The Magical Power Between Your Legs

The Magical Power Between Your Legs: A Brief History

In ancient times, men used to have a special power between their legs. They could control the flow of time and cause things to happen at will. When they were young, they would rub their hands together and then suddenly, everything would change.

Sometimes these powers disappeared after a few minutes or hours. However, if they continued doing it over several days or weeks, the phenomenon became permanent and sometimes even fatal.

It was only during the Middle Ages that men started using their magical powers for sexual purposes. At first, they used them to make love and later on, they began experimenting with other things such as magic potions and black magic rituals. These practices eventually led to the rise of organized crime groups like the Black Hand which had its headquarters in London.

These criminal organizations had many members throughout Europe, but one man stood out from all others. His name was Edward Kelley and he was known as the “Black Master”.

Edward Kelley’s Black Magic Rituals

One day, Edward Kelley went into a room where there were two women tied up. One of them was bound to a chair while the other one was being beaten mercilessly. There were no windows in this room so nobody could see what happened inside it.

The only source of light was a few candles that were placed on a table in the center of the room.

Kelley looked at the girl who was tied to a chair and then he looked at the man standing next to him. The girl’s face was swollen and bloody and her clothes had been torn in several places. Her fingers had marks on them as if she had tried to protect herself from the ropes.

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