The Hardstyle 4-Hour Abs Workout

The Hardstyle 4-Hour Abs Workout: Pavel’s Favorite Exercise!

Pavel’s favorite exercise is the sit up. He says it helps him with his back pain and it works better than any other exercises.

He likes to say that if you want to get ripped then you have to work out at least once every two weeks. If you don’t, your body will start getting into a rut and won’t grow anymore.

He says he doesn’t like doing crunches because they’re too boring and not enough weight is used. So when he first started training, he would just do the pushups or sit ups until his muscles got sore.

Then he added some dumbbell curls and did them three times a week. He still does these exercises now but adds squats instead of the bench press, which makes him stronger overall.

In addition to the sit up, Pavel also likes to do various leg raises. He feels that they work great for building muscle mass.

However, he only does them occasionally since he finds it takes away from time spent working out other parts of his body.

Pavel believes that cardio is useless for building muscle mass and wants to avoid it whenever possible. He prefers weights over cardio as long as the intensity is high enough and you are lifting heavy enough weight.

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Other exercises that he likes to do are the finger pull-ups and various pulling motions using different types of rows.

He says he doesn’t like to waste time doing bicep curls or tricep extensions since his shoulders are naturally strong anyway. He prefers to use different types of heavy pulling exercises.

The bench press is one of his favorite and he does this by himself without a spotter. He puts the barbell into the up position so that it’s straight above his chest and then lowers it down to his chest and then presses it back up.

When he first started out, he could only bench press 135 pounds but nowadays he can do more than double that amount. He says he stopped keeping track after a while since he was always able to lift more weight each time he went back to the gym.

He doesn’t waste his time doing fancy exercises like the decline bench press because he says they aren’t necessary if you are determined enough and focus on the basic principles of weight training.

He says that you also have to take into consideration how much sleep you are getting, what you are eating, and how much rest you are taking in between your sets. He doesn’t like to do more than four sets of a particular exercise unless absolutely necessary.

He takes plenty of rests between each set and says that this is one of the most important elements of building muscle mass.

One thing he made sure to never lose sight of was his diet. Even when he was doing poorly in school and living off of ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese, he never skimped on his diet.

The Hardstyle 4-Hour Abs Workout - GYM FIT WORKOUT

He ate a lot of tuna since it was cheap and high in protein. He says that eating healthy can make or break your muscle building goals so he tried to eat as healthy as possible all the time. He would eat five to six smaller meals a day consisting of chicken, tuna, whole grain bread, fruits, and vegetables.

Today, he says that his diet is still about the same thing except he has more to choose from. He makes sure that he gets enough protein by eating things like yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs.

He tries to make sure that he is getting enough carbohydrates too so he eats things like brown rice and grains.

His favorite is when he gets to eat red meat since it has such a high amount of protein and other nutrients. He says he loves the taste of it and can eat it any time.

Fish is good too except he doesn’t like to get it too often since it’s kind of expensive to buy on a regular basis.

He says he tries to stay away from junk food as much as possible because it has no nutritional value. He’ll have the occasion slice of pizza or have an ice cream bar but he doesn’t make a habit out of it.

One habit that might possibly be detrimental to his goals is how much he drinks. He absolutely loves Mountain Dew.

It’s the one thing he claims to really miss when he can’t afford it. He says it doesn’t affect his goals all that much since he doesn’t drink that much of it and tries to limit himself to one a day maximum.

Despite his bulky size and strength, he is surprisingly agile. He spends a lot of time each week jumping up and down, doing flips, and punching at things.

He says this is important even though he’ll probably never have to use it since you can never predict everything that might happen.

His experience with fighting goes back to when he was just a boy and he used to get bullied because of his size. He says he wasn’t a complete loser since he did manage to defend himself, but it was usually just a case where he would get in quick hits while the other person taunted him for being too scared to throw a punch.

