The Coby Earbud Roundup: Shut Out the World

The Coby Earbud Roundup: Shut Out the World

What is The Coby Earbud Roundup?

It’s a weekly roundup of all things earbud related. Every week it covers news, reviews, tips and tricks, product recommendations and much more!

How does it work?

Every Monday we publish a new post with useful info on various products from different manufacturers. All opinions are our own and are not influenced by any advertiser or sponsor.

Who is behind this site?

We’re two guys who love hearing music while working out. We’ve been writing about earbuds since 2011 and have had many experiences with them, so we decided to create a website where we could share everything about these amazing devices.

Why do you write about earbuds? What makes them special?

Earbuds are unique because they allow us to listen to music without having to take off our heads. They don’t block out ambient noise like speakers do and they can even make your ears feel better when listening to loud music. You’ll never hear anything but the sound coming from your favorite tunes again!

How can I improve the sound quality of my earbuds?

We wrote a special blog post just for you: How to get better sound quality with earbuds. Check it out!

Are there any earbuds on the market that are comparable to high-end headphones?

Definitely! Most companies that make regular headphones also make earbuds, so you can definitely find models that give a similar experience. We wrote a special blog post about this too: Earbuds that mimic the sound quality of over-ear headphones.

What are the advantages of in-ear monitoring?

Earbuds that enter the ear canal can offer fantastic sound isolation, which is great for musicians, DJs and people who just want to drown out their surroundings and focus on what they’re listening to. In-ear monitors are very popular among musicians because of this.

Do in-ear monitors leak sound?

Sound does indeed leak out, but it shouldn’t be enough for others to hear unless you’re in a really quiet environment. They do, however, prevent a lot of noise from seeping into the earbuds, which is great for loud environments.

What kind of cable do earbuds have?

There are two main kinds of cables for in-ear monitors: thin and thick. The thin ones are more common and can’t handle as much pressure, so they’re more durable and easier to carry around. The thick ones are more suitable for running and other sports because they’re less likely to get tangled up.

What is sound isolation?

Isolation prevents outside sounds from entering your ears and inside sounds from escaping your ears. In-ear monitors are great at providing this type of isolation, which is why they’re more suitable for loud environments.

What kinds of ear tips do earbuds have?

Earbuds usually come with a selection of different sized rubber ear tips. Different people have different size ears so manufacturers will often include a few different sizes so you can pick the one that works best for your ear shape.

What kinds of wires do earbuds have?

Earbuds generally come with a thin, tangle-resistant wire that connects the two buds together. A mic and a remote are also common additions that let you control volume, play and pause your music and take phone calls

What is the difference between earpods and earbuds?

Earpods refer to Apple’s line of earbuds that were launched alongside their first iPod in 2001. These earbuds are famous for their unusual shape that causes them to latch onto the inner curve of your ear. Many other companies use the word “earpod” to refer to any kind of earbud that comes with an iPod, even if they have very little in common.

Do earbuds have a mic?

Most earbuds do have mics so you can use them for phone calls or voice commands, but they don’t offer the best sound quality. If you need a mic, make sure to get one with a good pickup range and clear sound.

Do earbuds have a remote?

Most earbuds do have some kind of remote built in so you can easily control your music, take calls or even use voice commands without having to reach for your device. If you find earbuds without a remote, they may still have a mic so you can use them for phone calls.

Do earbuds have volume controls?

Some earbuds come with physical buttons that let you adjust the volume. Others come with a remote that lets you change songs or increase and decrease volume. The built-in mics allow you to use voice commands to change songs and do other things.

Do earbuds have active or passive noise cancelling?

Most earbuds don’t have any active noise cancelling since it requires an extra battery and adds to the cost. Passive noise isolation is still good since the seal created by the ear tip blocks out a good deal of outside noise.

Do earbuds have Bluetooth?

Some earbuds come with Bluetooth for wireless listening. This technology is great if you don’t want to be attached to your device with a cable but it does require an extra battery so the total listening time is typically lower than regular buds.

Do earbuds have AMPs?

Some earbuds come with AMPs or pre-amp volumes so you can crank up the volume really loud. The main benefit of this is to compensate for the sound quality loss that comes with using earbuds instead of high end headphones.

Do earbuds work with Xbox?

Some earbuds are designed to offer gaming audio enhancements so you can hear enemies approaching from behind or other cues that will give you a competitive edge while playing games online.

Do earbuds have a microphone?

Some earbuds come with a mic so you can use them for phone calls. The quality of these mics is usually pretty low but they are better than nothing.

Do earbuds have a controller?

