair and place your feet on the seat.

Slowly lean back until your feet come off the seat and only your partner (or something else sturdy) is holding you up by your hands behind you. Slowly lower yourself back down until your arms are straight again. This is one rep.

As with all exercises, do not strain yourself and listen to your body. If you start getting a sharp pain in your shoulders or arms, then stop for the day and try again another time when you feel comfortable.

You don’t want to hurt yourself!

When you can perform 10 reps of this exercise with ease, take it up a notch by raising the bar higher and building up to 20-rep sets.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - Image

This is a great exercise for improving your pulling strength and will help you in many other ways as well.

If you can perform 10 reps of this exercise with ease, take it up a notch by raising the bar higher and building up to 20-rep sets! You may even want to purchase a pull-up bar for your home so that you can continue training at your leisure.

Pull-ups are a great way to tone up your upper body, increase your strength and improve your endurance. They also allow you to train in the comfort of your own home without the need for any fancy equipment.

As with all exercises, make sure that you warm up before you begin and always stop if you feel pain. Pull-ups can be very hard on your muscles and joints if not done properly so make sure that you listen to your body at all times.

If you have any questions, consult a physician before beginning this or any exercise program.

And one more tip – don’t forget to give yourself a little something extra if you succeed! After all, you’ve earned it!


If you’re looking for a little more of a challenge with your pull-ups, you can try the one arm pull-up. Check out this article on how to do them: The One-Arm Pull-Up.



The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - at GYMFITWORKOUT

It’s time to put an end to all this 4-week business. You’re ready for more.

A lot more. You’ve seen what you’re made of, and you like it. You’re ready for anything, and nothing is going to hold you back.

You might be a little tired today, but your rest will be useful as you begin the next stage of your training…



Rounds 5, 6 and 7 – The Next Month

Time to put everything you’ve learned so far into practice. This is the last month before your big competition, and you’re going to have to push yourself harder than ever before.

But if you stick with it, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

You’re ready for anything.

Let’s do this.


The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - at GYMFITWORKOUT

After a short break to rest and refresh, its time to get back into it.

This month is going to be all about fighting. You’ve sparred and you’ve tested your abilities, now its time to take it out into the field and really put your skills to the test against some real opponents.

The first thing you need to do is check out some of the Arenas in the city. See if there are any upcoming matches that look like a good opportunity to test yourself.

Once you’ve had a look around, you find there is one in two days that looks pretty good. It’s an annual competition, so it will be involving the best of the best.

You’re not quite at their level yet, but then you’re just watching the competition to see what kind of levels you’re up against.

Also, there is one gladiator currently sitting out the competition due to having broken three fingers. He’s had his match already, so he’s taking a break.

Maybe he’s not quite at the level of the other two, but he’s still within your league and you could easily take him.

Before signing up, you should probably ask yourself some questions first:

Are you just looking to survive, or are you going to go for the win as well?

Also, are you going to go in heavy to stun your opponents or take a bit of a risk and try to take them down quickly?

Choose wisely.

You’ve looked through your skills, and yes while you’re skilled with a blade, you don’t really have anything that would help you massively in a fight.

You do have the choice to enhance one skill before the fight. This needs to be something that will benefit you in a fight, so either choose one of your weapon skills, or invest in something like dodging to help survive longer.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - Image

If you’re really brave, you can even invest in a power that requires charging, like Fireball. The only problem is, it’ll be hard as hell to hit someone with it in a small arena from a distance.

Choose your skill, and let’s get ready for this fight.


You’ve chosen your path and you’re ready for the fight of your life. You’re not just here to enjoy the Colosseum, you’re here to prove to yourself that you can do anything if you just set your mind to it, even beat the finest warriors in the city.

You’re not just a peasant any more, you’re a warrior and an Adept.

You go out to the balcony to watch your first match, where two hopefuls will fight one another. They’re both much smaller than you, but they have the home advantage and look fast.

You’ll need to be on your toes. After a brief introduction from the Announcer, the match begins.

