The Duh Moment – Balance Eccentric With Concentric Training

The Duh Moment: Balance Eccentric With Concentric Training

Balance eccentrics are exercises performed with a slight eccentric component. They are considered to be the most effective type of eccentric training for building muscle mass and strength. However, they can cause some undesirable side effects such as tightness in muscles and tendons. If done incorrectly, balance eccentrics can lead to injury and even loss of function due to muscular fatigue.

Balance Eccentric With Concentric Training (BECT) is a method of training that involves performing exercises with a very small amount of weight while maintaining proper form. BECT is often used when other types of eccentric training have not been effective enough to build muscle mass or strength. For example, if you were trying to gain 10 pounds of lean body mass in one month, then you would use resistance machines like dumbbell presses and dips. You could do these exercises three times per week.

However, if you wanted to add 5 pounds of muscle mass to your arms each time you did those same exercises, it would take much longer and you probably wouldn’t see results until six months had passed. In addition, using machines for this kind of training isn’t ideal because they require a certain level of skill in order to perform correctly. As a result, you might end up in pain or hurt yourself.

With BECT, you would begin with light weights for each exercise. You would need to perform the exercises slowly and concentrate on keeping proper form. It may take several months before the extra weight starts to come off your muscles and it becomes easier to add more weight. However, you will become much stronger using this method since you’re performing the exercises without hurting yourself or sacrificing form.

BECT is ideal for people who want to gain strength and muscle mass but have had some trouble doing so with other methods in the past. For this reason, it can be incorporated into a routine that also includes other types of training such as aerobics and sprinting.

The Duh Moment: Why Eccentric Training?

Though many athletes are focused on explosive power and fast results, these goals can often lead to injury. This is especially true with anabolic muscle-building exercises such as weight lifting.

Concentric exercises such as the bench press and the squat are especially effective for building large muscles in a short period of time. They require short bursts of power which can lead to torn muscles and tendons when not done properly.

Eccentric exercises, on the other hand, focus on lowering heavy weight slowly. These exercises are good for building strength while preventing injury. You can perform strength training exercises much more quickly when using the eccentric style. These exercises can be used in the off-season to build strength, and during-season to maintain strength.

However, it is not always possible or even desirable to switch styles for each training session. It is possible and even beneficial to incorporate eccentric into your normal training routine by using a method known as balanced eccentric concentric training (BECT).

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