Some earbuds come with multipurpose controllers that can be used to play, pause and skip songs as well as answer calls and turn your headphones on and off.

Do earbuds work with iPhone?

Earbuds are specially designed to fit into the ears of almost any user so they will work with any modern smartphone or music player. The only thing you have to check is that they have a mic and remote so you can use them for phone calls or control your music without having to reach for your device.

Do earbuds have magnets?

Some earbuds come with magnets in the back of the buds so you can wear them around your neck when you aren’t listening to music.

Do earbuds come with a case?

Some earbuds come with hard cases that help protect them when they’re not in use. Soft pouches will work as well but they don’t offer as much protection.

Do earbuds block out noise?

Earbuds fit in your ear canals so they are really good at blocking out external noise. This is great if you want to drown out the world or listen to your music without being disturbed but it can also be dangerous if you can’t hear what’s going on around you. Make sure to use caution when listening to your earbuds and keep your surroundings in mind.

What is the Comply™ Foam Formula?

The original soft foam earphone tip was developed by Comply and manufactured specifically for earphones. Since then, the formula has been expanded to include special foam formulations for custom-like earplugs and hearing protection.

What happens if I lose or break an earbud?

You should try to keep extras on hand since they do wear out or get lost. If you don’t have any extras, you can still use the earphones by hanging the cable around your neck and listening to the music in mono.

Are there any health concerns with earbuds?

Like anything else that goes in your ears, earbuds are not recommended for people who suffer from perforated ear drums or other conditions involving the inner ear. Otherwise, earbuds present no additional health concerns.

Do earbuds work with Android?

Earbuds will work with any smartphone, tablet or other music playing device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Can earbuds hurt my ears?

Earbuds don’t go in your ears so they can’t hurt them. They do, however, exert a fair amount of pressure on the ear canal and if you push them in too far they can hurt your ears in the same way that water-filled earplugs do. Don’t push them in too far.

Are earbuds safe for children?

Earbuds are enjoyed by children and adults alike but since they do go inside the ear, they are not recommended for children. Young ears are more sensitive and can be damaged by loud sounds, especially continuous sounds at high volumes.

Do I need an amp with earbuds?

No, you do not need an amp to power earbuds. They are self-powered devices that do not require a separate amplifier to work.

Do I need an iPhone to use earbuds?

Earbuds can be used with any modern smartphone, tablet or other device that has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Are earbuds Bluetooth?

No, most earbuds are wired devices that use a stringed cable to connect the two earbuds. Some newer models use radio waves to transmit sound but these are not to be confused with the traditional wired earbud.

What is the best brand of earbuds?

The best brand of earbuds is the one that provides the best experience for you. Sound and personal preferences vary from person to person so the best brand for you might not be the best for someone else. Try them out and decide for yourself.

How do I clean my earbuds?

Wiping your earbuds down with a dry cloth will keep them clean but you can also use rubbing alcohol to disinfect them if you’re concerned about bacteria. Make sure that the alcohol completely dries before using the earbuds again.

Is it bad to wear earbuds for too long?

It is not necessarily bad for you to wear earbuds for extended periods of time. Sitting in a loud environment without any hearing protection, however, can be damaging to your ears. Protect your hearing by limiting earbud use to safe environments and using earplugs or noise cancelling headphones in loud environments.

Are there any iOS EarPods alternatives?

You can use any standard 3.5mm headphones with the iPhone 7 but if you want a wired connection that will allow you to control the audio and volume you’ll need an adapter. You can also use Bluetooth devices wirelessly or go completely wired and use an aux cord.

Do in-ear earbuds stay in better?

The main benefit of in-ear earbuds is their ability to stay in your ears under most conditions. Their smaller size allows them to create a tighter seal around the ear canals which helps them to block out more external noise and stay in place while you’re moving.

Do I need to turn up the volume really high to hear my earbuds?

No, turning up the volume too high for too long can actually damage your hearing. Listen at a reasonable volume that you can still hear outside sounds and that allows you to converse with others easily.

How do I pick the right size earbuds?

The best way to find your correct earbud size is to take a small piece of paper and insert it into your ear. Take the paper out and if you can see a small bit of it sticking out of your ear, then that’s the right size for you. Insert that same size of bud into your ear and adjust the fit with the attached wings.

Can I wear earbuds to bed?

Yes, you can wear earbuds to bed. Just be sure that you turn the volume down before going to sleep and remove them before you go into the bathroom or take a shower. Water and electronics are not friends.

Do I have to wear earbuds only on one side?

