The Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Hidden Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Mental Health Benefits

1) BJJ Training Helps You Stay Calm and Stable

When you are training, your mind is not focused on what others think or do. Your focus is solely on yourself. This helps you stay calm and stable when dealing with stressful situations. The physical aspect of the sport helps keep your heart rate up and keeps your blood pumping.

2) BJJ Training Helps You Improve Self-Esteem

Being physically fit helps you feel better about yourself. Being able to move around freely and being in control of your own body makes you feel good about yourself. When you have confidence in your abilities, it gives you a sense of self-worth which allows you to perform at a higher level. This feeling of self-esteem leads to positive attitudes towards life and other people.

3) BJJ Training Helps You Build Confidence

It is very difficult to build confidence if you don’t have any. BJJ teaches you how to deal with stress and anxiety. This helps you learn how to manage your emotions effectively so that they don’t affect your performance. If you’re having problems getting over a breakup, then learning the techniques of grappling might help. If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, then learning the techniques of grappling might help.

4) BJJ Training Is a Great Pain Management Tool

If you engage in the sport on a regular basis, then you are effectively managing your chronic pain. The physical movements involved in grappling involve all of your major muscle groups. This helps improve muscle tone, flexibility, and strength as well as burning off any excess energy or adrenaline in your body. All of these benefits help you manage pain without relying on harsh pain killers.

5) BJJ Training Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack

You exercise for twenty minutes and your heart rate reaches between 70-80%. This is the same as if you were to participate in a fast paced walk or a slow jog. Over the course of one class, you can burn as much as 800 calories. If you train over two classes a day, then you can burn as much as 1600 calories per day. This is equivalent to running 8 miles.

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When you increase your heart rate on a regular basis, it strengthens your heart and lowers your risk of a heart attack.

6) BJJ Training Can Improve the Function of Your Immune System

If you train on a regular basis, then you will notice that you rarely catch a cold or the flu. This is because when you exercise on a regular basis, your body releases a protein called interleukin. This protein plays an important role in strengthening your immune system.

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