The Handstand Push Up: How Things Go Wrong and How to Put Them Right

The Handstand Push Up: How Things Go Wrong and How to Put Them Right

by John Geddes

“If I could only see my hands!” You exclaim with excitement. “I would be able to do it! I just have to get them over here!”

You’re not alone in your enthusiasm; many people are eager to learn how they might improve their hand strength. Unfortunately, most people don’t actually go out and try to perform these exercises, because they aren’t very good at them. They fail to grasp the basics, or they simply can’t make it happen.

When you first start trying to do one of these exercises, you may think that it’s going to be easy. But then, when you attempt another exercise, something goes wrong. You feel like there’s no way that you’ll ever be able to complete the exercise without some sort of assistance from someone else. And so it continues until finally you give up altogether and decide that if it isn’t going to work for others, then maybe it won’t work for you either.

This is the story of many people who are unable to perform a handstand push-up. They start out with good intentions, but ultimately fail and give up entirely. It can be frustrating, and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that most people quit after only a few days of attempting this exercise.

In truth, if you really want to achieve the handstand push-up, then you need to focus on the basics.

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