No, wearing earbuds on just one side is not necessary and might actually be bad for your hearing. It is better to wear a pair of earbuds on both sides.

Are there Bluetooth earbuds that don’t fall out?

There are many different kinds of bluetooth earbuds with various fit styles. If you’re looking for a pair that won’t fall out of your ears while you’re moving around we recommend either the Jaybird X3 or the PowerBeats3. If you want to try one of the most popular models of wireless earbuds, the AirPods, they are also one of the most compact and lightweight bluetooth earbuds on the market.

How do I fix a pair of earbuds that have a short in the wiring?

The first thing you should check if your earbuds are having a short in the wiring is to make sure that none of the wires inside have come loose from where they’re soldered to the speakers. If this isn’t the problem then you may need a new wiring harness. You can find replacement wiring harnesses for almost any set of earbuds on Amazon or Ebay.

Why do my earbuds have a hissing sound?

If you’re hearing a constant hissing sound when listening to your earbuds that sound may be caused by your surroundings. For example, the sound of traffic and general city noise won’t be as pronounced when you’re sitting inside your house as opposed to sitting on a busy sidewalk. In cases where the hissing is caused by problems with your earbuds, there may be other noises in addition to the hissing. For example, if you have a pair of earbuds that have a short in the wiring then you may also hear a sizzling sound in addition to the hissing. If you think your earbuds might be broken then you should consider getting a replacement wiring harness.

Are there any wireless earbuds that come with a case?

Yes, there are many different types of bluetooth or wireless earbuds that come with their own cases. The Jaybird X3 and the Jaybird RUN are both bluetooth earbuds that come with a case, for example. There are even some kinds of earbuds, like the Beats Powerbeats3, that come with their own armbands so you can wear them while working out.

Are there earbuds that can translate languages?

So far the technology does not exist for translating foreign languages through earbuds, but other kinds of bluetooth devices do have this functionality. One example of this is the Motorola Hint, which is a bluetooth headset designed specifically for people who speak multiple languages.

Do all earbuds work for making phone calls?

Almost all kinds of earbuds are capable of making phone calls. The only kinds we recommend avoiding are those that are very cheap, such as the ones you get for free with a cell phone.

Are there any earbuds that have a heart rate monitor?

Yes, the Jaybird RUN are one example of bluetooth earbuds with a built-in heart rate monitor. These earbuds are designed for runners and have a clip on the back that goes around your chest to take a reading of your heart rate.

What are the best affordable earbuds?

If you’re looking for the best-rated earbuds under $50 then you should get the Symphonized NRG 3.0 Wood Earbuds. This set has excellent sound quality and is very durable, making them perfect for workouts.

What are the best wireless earbuds under $100?

If you have a little more to spend and are looking for the best wireless earbuds under $100 then you should get the Jaybird X3 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds have great sound quality and come with multiple tips and fins so you can find the perfect fit for your ears.

What are the best earbuds for working out?

If you’re looking for a durable pair of earbuds that are specifically designed for working out then you should get the SoundPeats Qy7 Mini Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds were made to be extremely lightweight and have earfins that make them more stable when they’re inside your ears, which is perfect if you tend to exercise in a hands-free position like on a treadmill.

How much do earbuds cost?

The price of earbuds varies quite a bit, but you can find cheap earbuds for less than $10 and premium earbuds for over $200. The Jaybird X2 Premium Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones are one of the most popular and best-reviewed earbuds on the market right now and typically retail for around $150, but can be found for as little as $120 online.

Related Questions

Are Bluetooth earbuds better than wired earbuds?

While Bluetooth technology is typically more reliable and easier to set up than wired earbuds, sound quality is just as good. You also don’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle of keeping them charged.

Are there any wireless earbuds that come with a charging case?

Yes, most wireless earbuds come with a charging case that recharges the earbuds when they’re not in use.

Is there an easier way to tell which earbuds are better quality than others?

There are two main factors you should be considering when it comes to the quality of earbuds: the sound quality and how well they stay in your ears. The best way to tell which earbuds have better sound quality is to read expert reviews online, though you can also tell by the price. Most premium earbuds will cost over $100, while cheaper earbuds are under that. As for how well earbuds stay in your ears, this comes down to the design of the tips and the overall fit. Some earbuds will arrive with several different size ear tips so you can pick the one that fits your ears best, while other earbuds come with an extra set of fins.

Are wireless earbuds more reliable than wired earbuds?

Yes, wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to transmit sound from your music player to your ears without the need for a cord. Due to this, you’re less likely to experience connection problems with wireless earbuds compared to wired earbuds.

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