The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon:

1) You need to get off your couch and go out there and work out.

I’m not talking about just working out at the local park or even the gym. If you want to be successful, you have to actually do something that requires some physical effort. There are no shortcuts here!

2) You need to start doing things like lifting weights, running, jumping rope, etc.

These activities will develop your body and give it a purpose. They’ll also build confidence which will make you feel better about yourself.

3) You need to take care of your diet and exercise regularly.

This means eating healthy foods that contain lots of protein and fiber every day. Avoid junk food and sugary drinks.

4) You need to learn how to properly warm up before exercising.

Don’t just jump into it right away. Warm up properly so that you’re ready to go when you start exercising.

5) Finally, you need to keep your mind focused on the task at hand while performing these exercises.

If you don’t have time for proper preparation, then focus on relaxing your muscles instead of thinking about what you should be doing next!

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - GYM FIT WORKOUT

Obviously, you’ll need to put forth the effort if you want to succeed in any type of endeavor. Having a wildly optimistic attitude won’t suffice, as it requires discipline and focus to reach your goal.

Once you’ve fully accepted this fact and dedicated yourself to the task at hand, then you’re ready to begin! I wish you the best of luck on your quest to achieve your goals!

What does Jerred Like to Do for Fun

When I’m not working on our company’s next big release, I like to spend time with my wife and daughter. We enjoy going on walks in the park, visiting museums, and just spending quiet nights at home. Of course, there’s also the need to blow off steam every once in awhile. While some of us here enjoy going out clubbing at night, others like to indulge in adult entertainment. (We went to a couple of adult entertainment expos this year, and they were definitely interesting!)

We also have a dart board, foosball table, and video games on site. After work or on the weekends, you’ll find groups of people playing games and having fun together. This is important to our company culture because it allows people to socialize with each other in an informal setting.

I took up the hobby of woodworking this year. I made a commitment to myself that I would take an hour every weekend to work on a new project. The goal is to learn a new skill that I’ve always wanted to try, and so far it’s been pretty fun!

Finally, I’m a huge basketball fan (go Knicks!), so whenever there’s a game on TV, you’ll find me watching it. I even traveled to NYC a few times this year to watch a game in-person! (The tickets were a gift, but I hope to have enough money saved up to buy tickets next time.)

What’s Your Favorite Jerred Moon Quote?

“If you’ve never failed, then you’ve never tried anything new.”

– Jerred Moon

“Success requires taking risks. Don’t be afraid of failure; just learn from it and adapt as necessary.”

– Jerred Moon

“You’re going to stumble and fall at times; that’s inevitable. It’s a matter of whether you get back up or stay on the ground.”

– Jerred Moon

What’s Your Favorite Quotes?

“When the world gets cold, you need to share your warmth with someone. When it gets too dark, you need to offer them some light. And when it’s too quiet, you need to give them a song.”

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - | Gym Fit Workout

– Unknown

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. Sometimes, all it takes is a few words to get a new idea started. And, sometimes, it only takes a few words to change the world.”

– Unknown

“Two men look out at the ocean.

One asks the other, ‘Can you feel the weight of the water in the ocean?’

The other replies, ‘No, you idiot. The weight is on me, not in me.'”

– Zen Saying

Part 2: Orientation


The next morning, you arrive at the address that the e-mail provided and find yourself standing in front of a large office building. It’s fairly new, but it blends in well with the surrounding buildings. You could have easily walked right past it if hadn’t known where to go. There are no obvious signs indicating the company’s name. It’s like someone wanted to keep it concealed for whatever reason.

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - GymFitWorkout

You go in through the front door and find yourself in a clean and modern foyer. The walls are a cold gray, and the floor is a dark black marble. The front desk is directly in front of you, behind it is a tall glass window where a security guard sits. He looks at you and asks how he can help you.

“I’m here to meet with Jerred Moon,” you tell him.

He picks up a phone and makes a call. He tells whoever is on the other end of the line that you’re here, and then hangs up. “They’re on their way down,” he says, and then returns to staring straight ahead.