The crowd is cheering for their favourite. The fighters don’t seem to notice, focused on the battle at hand.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Clang! Swords connect, and the fight is underway.

The two fighters size each other up, circling around the arena. You try to analyze the situation.

The two fighters are both females, one with a sword and dagger, the other with dual swords. It seems the one with the sword and dagger is the favourite, as the crowd is much louder whenever she makes a move.

Slowly, she’s backed towards the wall, and whacks her opponent’s swords aside before stabbing him in the throat: a mortal blow. The crowd goes wild, but the winner collapses too.

It seems that the excitement was too much for her and she fell unconscious.

The medics rush in to collect the fighters, and they’re both taken away. Seems like even winning can be fatal here.

Still, you can do better than them. The next fight will be yours.

After a short intermission, the next fight is announced.

You walk out into the arena to a chorus of boos, smiling and waving to the crowd. They can sense your hostility, and they seem to be reciprocating in kind.

The announcer tries to explain the rules of the match, but you’re not really listening: you know what to do.

The other fighter is a vicious looking Orc with a greatsword, who charges at you as soon as he can. You barely dodge in time, and now your aura is showing an intense red, and your eyes are glowing a vibrant purple.

You’re fighting for your life and you have no intention of losing this fight.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - GYM FIT WORKOUT

The Orc swings his greatsword at you, and you back off to avoid it. Unfortunately, the entire weight of the blow is concentrated onto the flat of his blade, which slams into the ground with tremendous force.

The force of the blow hits your legs, and you fly into the air, flipping upside down.

You quickly land back on your feet with a roll, but now the Orc is upon you. He swings his sword, and you’re forced to dive out of the way to avoid it.

The sword slams into the stands, chunks of marble flying in all directions as it destroys part of the wall. You can’t let him get a hold on you or you’ll be in big trouble!

You jump up and prepare to fire a web at him, then think twice about it. That greatsword is going far too fast for you to reliably hit him with a web.

If you’re going to win, you’re going to have to do it with your own skills.

You rush at him as he pulls the sword out of the wall, and the two of you exchange blows. Parry, block, dodge.

You’re too busy focusing on your opponent to notice the crowd, but they must be getting excited because the noise is rising. You hope they don’t get too excited and cause a riot or something.

Your opponent smacks you with the flat of his blade, sending you into the air again. As you land he swings upwards, but you roll away.

Every time he swings his sword, the crowd cheers. They must see this as some elaborate show instead of a fight to the death. If you could focus, you might be able to use that to your advantage, but right now your main goal is to avoid that massive greatsword.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - GYM FIT WORKOUT

The crowd goes wild as you roll under his sword and deliver a kick to his feet, sending him onto his back. You jump backwards to avoid his falling body, and as he lies on the ground you run towards him and land a few punches onto his face.

He tries to grab you, but you leap backwards.

He sits up and the two of you stare at each other, both of your muscles tensed in preparation. You slowly move forwards, and he does the same.

Soon, you’re both too focused on the fight to notice the crowd anymore. All that exists is you and him.

You continue your silent battle, with neither of you gaining an advantage over the other. Eventually, he swings his blade upwards, and the crowd gasps.

You quickly roll out of the way, and he slams it into the ground. The marble peaks around the greatsword’s handle and crumbles under the blade’s pressure, leaving a massive hole in the arena.

The noise of the crowd is incredible. They’re loving every second of this battle to the death.

In fact, you get the impression that they’d be happy if you both killed each other.

Suddenly, the Orc swings his sword again, straight into the air. As it comes back down, you throw yourself to the side to avoid it.

However, you slip on some of the marble that’s fallen off of the wall, and as you try to recover you find that you can’t get a grip with your feet. You begin to fall straight towards the sword as it slams into the ground.

You only hold on for a moment, but it seems to take an eternity. You land on the flat of the blade and slide down towards the sword’s tip, where you’re stabbed and killed instantly.

The Beginner Pull Up Program: Hanging and Shoulder Activation - from our website

The crowd roars with excitement as your body is left to lie on the ground, impaled by the sword. It’s not a quick death, although you probably were never aware of it.

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