The Locomotion Workout

The Locomotion Workout: What Is It?

It is a type of exercise that involves moving your body from one place to another. You are not just moving around but also changing position. There are various types of locomotion exercises. Some involve only the arms while others require both legs or even all four limbs. All these movements have been shown to improve balance, coordination, strength and flexibility in the human body.

In this article we will focus on the locomotion exercises that involve moving your whole body. These include the following:

1) Walking (or running)

2) Running (or walking) with a ball or other object in each hand and feet.

3) Swimming (or water sports).


4) Climbing stairs, ladders, etc.

(Or any kind of vertical movement.

5) Hiking, hiking up hills, climbing trees, etc.

6) Jumping off high places.

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7) Tumbling down a hill or into deep water.


8) Jumping over gaps and obstacles such as small pits or large rocks.


9) Flying through the air using your hands and feet.

10) Running along a track without touching anything except the ground.

11) Sailing (or swimming in the sea).

12) Surfing (or boating).

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Exercises With A Ball Or Other Object In Each Hand And Foot

These are just like the regular locomotion exercises except that you are holding something in each hand and at least one foot is also touching the ground. For example, this can be holding a ball in each hand while taking steps or walking with dumbbells in your hands. Other objects you can use are:

1) Your pet (e.

g. holding your dog’s leash).

2) A sword (e.

g. a long stick).

3) An umbrella, stick or similar item.

4) A weapon (e.

g. an axe or sword).

5) A baby (e.

g. your own).

6) A bag of groceries or other items.

The Locomotion Workout - gym fit workout

7) Anything else you can think of!

Some Of The Best Benefits Of Animal Movements Exercises

Here are some of the benefits you get from animal movement exercises:

1) It can be good for your physical and mental health (this is especially true if you do it a lot).

2) It can improve your health.

3) It can make you stronger and faster than you already are.

4) It can help prevent certain diseases and medical conditions.

5) It can increase your life expectancy.

6) It can keep you physically fit for longer so that you can enjoy life.

7) It can provide psychological benefits such as a feeling of accomplishment after completing a task or just relieving stress.

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8) It can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

9) It can improve your social life and get you out of the house more.

10) It can strengthen your mind (e.g. by learning new skills, finding hidden resources, etc).

11) It can help you learn more about nature and the world around you.

12) It can give you something to do during your free time (especially for those of you who are bored of all the usual things you do, like TV, Films, Video Games etc).

13) It can be a great way to spend time with like-minded people or your loved ones by going on group hikes or walks, having picnics in the park etc.

14) It can make you feel more comfortable and happy being in your own skin.

15) It can help you deal with physical or verbal bullying from others.

16) It can teach you how to stand on your own two feet without needing other people.


It can increase your pain tolerance (in the short term at least).

The Locomotion Workout - GYM FIT WORKOUT

19) It can improve the quality of your sleep (as long as you don’t over exert yourself before bed).

20) It can help you make friends if you find yourself in a new environment or situation.

21) It can help you meet people with similar interests and goals as yourself.

22) It can give you something to do when you have “nothing to do”.

23) It can help get the heart rate up which is good for the cardiovascular system.

24) It can improve endurance and lung capacity.

25) It can improve your sense of balance.

26) It can increase hand-eye coordination.

The Locomotion Workout - gym fit workout

27) It can increase depth perception and reaction time.

28) It can improve your focus and attention span.

29) It can improve your overall co-ordination.

30) It can be used to warm up before other types of physical exercise or aerobic activity (if you do this make sure you don’t over do it as it is easy to get carried away).

31) It can help you sleep better if done at the right time of day (depending on your personal bio-rhythm).

32) It can help eliminate depression and alleviate feelings of loneliness.

33) It can improve your relationships with others (as long as you aren’t a jerk while doing it).

34) It can make you feel more positive about your own capabilities and body image.

35) It can help you appreciate the mental and physical benefits of being more active.

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36) It can help you get a taste of what it was like for our more primal ancestors.

37) It can help you appreciate the simple things in life that we often take for granted (such as a nice cool breeze, or a refreshing glass of water).

38) It can help you become more in tune with nature and your natural surroundings.

39) It can help you express your feelings, thoughts and emotions through movement.

40) It can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin by breaking down mental and physical barriers that often prevent people from enjoying life to the fullest.

41) It can help you get rid of unwanted stress and tension (caused by exams, work, family etc) through physical catharsis.

42) It can help you sleep better after a long days activity.

So as you can see there are many benefits that could potentially be gained from simple walking or hiking. I could list even more if I really wanted to but I think you get the idea, especially if you caught the “walking bug” after reading this far!

I hope this has at least encouraged you to go out for a simple walk right now and get your feet moving. If you do be sure to take it easy at first. Just pick a time and place and start walking.

You can take things slow at first until your body gets used to all the new activity. If you want to, you could even try to incorporate some of the tips I gave above in this article. But the most important thing is to just start walking right now.

So get up off your rear and just do it! Don’t think about it anymore and just go for it! You’ll feel much better about yourself if you do.

The Locomotion Workout - | Gym Fit Workout

If you don’t, well then I guess you’ll just have to read more of my blogs until you do 😉

I would however like to leave you with one thought before closing this article.

Even though this was focused mainly on walking, you can probably apply most of what is said here to many other activities as well. Just use your imagination! I mean snow-shoveling and raking can become a workout if you apply the right type of technique and mindset to them.

And the same goes for other chores like gardening and cleaning.

So no matter what your age or gender, there is almost certainly an activity out there that you can turn into a beneficial routine for you to enjoy. All you have to do is keep an open mind about things and have the determination to get started. It really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you are moving and getting that blood flowing.

Thanks again for all the positive feedback on my last blog! I really appreciate it and I’m glad that so many people are finding my blogs to be helpful and interesting. I’ll try to keep them coming as often as possible!

Anyway, thanks again and remember to always keep moving!

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