You look at the ceiling to find a security camera pointed in your direction. The walls also have cameras, you’re sure of it. You can’t imagine that this place doesn’t have an abundance of security measures, all in all, it feels very militaristic and secure. You wait for about a minute before the elevator door opens, and three people step out.

The first one is a tall woman with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She is wearing a white t-shirt with some slogan you can’t quite make out underneath a brown leather jacket, blue jeans and cowboy boots. She struts toward you with a smile on her face and her hand outstretched.

“Hi, I’m Amanda.” She smiles. “Jerred’s told me so much about you.” Her voice has a drawl, like she’s from the deep south. You shake her hand, it’s firm and strong.

“Well, Jerred’s told me nothing about you,” you reply with a smile, “So he’s lost the element of surprise.”

“I’d be upset at him if I were you. He’s told me so much about you; your secret love of polka music, your passion for helping others, your kindness… the man could not stop talking about you. I feel like I already know you.” She gives you a wink.

“Okay…” You smile awkwardly. It seems Jerred has a knack for oversharing.

“This is my associate, Ben.” Amanda gestures toward the skinny man standing behind her. He walks forward and shakes your hand. His grip is very weak, you’re not sure if he doesn’t have a strong grasp, or he’s just very timid. He’s about an inch or two shorter than you, and he’s balding with just a little bit of gray in a vain attempt to cover it up.

He’s dressed in a cheap brown suit that looks a little too big for him, like he’s borrowed it for the occasion.

“Hi, Ben Stovall,” he says with a quick nod, then looks down at his feet. It seems he’s a bit shy, or maybe even a bit insecure. You can’t tell.

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - from our website

“Last but not least, is our head of security, Dean.” Amanda gestures toward the large black man standing by the elevator. He walks forward with a huge titanium revolver on his belt. It’s the size of a small flashlight, but you know from experience that it’s a deadly weapon. He doesn’t shake your hand; he just stares at you from behind dark sunglasses.

His shirt is tucked tightly into his pants, and stretches tightly over his muscles. He’s more muscular than even Hans, and it seems to cost him a lot of effort not to crush Amanda in a bear hug.

So, is everyone ready to go?”

Amanda asks cheerfully. Everyone but you responds in the affirmative. “Great, let’s head to the truck.” She starts toward the door with Ben right behind her, then pauses and looks back at you. “Does… Hans… want to ride with us?”

You look over at Hans, and he doesn’t even seem to notice you. His eyes are fixed on the four guards standing near the elevators. “No, I want him to ride with me and the guards. You’ll be safer that way.” You reply.

“Okay then, let’s move out,” Amanda says as she turns and heads toward the exit. Ben quickly follows her while you take up the rear, with Dean right behind you. As soon as you step out into the garage, you can see that it’s been turned into a literal fortress. There are twenty or thirty men and women dressed in black Kevlar body armor and armed with a mish-mash of assault rifles, all pointed toward the exits. They acknowledge their boss as you pass, but otherwise pay you no attention.

Dean leads you to an armored truck at the far end of the garage, opens the rear door and ushers you inside. The others join you shortly thereafter, and soon the truck is moving.

So, where are we going?”

you ask.

“It’s a surprise,” Amanda replies with a grin.

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - gym fit workout

“I hate surprises,” you say.

“You’ll love this one,” she says. “Trust me.”

After a few minutes, the truck exits the underground garage and begins moving through the streets of the city.

So, how did you get involved with the Church of Eden?”

Ben asks.

You explain that you first learned of the church when you almost died during a raid. You were brought back from the brink by a priest, and it occured to you that your survival was likely a sign from God. You went looking for the Church of Eden, and found it nurse Lucinda. She gave you a few books to read, and you were quickly convinced that the Church of Eden’s message was the one that you had been searching for all your life. You left everything and joined the Church soon afterward.

“Sounds like an emotional story,” Ben says, without any hint of sarcasm.

“Thank you,” you say.

