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Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous structures in New York City. It was built between 1931 and 1933 at a cost of $250,000 dollars. The building’s height is 1,454 feet high and it weighs 2,744 tons.

Its main entrance is located on the 47th floor.

It took eight months to build the structure which stands at the top of One World Trade Center. It takes approximately six weeks to erect each tower. The building contains 895,000 square feet of space with four elevators and nine escalators.

There are two entrances: One on the 92nd floor and another on the 94th floor. The elevator used to take passengers up to the 93rd floor but since the building was not yet finished, it could only go up to the 91st floor. From there they had to descend down into a basement area where they were able to board an escalator.

When completed, the Empire State Building stood at 1,451 feet tall and weighed 2,813 tons. It was opened on May 14th 1933 by President Franklin D Roosevelt. The building was designed by the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon.

The original architect was named Harvey Wiley Corbett.

The Empire State Building stands at the southernmost end of Manhattan Island. It is located on 34th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and faces west toward the Hudson River. It is 102 stories high and is laid out in three sections like a tripod.

The main part of the building is the tallest and contains office space. Each of the two shorter sections end in a tower. The south tower is the more massive of the two and contains a small observation deck accessible by an elevator from a lobby. The north tower contains a more spacious observation deck.

The Empire State Building has 102 stories. A story is defined as a space large enough for an office or dwelling unit. In other words, the first story is at street level.

Sometimes a story is defined as the space between two floors. In that case, the Empire State Building would have only 75 stories.

The building was originally designed to be taller than the Chrysler Building which stands next to it but since it was not completed until the Chrysler building was finished it remains two feet shorter.