The Bleeding Hearts of CrossFit Affiliates

CrossFit is a fitness trend that was started in California. Since then it has spread all over the world. It’s popularity grew rapidly due to its simplicity and effectiveness. You don’t need any special equipment or expensive supplements, just do some basic exercises and you’ll get results fast!

Sounds great right?

Well not so much if you’re already weak and have no idea how to train properly.

The problem with CrossFit is that it’s very hard to become strong. Some people say that the training method is too difficult, but I disagree because it isn’t really that bad at all. There are many different ways of doing CrossFit workouts, but what makes them unique is their intensity level and the amount of time they spend in the gym.

In order to make your workout more intense, you need to increase the weight and/or number of reps. But there are several drawbacks with this approach:

You won’t get as big as you could without the extra work. You will probably burn out before getting stronger. Your muscles will start burning up after a few weeks of CrossFit workouts.

You might even develop some injuries from these types of workouts.

But there is a way of getting stronger and bigger without killing yourself in the process…

Crossfitters are obsessed with The Big Three: The overhead press, back squat and the deadlift. There is a reason why these exercises are considered the most important and it’s because they work! Not only will these exercises keep you safe from injury, but they will give you that powerful, muscular body that you want.

However, they won’t do you much good if you have no strength behind them. To increase your strength, I would recommend progressive overload with these exercises. Make sure that you are using good form and getting at least 8 reps for the overhead press, 10-12 reps for the back squat and 3 good reps for the deadlift.

If you can’t do at least this many reps, then it’s time to increase the weight.

The CrossFit community actually spends a lot of time arguing over the best ways to get stronger. One of the most common ones is called 5×5, which simply means five sets of five reps for the big three. This is actually a pretty good approach if you are just starting out and learning the right way to do these exercises.

The Bleeding Hearts of CrossFit Affiliates - at GYMFITWORKOUT

Give it about six months using this system and you will see great improvements in your strength and size.

Another easier system is called the Texas Method. Using this approach, you will start out with a weight that you can lift for five reps. After Week One, you will increase the weight and do four reps.

In Week Two, you will again increase the weight and do three reps. Weeks Three and Four are one week intervals where you don’t increase the weight and just do five reps each week. This system allows your body to recover from the high volume of lifting. After a month of using this system, you will increase the weight again and start over.

These are just two of many systems that you can use to get stronger. If you see yourself getting burned out or constantly getting injured, then I would consider switching up your routine every few months or so. Strength training is a science and must be treated as such in order to maximize your potential and prevent injury.

Overall, if you exercise properly, you will be in a much better position in terms of physical strength and mental fortitude. Using the advice from this article, you will be able to do CrossFit workouts without getting injured or worn down. I wish you the best of luck!

If you’re looking for the best option, I would go with the 5×5 strength training program. It’s much more effective than doing random workouts or spending hours running on a treadmill.

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