So what’re your plans now?”

he asks. “

Are you staying with the Church? Do you have a position?”

“I’m not sure yet,” you say. “I suppose that I’ll just be helping out however I’m needed.”

“That’s right, you mentioned having a son.

How old is he?”

Amanda asks.

You freeze for a moment, unsure of how to proceed, before changing the subject entirely. “

What about you two? How did you guys get mixed up in this?

It’s got to be a pretty interesting story, if you don’t mind me asking,” you say.

“Oh, well Ben already knows most of it. I originally came from a… not very nice home. Got out of that hellhole and became a model, then a waitress, then a veterinarian’s assistant, then a…

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - Image

” She pauses, apparently struggling to come up with an answer. “I don’t know what I do now. I guess I help people.”

You nod, although you’re starting to get the impression that there’s more to the story than that.

“I was a criminal,” Ben confesses. “Actually, I was a pretty big deal in the criminal world. I had a lot of people working for me. I had a lot of…

a lot of fun, really, but it started to get old after a while. Kingsley found me sitting in a jail cell and decided that he could convince me to follow him and Eden by offering me a way out of the cell. I’ve been working for him ever since.”

“So you’re a criminal who works for a church,” you say. “You don’t find that… odd?”

“Not as odd as a man who is obviously well educated worshipping a God that doesn’t exist.”

* * *

The conversation stays fairly light as the truck makes it’s way toward it’s destination, although Ben and Amanda give you a very brief run down on what to expect when you arrive. There’s a lot of rules, more than you’ve ever had to follow in your life, but you suppose that can only be expected when there’s a much more powerful being monitoring your behavior.

Eventually, you arrive at what was once known as the Grand Canyon. Now, it’s the Eden Canyon, and you can see a massive monastery built into the walls of the canyon. It’s imposing, but also quite beautiful.

“This is it,” Ben says. “Welcome to the home of the Church of Eden.”

The doors to the truck open, and two heavily armed men look at you.

“Ben, AMANDA, get out of the truck. The rest of you… go speak with Brother Gannon at the North Entrance. He’ll get you all set up in your rooms.”

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - Image

You, Ben and Amanda step out of the truck, and the two of them grab your arms.

“Oh come on, there’s no need for that!” you complain. “I’m not going to run.

You don’t think I’ve genuinely joined a cult, do you?”

Ben just smirks at your question. “In a few hours, you’ll either be a convert or we’ll have to kill you. We’ll see how it goes.” He turns to Amanda. “I’ll meet you in the sacrificial chamber. Should be fun.”

The two men lead you into the monastery, through a series of catacombs, until you find yourself in a large sacrificial chamber. You expect to be killed or something, but they simply stop and let you go.

“Have fun interacting with our God, friend,” one of them says, before walking away.

You turn around, and you find yourself face to face with a massive ten foot tall metal statue of a angel. Although it’s just carved out of simple metal, you can’t help but feel as if its eyes are following your every move. A set of stairs directly in front of you lead up to a raised platform, on which the angel stands, with its massive wings spread out. You take a deep breath, and walk forward, ascending the stairs.

As you make it to the top, you raise your arms out wide. “Here I am!

What now? Are you going to kill me? I mean, that’s the general idea of your faith, isn’t it?”

A echoing voice replies, although the statue does not move it’s lips. “You are quite clever. It’s rare that I come across a heretic with sufficient intelligence to understand the nature of my religion.”

Heretic? You’re worried about labeling me now?

I’d say I’m well beyond the point of no return.”

“Not at all. If anything, this is a time for me to make efforts to convert you. It is said that even the greatest of heretics can be brought back to the light, if the one who attempts it is willing to lay down their life in sacrifice.”

What, so you’ll kill yourself if I don’t agree?

Don’t think that’ll work. Besides, you’re God. You’re not going to die.”

“I can make the choice to die. If I did, and sacrificed myself, it would prove that I believe in my own teachings, and therefore could not be a heretic.”