The Hardstyle 4-Hour Abs Workout - | Gym Fit Workout

He says that this is why it’s important to keep your cool no matter what happens and to never give in to your anger because if you do then you lose all effectiveness in battle. He says that one moment of anger can change the entire outcome of a fight and maybe even the war itself.

He took some tips from boxing and muay thai which really help him out since those skills can be used in any fight no matter what size your opponent is, though he still prefers to go for the kill as soon as possible.

He’s also pretty knowledgeable about things like pressure points which he learned from his days in karate. He likes to say he took Karate from the time that Snuffy from the Howdy Doody Show was teaching it to the little kids.

He always wanted to join the army, but he didn’t want to go to Vietnam so he waited until the war was pretty much over and joined when the army began recruiting for Iraq and Afghanistan. He knew that if he was going to join any service, it would be the army’s.

His experience in Iraq was not the most pleasant. He was part of the initial invasion force sent in to find Saddam and to take out his regime.

At first, things were going well since he found himself becoming a leader of sorts for his platoon.

But then, he saw the horrors of war up close and personal. He saw soldiers on both sides slaughtered and maimed.

He even saw a few of his friends die violent deaths before his very eyes. He still keeps in touch with a few of them, but some…well, he can’t even talk about them without stopping to take a breather.

Despite what others may think, he doesn’t think war is fun. It isn’t some heroic quest to achieve glory and fame.

It’s frightening, disgusting, and will drive you insane if you let it. And that’s ignoring all the physical dangers involved like bullets, bombs, and landmines.

When he first got back from Iraq, he had a hard time readjusting. He started drinking, got into fights a lot, and just became an all around violent person.

It took him awhile to get his head straight, but once he did he decided that he wanted to do more to help out other people like himself.

The Hardstyle 4-Hour Abs Workout - | Gym Fit Workout

He joined a fraternity in college which helped him become more social and also helped with his anger issues. He enjoyed the brotherhood that he experienced there and wished that there was something like it when he was in the military.

After college, he decided to become a high school history teacher since he always liked the subject. He taught at a few high schools before getting his current position at Baker High School where he’s been for five years now.

He doesn’t have too many problems as far as discipline goes though he’s had his run ins with the principal over a few of them. He’s just lucky he’s a good teacher otherwise he probably would’ve been fired a long time ago.

He lives by himself in an apartment not to far from the school. You’re not sure where he was living before he started teaching here since you were never really that close to him, but you imagine that he probably lived with his parents before then.

You’ve always been a little on the shy side and he probably noticed that so he invited you to go to one of the frat parties with him once. You accepted mainly because you found yourself accepting most of his invitations.

He just has one of those personalities that make people want to hang around him.

When you enter the party, you see that it’s half way over and the place is a mess. Someone’s turned the house into a zoo with a cardboard cutout of a tiger near the stairs and a lion near the front door.

Others are passing around a joint outside while still others are playing Twister in the living room.

No sign of Kyle yet, but knowing him he’s probably somewhere in the back making everyone drinks since he’s been kind of a bartender slash waiter for as long as you’ve known him.

You start grabbing food off of the platters and stuffing them into your mouth. You didn’t eat before leaving the house after all.

Hey, why aren’t you eating any of the other food?”

a girl with multicolored hair asks you as you’re in the process of chewing a crab puff.

There’s other food?”

you ask through a mouthful of food.

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She kicks your foot and points to the various platters spread around the room.

“Oh, well there’s no crab puffs or anything like that on any of them,” you say.

“But you were just eating crab puffs.”

“Yeah, they were in my mouth.”

She gives you a strange look.

Wait, are you Kyle’s friend?”

she asks.

You nod.

“He’s not here yet.”

“Yeah, I know, he…hey wait how did you know

I was looking for him?”

“You just told me,” she says and walks away.

Odd girl. You shrug and go back to stuffing your face.

After you’re full, you walk around and sample some of the other foods. You wonder if it’s all OK to take some of this food home. You doubt if the host would care, but the thought of lugging this food home just to throw most of it away seems like a hassle.

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You look around for Kyle again, but still no sign of him.

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