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - Picture

You frown at the statue. “

And if you don’t kill yourself, then what?

Then you just proved that you’re a hypocrite.”

“On the contrary, if I do not kill myself, it simply means that I still have more to learn. I am fallible. Even though my teachings are perfect, I can still fail to live up to them.”

So which one is it going to be then?”

you ask sarcastically. “

Are you going to kill yourself, or not?

Don’t try to weasel out of this.”


You raise an eyebrow. “

Oh? And what, do you have some other underling willing to kill themselves instead?”

“I don’t need another martyr. I only need you.”

You stare at the angel in confusion. “I… don’t understand.”

The Angel gracefully flies down from the platform and hovers in front of you. A group of monks come into the chamber, and one of them hands the Angel a long, silver blade. The Angel delicately takes it in their hands and turns back to you. “I need you to kill me.”


The Angel points the sword at their chest. “Shove this through my heart.”


Seriously? That’s your plan?”

“Yes. Only then will you be forgiven, and able to ascend into the heavens.”

You stare at the sword, and then back to the Angel’s face. They give you a serene smile and nod.

Are you absolutely crazy?”

you shout. “I’m not killing anyone, let alone a…” You look at the sword, and remember the spell that the hooded figure cast on your shield. “…magician.” You furiously whisper the last word.

“Then you will be damned for all of eternity,” says the Angel, as they raise the blade into the air.

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - at GYMFITWORKOUT

“Wait!” you shout, backing away. “Please, don’t kill me! I’ll do it! I’ll kill you!” You take the sword and thrust it into the Angel’s chest.

A halo of blood appears above their head, as the Angel’s eyes roll into the back of their head. They make a few gargling noises as you slowly twist the blade. They shudder for a moment, and then go limp. You pull the sword out of their chest, and they fall to the floor.

You feel horrible. Not because you killed someone, but because you hated doing it. You didn’t want to kill the Angel. You didn’t want any part in this plan at all.

But it’s done now. You did what you had to do. And maybe, just maybe, this will be enough to absolve you of your sins.

The monks quietly applaud you. “Well done,” one of them whispers. “Now, go forth and redeem yourself.” The monks part away from the room, revealing a long, steep staircase. You grab your sword and shield, and begin to trudge up the stairs.

After an hour of climbing, you find yourself in a small room at the top of the stairs. A lone, stained glass window sits on one wall, depicting a cross in a blue sky. There’s a knock at the door. “Come in,” you say. One of the monks enters, carrying a tray of food.

You realize how hungry you are, and eagerly devour the meal. After you’re done, the monk takes the tray and leaves.

You look around the room. There’s a bookshelf along one wall, filled with old texts that look as if they’d crumble if you so much as breathed on them. Other than that, there’s just an empty bucket in the corner and a broom in the closet. The stained glass window is by far the most interesting thing in the room. You open the window to get a better look at it, and a rush of cool night air flows into the room.

That’s when you see it, outside the window. A long, thin ledge stretches along the side of the cathedral, leading all the way around to the back of it. The perfect way for someone to get in without anyone noticing. You look down. It’s a long way down, but if you stay close to the building you should be able to make it without falling.

You jump out of the window and onto the ledge. For a moment, you’re paralyzed with fear. The tiny ledge is the only thing between you and a painful death. You slowly move toward the back of the cathedral, not wanting to think about what would happen if you fell. You make it all the way around and back to the window.

The Elements of Garage Gym Success with Jerred Moon - gym fit workout

Just as you’re about to jump back into the room, you see movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn to look, and find that the hooded figure is standing on the ledge behind you, watching you with glowing yellow eyes. Every hair on your body stands on end as an unnatural chill goes through you. The figure raises one clawed hand, ready to strike at any moment.

It’s here. The monster that’s been murdering the citizens of this city is right here, and you’re all alone with no one to help you.

But you’re not alone. The monks are still in the room below you.

Surely they’d hear you scream if you called for help?

Then again… the monster has managed to sneak up on you once already. How did it do that?

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